Ukraine Crisis: 10 key moments

TV crews and amateur video has captured some of the dramatic scenes in Ukraine as parts of the country descend into violent turmoil. These are some of the key moments.

Shots fired on streets as truce falls apart

The BBC's Duncan Crawford reports from Kiev as a truce between protestors and the government broke down. Witnesses reported live rounds, petrol bombs and water cannon at the main protest site, Independence Square.

First broadcast 20 February

Kiev monastery now makeshift hospital

One of the prominent sights of Kiev, Mikhailivsky monastery has been turned into a makeshift hospital and a support centre where food, clothes and medicine are distributed.

Activist Kateryna Overchenko explains how the Mikhailivsky monastery in Kiev is now a makeshift hospital

Kiev doctor treats wounds in hotel lobby

BBC reporter Duncan Crawford speaks to a doctor treating seriously injured people in a hotel lobby in Kiev, who told him that she had found bullets in some bodies.

First broadcast 20 February

Ukraine President Yanukovych blames 'radicals'

Ukraine's president urged opposition leaders to distance themselves from "radical elements who seek bloodshed and conflict", after the country's worst violence for 70 years. Daniel Sandford reports.

First broadcast 19 February

Vitaly Klitschko: 'Yanukovych's regime has to go'

The leader of the opposition party in Ukraine, former heavyweight boxing champion Vitaly Klitschko, has said that President Viktor Yanukovych's regime "has to go" for peace to be restored to the country's capital.

First broadcast 19 February

Protests spread outside Kiev

The BBC's Steve Rosenberg reports from the western city of Lviv, where barricades were erected and the governor Oleg Salo was forced to resign.

First broadcast 24 January

'Apocalyptic scene' in Ukraine's Kiev

The BBC's diplomatic correspondent Bridget Kendall reports on the "apocalyptic scene" in Ukraine's capital Kiev, as at least thirteen people, including six police officers, were killed in renewed violence.

First broadcast 18 February

Captors 'beat me professionally'

A Ukrainian protest leader who says he was abducted and tortured for eight days has described his captors as "professional".

First broadcast 6 February

Inside occupied Ukraine justice ministry

The BBC's Matthew Price reports from inside the Ukrainian justice ministry, which has been occupied by anti-government protesters.

First broadcast 27 January

Ukraine crisis explained in 60 seconds

Ukraine's violent political deadlock explained in 60 seconds.

First broadcast on 19 February

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