Afghan funeral bomb: Suicide attacker 'kills 25' in east

Afghan men carry a man injured in a bomb blast to a hospital in Jalalabad September 4, 2012. Tribal elders and local intelligence officials blamed the Taliban for the bombing

A suicide bomber has attacked a funeral ceremony in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar, killing at least 25 civilians including the son of a district governor, officials have said.

Several hundred villagers and officials were attending the funeral of an influential tribal elder in the remote border district of Dur Baba.

The district governor Hamesha Gul was among 30 people injured, police say.

Locals recently staged an uprising against Taliban insurgents in the area.

Tribal elders and local intelligence officials in the district blamed the Taliban for the bombing, describing it as a revenge attack by militants in response to the uprising.

"The suicide attacker was walking among [the mourners]," a witness told the BBC.

"He was recognised by the brother of the district governor of Dur Baba. But as soon as he tried to arrest him, the attacker detonated his suicide vest. There is blood, and body parts [everywhere]. It was a packed funeral.''

Another witness told the BBC that he was at the back of the crowd of mourners when the bomb went off.

"Someone shouted that there was a suicide attacker," he said, "and there was a stampede. When I woke up, I saw bodies and blood everywhere."

Correspondents say that while the Taliban have not so far admitted responsibility for the attack, they often target government officials and their opponents at public functions, including funerals and weddings.

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