Skulls found near Czech school in Prague

One of the skulls discovered near a school in the Vinohrady district of Prague in the Czech Republic A school headmaster informed the police about the skulls in the box

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Fifteen human skulls have been discovered on a street in the Czech capital, Prague.

They were found in a wooden crate lying by a rubbish bin near a primary school.

A police spokeswoman told the BBC that archaeologists had been called in to help identify the remains.

Each skull had a serial number written on it - as did another skull found by a homeless man in a park pin in the city centre on Wednesday; detectives are investigating if the finds are linked.

A primary school headmaster in the Vinohrady district of the city contacted the police after the skulls were found in the dusty wooden box on Thursday morning.

The BBC's Rob Cameron in Prague says it is unclear why they were discarded in such a casual manner.

Police spokeswoman Jana Rosslerova said it was believed the skulls might have come from a private collection.

Some of the skulls found near a school in the Vinohrady district of Prague in the Czech Republic The remains were found near a primary school early on Thursday morning...
The bin and crate where the skulls in Prague, Czech Republic, were found early on Thursday 5 September 2013 The wooden crate containing the skulls had been discarded near a rubbish bin...
Skulls lying on the ground near a bin in Prague, Czech Republic Police are investigating whether the skulls found on Thursday are linked with Wednesday's discovery of a skull in a bin in the city centre.

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