Tony Abbott's 'fashion of the moment'

A signboard urging support of gay marriage attracts passersby in downtown Sydney Mr Abbot described gay marriage as the fashion of the moment

A bit of fallout from Tuesday's "Tony Abbott sex appeal moment" (have those words ever been uttered in the same breath before?) which had his own daughter wincing.

Mr Abbott has now brushed it off as a "daggy dad moment", while Prime Minister Kevin Rudd described it as "pretty odd".

What do people reading this think? Clearly happy to be in the headlines, Mr Abbott has now come out with this, describing gay marriage as the fashion of the moment.

Again the question is, do a majority of Australian voters consider that a gaffe or is he speaking their language?

Jon Donnison Article written by Jon Donnison Jon Donnison Sydney correspondent

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    Comment number 6.

    Keep us informed Jon about what promises to be a fantastic election between two charismatic international statesmen ( LOL LOL ).
    Abbott's "suppository" gaffe was bad enough.Now he's at it again !! I thought Labour would be decimated a few months ago while the Witch was still PM.
    And even when Rudd took over (again:), I thought the best he could hope for was damage-limitation.But now?Interesting!

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    Comment number 5.

    Your usual line-up of socialist cheerleaders Jon ? @ Demerara has an awful hate built up inside about Australians, i suspect more sinister reasons. As for "asylum seekers", everyone knows they are falsely portrayed as "poor Mohamed" , most of which are economic parasites that are making hay while we have a very dumb socialist government. As normal dont let truth interfere with a good lefty yarn.

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    Comment number 4.

    This is the exciting dynamic of current federal politics and the Australian media will be in a froth about every turn. Q. Does being politically incorrect attract or lose votes?
    I recon Rudd by a nose because he is generally a slick operator. At least it's a two horse race now.

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    Comment number 3.

    I'm Australian and live in Melbourne, and the mood is quite the opposite to what Demerara suggests. We were racist with the White Australia policy, but that was a product of the era. It's not reflected in our politicians but otherwise the treatment of asylum seekers leaves many Australians disgusted. We're in a bizarre situation where neither of the major parties are outstanding.

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    Comment number 2.

    I hope these reports from Australia will provide a critical assessment of what has gone on and is going on in that country.
    For example, their terrible treatment of the indigenous people and the stealing of their land; their deeply racist views and policies to anyone who is non-white.
    As opposed to the usual lighthearted banter about barbies, cricket, Oz, etc.

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    Comment number 1.

    Thanks Jon for taking on the Sydney (Australia?) baton from Nick!

    As for Mr Abbot, his view of marriage equality being "fashion of the moment" is a bit like saying that racial and sexual equality was "fashion of the moment" in the second half of the previous century. But then we all know about his views on sexual equality...

    Nice link to Kevin Rudd's take on the issue!



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