Giant Louis Vuitton suitcase to leave Moscow's Red Square

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Media captionThe suitcase houses an exhibition dedicated to Louis Vuitton's history, as Catharina Moh reports

An installation in Moscow's Red Square in the form of a giant Louis Vuitton suitcase is to be dismantled.

The suitcase, which had been due to house an exhibition about luggage produced by the luxury brand, had caused outrage among some Muscovites.

Some MPs had decried the installation as trivialising a "sacred space" for the Russian state.

The department store GUM, under whose auspices the case was installed, said on Wednesday that it would be removed.

The decision was taken because of the negative reactions of many Muscovites, the store said in a statement, as well as the fact that the installation exceeded the "maximum parameters" permitted.

The case was 9m (30ft) in height and 30m (100ft) in length.

Louis Vuitton said it would move the edifice, and quickly: "As not to upset any sensibilities expressed these last days, we will present this exhibition in one of the many venues which have proposed to welcome us, as soon as possible."

One Moscow resident, Elena Vladimirovna, told Reuters: "I came here specially to see this disgrace. I was simply outraged. Where was our government looking before?"

Officials had also been quoted as criticising the installation in one of Russia's most iconic spaces, adjacent to the Kremlin and the tomb of Lenin.

A spokesman for the Kremlin denied that it had given authorisation for the suitcase to be put up.

"The GUM [store] dealt with the permission issues. We had nothing to do with it," Viktor Khrekov told AFP.

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