As it happened: Hollande faces media

Key points

  • President Hollande has been holding his New Year's news briefing on plans to revive France's economy, but was asked about his private life
  • A celebrity magazine has claimed that he has been having an affair with an actress
  • Mr Hollande said this was a private matter and he would clarify later whether his partner Valerie Trierweiler was still first lady
  • Ms Trierweiler is in hospital after being admitted in a state of shock following the revelation
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  • Alexandra Fouché 
  • Richard Irvine-Brown 
  • Henri Astier 

Last updated 14 January 2014


Welcome to the BBC's live coverage of French President Francois Hollande's annual press briefing, where he is due to unveil plans to revive the economy, but is expected to face questions about his private life. Stay with us for the latest updates - reports from our correspondents, analysis and your reaction from around the world. You can contact us via email, text or Twitter.


One French journalist tweets a picture of the gathering press inside the Elysee Palace; she says some 600 journalists are attending, including a third from foreign media organisations.


Norman Smith

tweets: "If he can manage it I wd suggest #hollande tries humour. Good way to disarm critics and get some perspective on scooter saga"


Gavin Hewitt, Europe editor

tweets: "Inside the Elysee. A packed room of several hundred journalists awaits Pres Hollande. Feeling - this is important moment for him."


"Grille du Coq", "scooter a trois roues" - these are some of the terms bandied around in connection with the scandal. Read our glossary explaining key terms in l'affaire Gayet.


Sarah Atkinson

tweets: "Anyone else expecting #Hollande to stick his hands in his pockets, look away and smile? Just me? #westwinggeek"


Alleged Gayet meeting building

A picture of the front of the building where President Hollande is alleged to have met French actress Julie Gayet near the Elysee Palace in Paris


Gavin Hewitt, Europe editor

tweets: "Speculation here at the Elysee that it has been 'arranged' that one of the first questions will raise Pres Hollande's personal problems."


Centre-right MP Christian Jacob tells parliament: "The president is not a normal citizen during his term. He is the chief of our armies. He is the keystone of our institutions. His protection should not suffer from any amateurism.''



tweets to ask: "Hey journos of the world.. When you'll be done wondering about Hollande love affair... Could you bother asking about austerity politics?"