Profile: Maria McCarthy

  • 15 May 2012
  • From the section Europe
Maria McCarthy

Our panel of Greek residents share their experiences of living in Greece during this tense political and economic time. Here, Maria McCarthy describes her background.

Age: 46

Location: Volos

Profession: Mother, housewife, occasional teacher and oral examiner for the British Council

"I started working as an English teacher in 1992 on 120,000 drachmas per month. Now, when I work, I charge 15-20 euros an hour. I work part-time now, but in truth I have not been able to find much work this year. I have very little work.

I work for the British Council once or twice a year, during the exam periods in Volos and local towns. And I teach a friend's daughter English in her home.

There are four people in our household. My husband is a civil servant in the Town Hall, he has had pay cuts.

I lost a student this year because their family have lost 400 euros a month and they decided not to continue English lessons."

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