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Newspaper front pages in Denmark Freedom of expression is guaranteed by law in Denmark

Denmark's public broadcaster, Danmarks Radio (DR), operates two TV networks and national and regional radio stations. It is funded by a licence fee.

TV2, a government-owned commercial broadcaster, operates regional outlets and an internet-based on-demand service. Private stations broadcast via satellite and cable.

There are some 250 local commercial and community radio stations, as well as national and semi-national commercial networks.

Freedom of expression is provided for in law. The principle was cited by the Jyllands-Posten daily amid a backlash by some Muslims in 2006 over its publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. The images sparked violent protests in some countries.

There were nearly 5 million internet users by June 2012 (

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  • DR TV - public, operates DR1 and DR2
  • TV2 - state-owned, national
  • TV3 - private, satellite/cable
  • Kanal 4 - private, satellite/cable


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