Utoeya witnesses tell court of Breivik's fake police ID

Anders Behring Breivik in court, 3 May 2012
Image caption Breivik has admitted killing 77 people in total but denies criminal responsibility

The ferry captain who took Anders Behring Breivik to Utoeya island, where he killed 69 people, has testified that he believed the killer was a policeman.

Jon Olson told Breivik's trial that the killer showed him fake police identification papers.

Mr Olson also described how he helped Breivik carry a case on to the island which proved to be full of weapons.

Mr Olson's partner was one of the first to die on the island and his daughter was also there.

He spoke of his feelings of "angst and full panic" as he tried to contact police when the shooting began.

Breivik drove to the ferry after setting off a car bomb outside a government building in Oslo.

When he arrived at the quay he spoke to a security guard, Simen Braeden Mortensen, who also gave evidence in court.

Mr Mortensen said Breivik had a "certain authority when he arrived in a police officer's uniform".

"I thought the police identity was legitimate," he said.

The trial resumed on Thursday after a three-day break.

Breivik has admitted the killings, but said he did not accept criminal responsibility.