Italian parents turn to law to evict adult son

Venice (file image) A Venice court may be asked to issue a protection order for the parents

An Italian couple have sought legal help to persuade their 41-year-old son to fly the nest, Italian media reported.

The Venetian parents, who have not been named, say their son has a job but refuses to leave home and wants his clothes washed and his meals prepared.

They have sought help from lawyers at the consumer association Adico.

Lawyer Andrea Camp said a letter was sent to the son, advising him to leave home in six days or face legal action.

If he refuses, lawyers will ask a court in Venice to issue a protection order for the elderly parents against their son.

"We cannot do it any more," the father was quoted as saying.

"My wife is suffering from stress and had to be hospitalised. He [the son] has a good job but still lives at home.

"He demands that his clothes be washed and ironed and his meals prepared. He really has no intention of leaving."

Some reports said the son had also become aggressive.

The couple turned to Adico after hearing of a similar case earlier this month in which Adico persuaded a son to leave home. After he left, his parents changed the locks.

Adico says hundreds of Italian families face similar problems getting adult children to leave home.


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    Comment number 167.

    I have 3 generations of my family living in one household, my grandma has senile dementia, i am disabled, my older sister is the only one who works and we all live with my single mother who is a registered carer. somehow we are a happy unit. we have our problems but we are all pulling in the same direction. this man sounds despicable, even i manage to help out the family with DIY work and chores!!

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    Comment number 164.

    I'm sorry, but surely the parents can just change the locks one day when he's at work, and put all his stuff out the door? I would, if any grown child of mine treated my home like a hotel. Maybe the parents did make a rod for their own back many years ago by allowing it to continue, but lawyers and eviction? Jeez :-/

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    Comment number 154.

    I can only assume they do his washing, ironing and prepare his meals etc, so they only have themselves to blame.

    Many people stay at home with their parents for a lot longer these days, which of course is ok so long as they contribute to the running of the home etc.

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    Comment number 141.

    The Flyer
    Just so. There's not a problem - I think - with children (!) staying at home if the parents are happy with it, and that they pay a fair contribution - which incidentally will prepare them, in part, for the harsh financial realities of life: this is something that some younger "stay at homes" fail to realise: it costs money to live - without parental freebies.

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    Comment number 116.

    I'm 24 and I left home five years ago. I love my parents, but the idea of living with them strikes me as horrific. What about one's independence? And if I pull a girl on a night out I'm hardly going to want to bring her back to my parent's home.
    This sounds like the case of an overgrown kid who should have been thrown out years ago.


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