New Caledonia territory profile - Leaders

Head of state: (French) President Francois Hollande, represented by a high commissioner

President of government: Philippe Germain

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Image caption Mr Germain belongs to the anti-independence majority on New Caledonia's power-sharing executive

Philippe Germain, of the anti-independence Caledonia Together party, was elected head of the territory's autonomous government in April 2015, ending a four-month political crisis.

The deadlock started when the previous executive led by Cynthia Lygeard collapsed in December 2014 over differences within the 11-members dominant anti-independence majority.

For months after, neither Mr Germain nor Ms Lygeard, who belongs to the rival anti-independence Front for Unity party, were able to win enough votes to be elected, until the pro-independence minority agreed to choose between them.

Ms Ligeard had become president when the anti-independence bloc retained its majority in legislative elections in 2014.

New Caledonia has a power-sharing executive elected by the legislature, Congress, after each election in a manner that ensures that all parties are represented on it in proportion to their number of seats in Congress.

After being elected, the executive then chooses its president from among its members.

At a national level, New Caledonia is represented in the French parliament by two deputies and two senators.