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  • 20 March 2015
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Paris press freedom protest Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Protesters in Paris commemorate the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politovskaya, who was critical of the war in Chechnya

Chechnya has no opposition media. State-run outlets toe the official line and cover President Kadyrov's daily activities in great detail.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) includes Mr Kadyrov on its list of "Predators of Press Freedom". It says he has no reservations about dictating editorial policies.

"The trauma of the war and fear of the authorities guarantee all-out self-censorship. Critical references to President Kadyrov are the biggest taboo," says RSF.

TV is the most popular medium and is watched in almost every home. Russian stations are widely available. Local TV broadcasts under the umbrella of ChGTRK, which is run by the Chechen authorities.

A handful of local radios competes with relays of Russian networks. Newspaper print runs are small and distribution is patchy.

Separatist and jihadist websites spread a different view of events. They include Chechenpress, operated by the internationally unrecognised government in exile.

Chechnya has been tightening online controls. In 2014, the authorities set up a body to monitor social networks for extremism. The interior ministry has blocked websites deemed to carry extremist content.

Mr Kadyrov is prolific on social media, especially on the Russian LiveJournal platform. He is very active on Instagram and has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Many Chechens use Russian platforms Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte and some are present on Twitter. They usually avoid anti-government comment.

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  • ChGTRK Grozny TV - run by Chechen authorities, terrestrial and via satellite
  • GTRK Vaynakh TV - regional outlet of Russia's state-run VGTRK
  • ChGTRK Radio Groznyy
  • GTRK Radio Vaynakh

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