Second maid 'hurt' at India MP house

Jagriti Singh
Image caption Jagriti Singh was arrested on Tuesday

An Indian MP and his estranged wife being investigated for a murder of a servant have been accused of torturing a second maid, police said.

On Wednesday, the couple were remanded in custody after a servant working at their home died of severe injuries.

Police say that Jagriti Singh, the wife of Dhananjay Singh, an MP from Uttar Pradesh, is the main murder suspect.

The MP has denied involvement in her death. There has been no word from his wife.

He said that he was instigating divorce proceedings against his wife.

News channels have reported that servants at the MP's house often complained of being beaten with sticks and of being kept locked inside.

Police said a second servant, who had been working at the MP's house since last November, had been admitted to a hospital with injuries.

Officers found her at the house of Mr Singh's brother-in-law, an unnamed police official told the Press Trust of India.

"She was also beaten up in an inhuman manner and and she cannot even sit," the officer said.

Police said the servant was being treated at a local hospital.

The cases comes months after a teenage Indian maid was rescued from an upmarket Delhi home by police and social rights campaigners. She said that she had been attacked with knives and mauled by dogs.

Her employer, an executive for a multinational company, is now facing charges of assault and illegal confinement.

In another case in April 2012, police arrested a wealthy couple, both doctors, who allegedly locked up their 13-year-old help while they went away on holiday.

She was rescued by fire fighters when neighbours spotted her crying on an outside balcony.

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