As it happened: Pistorius cross examination

Key Points

  • South African Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius is being cross examined by the state prosecutor
  • Prosecutor Gerrie Nel abruptly shows graphic image of Reeva Steenkamp
  • Earlier Mr Pistorius told the court Ms Steenkamp died while he was holding her
  • It is the athlete's third day in the witness box
  • On Monday, Mr Pistorius made a tearful apology to the Steenkamp family
  • All times BST

    Welcome to our live coverage of the third day of Oscar Pistorius' testimony from the witness stand in his trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.


    Yesterday, Mr Pistorius broke down as he spoke for the first time about the moments leading up to the fatal shots being fired and the events immediately afterwards. Judge Masipa ended proceedings early with the athlete's lawyer Barry Roux saying he could not "responsibly ask the court to carry on" because his client had been overcome by his emotions.


    Sky News correspondent Alex Crawford tweets: #OscarPistorius Third DAY of testimony from the Bladerunner is about to begin. He is in the courtroom, looking v pale and drinking water

    Pumza Fihlani BBC News

    tweets: At #Pistorius trial. Emotional day yest as he broke down on the stand. We adjourned at the point of the gruesome discovery of Reeva's body.


    Mr Pistorius is back on the witness stand now. We're just waiting for the judge to begin proceedings.

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: So… how soon before #OscarPistorius is cross-examined? Not that long, I'm thinking...


    The judge has arrived and Mr Pistorius is about to resume giving evidence.


    Mr Pistorius has resumed describing events in the toilet after he broke through the door and found Reeva. "I checked to see if she was breathing and she wasn't. I sat there crying for some time."


    "I could feel the blood was running down on me," said Mr Pistorius.


    "At a point I thought I heard her breathing. I put her weight on me so I could pick her up. I could see that her arm was broken." Mr Pistorius is talking very slowly as he tries to run through the events again.


    "I placed her head down softly on the carpet. I saw that her cell phone was in the toilet so I tried to call someone but it had a pass-code on it that I couldn't access," Mr Pistorius says.


    "I ran back to my bedroom to where my phone was next to the bed. Both my phones were there. I picked them up and ran back to Reeva."


    "I then phoned Johan Stander, a friend on the estate. I asked him to come and help. I couldn't pick Reeva up. I was struggling."


    "I was trying to pick Reeva up but I couldn't. I was fearful that I would hurt her more."


    "I didn't really know what to do. I could see that she was struggling to breathe. I phoned 911. I don't recall speaking to the operator but I can remember him telling me that I needed to get Reeva to the hospital."


    "I opened my bedroom door and I opened the front door [so he could carry Reeva through]. I ran back to my room and tried to force open a door [which was locked]," Mr Pistorius says.


    "At that point I was screaming and shouting to get him to help me get her to hospital."

    Sky News' Alex Crawford

    tweets: #OscarPistorius is staring alot at the judge, unspeaking, long pauses. Says he went back to bedroom to get his own phones and returned to RS


    "When I got down to the bottom of the stairs they told me to put Reeva down and told me the ambulance was on the way. I said: 'We need to get to the hospital. We need to get to the hospital.' They said to just put her down as the ambulance was on its way," Mr Pistorius tells the court.


    "I sat there and waited for the ambulance to arrive. I had my fingers in her mouth to try and help her to breath," he says.


    Mr Roux is asking Mr Pistorius to explain the why plastic bags were at the scene. The athlete says they were used to try and stop the flow of blood. "Ms Stander [Johan Stander's daughter] asked whether I had any tape or rope so she could tie Reeva's arm." Mr Pistorius says he went to try and find some.


    The athlete is now talking about the arrival of a local doctor at his house. "He seemed overwhelmed by the situation," Mr Pistorius says. "Everything he told me to do I was already doing."


    "He walked outside and I don't remember seeing him again. I was shouting for him to come back into the house and to help me."


    "The paramedics then arrived and asked for some space to work so I stood up."


    Can you remember going to the kitchen, Mr Roux asks. Mr Pistorius is taking a while to talk now. "Reeva had already died when I was holding her before the ambulance arrived so I knew there was nothing they could do for her."


    "I stood back when they arrived. I stood a couple of metres away where the dining room and kitchen meet. The paramedic came to me and said she would like to inform me that Reeva has passed."


    "The paramedic asked me for identification so I went and got Reeva's handbag. It was in my bedroom. I didn't go through it." Mr Pistorius says he took the handbag back to the paramedic.

    Keith, in Dublin

    tweets: I always wonder why they don't use lie detectors to help determine whether a person like Oscar Pistorius is guilty or not


    "I sat on the counter in the kitchen and I don't know how much time passed but some police officers arrived shortly after."


    "There were two officers. They weren't dressed in police clothing, they were casually dressed." The athlete says one of the officers came up and introduced himself but Mr Pistorius was unable to talk to him. "I was sat on the floor crying."


    Another police officer asked if there was anybody else in the house and I told him there wasn't, Mr Pistorius adds.


    "Every time I looked up there were more people in the house. There were people going up and down the stairs. I was standing in the kitchen against the far side of the kitchen. I asked the policeman if I could wash my hands because the smell of the blood was making me want to throw up."


    "I saw [detective] Hilton Botha arrive. He immediately went upstairs. He came down some time later."


    "I was stood in the kitchen for some time and Mr Botha came downstairs," Mr Pistorius says. A police officer told him that he needed to go to the garage where a police photographer would take some pictures of him.


    "I was in the garage for several hours. I asked the police photographer if he could please take all the photographs he needed so I could take my clothes off because they were all just stained."


    "From the garage I was taken to the foyer of the reception area of my home and a police officer came up to me and introduced himself. He told me he was a friend of a family member of mine and that I didn't have anything to worry about. That he was there to look after me. It was at that point they said because I was the only person in the house that they were going to charge me."


    "They told me I was under arrest," Mr Pistorius says before describing being driven away in a police car.


    A police officer told the athlete to put his head down as they left the estate because there was a lot of media gathering.


    "I was taken inside a reception area [of the police station]." Mr Pistorius says he was there for some time as a doctor conducted various tests.


    Mr Pistorius is now talking about phone calls from the police to his agent and his brother. "Did you phone any lawyer?" "No, I did not my lady," Mr Pistorius replies.


    Mr Pistorius is now being asked to demonstrate the actions he used with the cricket bat to hit the toilet door. "I can barely stand on my stumps let alone hold a bat," he says about claims that he did not have his prosthetic legs on when he hit the door.


    "The three sounds would have been the cricket bat hitting the door," Mr Pistorius says. He is now talking about evidence given by local residents about noises they heard on the night.


    Geoffrey York, a reporter for Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail, tweets: #Pistorius is trying to challenge the evidence of neighbours before he is even asked about it. Roux stops him.


    Mr Pistorius says there was about five minutes between the gunshots and the sound of the cricket bat hitting the toilet door.


    "It physically can't be that amount of time, my lady," he says about claims there was less time between the noises. "If you look at the times the calls were made and many other facts points to five minutes," Mr Pistorius says.


    Mr Pistorius is now acting out the motions involved with hitting a cricket bat against the toilet door. He is being asked to show the height that he could kick the door while wearing his prosthetic legs and how he would hit the door with a cricket bat.


    Mr Pistorius: "The way I swung at the door, I used my entire body. It's very hard to demonstrate now."

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: #OscarPistorius says he watched the demonstrations by police forensics expert. "It wasn't a game of golf" he says. Not "natural" action.


    "I don't remember how close I was standing to the door. I hit the door with all my might. The amount of force I was swinging the bat with I don't think any of the hits would have been similar," Mr Pistorius says.


    "We are going to deal with the state witnesses not called by the state," Mr Roux tells the athlete and then shows the court an image of Mr Pistorius' house and other houses nearby.

    Blogger @Timss86B in South Africa

    tweets: Oscar's sister still looks emotionally drained as the rest of the Pistorius family looks composed. #Timss86 #OscarTrial #ViewFromHome

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: Roux says statement from that house owner describes hearing "crying" and not "a woman screaming".


    Mr Pistorius is telling the court that he is not friends with this neighbour and has never been inside their home.


    Mr Roux moves on to another witness who did not hear a woman screaming. Mr Pistorius says he knows the man because they used the same developer to build their homes.


    Geoffrey York, a reporter for Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail, tweets: #Pistorius is now quite calm and seemingly more confident as Roux describes supportive evidence from neighbours


    Mr Pistorius is again telling the court that he is not friends with this witness but enjoys a good relationship with him as a neighbour. "We did not socialise together," he says.

    Kate Forbes BBC News

    tweets about Mr Pistorius' earlier evidence about using the cricket bat on the toilet door: "Oscar seems well prepared for this, making points about his position which answer prosecutions questions about marks on door."


    Mr Pistorius is now being asked about the closest of his neighbours not called to testify by the state. This witness said she heard "loud crying" but not screaming.

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: Roux now seeks to show #OscarPistorius must have been on prostheses when Stipps saw a figure walking in his bathroom. Too short otherwise.


    "I know it's a stupid question," Mr Roux says before asking Mr Pistorius if he would have fired the shots while on his prosthetic legs and then taken them off to break down the door. Mr Pistorius said he would not.


    Mr Roux asks the athlete whether he at any point intended to kill Ms Steenkamp. "I did not intend to kill Reeva or anyone else," Mr Pistorius replies. Mr Roux then asks for a short break and the judge adjourns the court.

    Mr Pistorius arriving at the court in Pretoria this morning Mr Pistorius arriving at the court in Pretoria this morning
    Kate Forbes BBC News

    tweets: Barry Roux has skilfully led #OscarPistorius to explain point by point why (prosecution witness) neighbours are wrong

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: #OscarPistorius family source tells us athlete's description yesterday of shooting is "first time" he's managed to speak of it to them.


    The court returns and Mr Roux says he has no further questions. Prosecutor Nel begins his cross-examination.


    Mr Nel asks about his position as a sporting hero. "I made a mistake," Mr Pistorius replies. Mr Nel says: "You killed a person."

    Grant Nicol

    tweets: This is the moment that everyone has been waiting for - Nel vs Pistorius


    "Let us get to the truth," says Mr Nel. "I'm here to tell the truth as much as I can remember," says Mr Pistorius. The athlete says he will not hide anything from the court as Mr Nel jumps straight into some tough questioning.


    Mr Pistorius is now being asked about whether he knows what a "zombie stopper". Mr Pistorius says he does not. Mr Nel refers to a video shown on a news channel and asks to show it to the court. Mr Pistorius' lawyer objects to Mr Nel's line of questioning, saying it seems to be "ambush tactics".

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: Nel asks about "zombie stopper" - a type of gun. Wants to know if #OscarPistorius uses the phrase, mentions video footage showing it.


    Mr Nel says the video is not part of his case, but part of his cross-examination and says he sees no reason why the video should not be shown. But the argument continues as Mr Roux says the law does not allow the State to introduce evidence that is not part of its case.


    "As the court pleases my lady," Mr Nel says. The court is waiting for the judge's decision on the video here.

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: Judge Masipa leans forward, chin resting on hand. She's not had to make many rulings like this so far. #OscarPistorius


    "If I can ask questions about a video then it is much safer for everyone if we can see the video," Mr Nel says. He is reiterating his argument, insisting that when he asked Mr Pistorius whether he wanted to see the video, the athlete said; "Yes." The judge says the court will take a few minutes to decide and with that, proceedings are brought to a halt once again.

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: So a flavour, in opening moments, of the highly combative style we can now expect from Nel in coming days against #OscarPistorius


    Nastasya Tay, a reporter in Pretoria for the Independent, tweets: #OscarPistorius sits alone on the stand... No more strategy chats with Roux, now he's in cross exam.

    Oscar Pistorius' sister Aimee cries during the athlete's evidence in court - 9 April 2014 There were more tears in court this morning as Mr Pistorius described the events after Ms Steenkamp had been shot. The athlete's sister Aimee (2nd R) broke into tears several times
    Journalist Nastasya Tay

    tweets: Here's the video they're fighting about. It's of #OscarPistorius firing the gun he shot Reeva with:


    It's just been announced that there will be a break in proceedings for half an hour and the court will resume at 10:30GMT.


    To recap: the cross-examination of Mr Pistorius began this morning, with prosecutor Gerrie Nel immediately going on the attack. Mr Pistorius was asked about his status as one of the "most recognised athletes in the world." He agreed he had been an example to others "until I made a mistake." Mr Nel replied: "You killed a person. Say it: 'I shot and killed Reeva.'" It was an aggressive start from the prosecutor and Mr Pistorius is sure to face further tough questioning whether the contested video is shown or not.


    The BBC's Milton Nkosi in Pretoria tweets: Drama as Judge Masipa decides to 'stand the matter down' until the defence is allowed to see the video first. Court adjourns again.


    The judge said that both the defence and prosecution had a point so she has allowed Mr Roux's team to watch the video before the court reconvenes. It's unclear how long the trail will be adjourned for now.


    The video in question is of Mr Pistorius at a gun range. The athlete is seen shooting at a watermelon and a voice in the background is heard saying: "It's not as soft as brains but ****, it is a zombie stopper." The video has been aired widely since it emerged so it's very unlikely that this is the first time Mr Pistorius' team have seen it.

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: Nel and Roux come back into court together. Wonder what they've been discussing… #OscarPistorius


    Proceedings look like they are about to resume.


    The judge has returned. Mr Roux is making a submission to the judge regarding the video. He is reading a letter submitted to the court by the defence team that says "our client has the right to a fair trial". Mr Roux says he obtained permission from the judge to discuss the video with Mr Pistorius. He says the defence team watched the video but Mr Pistorius has not seen it.

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: Roux says video should, and could, have been presented by state when they were making their case against #OscarPistorius


    The court is now watching the Sky News report showing Mr Pistorius firing a gun at a shooting range. The report alleges that the voice that says "it's not as soft as brains but ****, it is a zombie stopper" is Mr Pistorius'.


    Mr Nel is now questioning Mr Pistorius about the video. The athlete says the voice in the background is his but says that he does not see the relevancy of the video. He adds that he used the word "zombie" and was not referring to shooting a human being.


    Mr Pistorius is now talking about the ammunition that was used in the gun. He says it was designed for trail walking to protect against animals.


    Mr Pistorius is being shown a picture of Ms Steenkamp's head. "I know you don't want to see it but it's time to take responsibility," Mr Nel tells the athlete. "I don't have to look at the picture," Mr Pistorius says. "I was there." He is sobbing again now.


    Mr Roux objects to "unfair questioning" from Mr Nel. The judge agrees and asks for the image to be removed from the screen. Mr Pistorius still appears in shock from seeing the photograph.

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: #OscarPistorius has head in hands now, crying. Gasps earlier from crowd in courtroom as Nel went on offensive.


    The court has adjourned again now to give Mr Pistorius time to recover.


    Aislinn Laing, a reporter in Pretoria for the Daily Telegraph, tweets: As judge walks out, Pistorius stands looking straight forward, away from public gallery. His psychologist is shaking her head angrily.


    The BBC's Andrew Harding in Pretoria reports that it is the first time the courtroom has been deliberately shown a photograph of Ms Steenkamp's head injury. He says there was no warning to her mother, who is in court today, and adds that there is little sympathy for Mr Nel's provocative behaviour in the courtroom.

    Pumza Fihlani BBC News

    tweets: #Pistorius still weeping on the stand. Aimee [his sister] at his side trying to console him.


    A clearly distraught Mr Pistorius has now left the courtroom with his psychologist. Again, it's unclear how long this break will be. The rest of the athlete's cross examination looks set to follow this pattern of frequent adjournments if prosecutor Gerrie Nel continues his aggressive line of questioning.


    Mandy Wiener, a journalist with South Africa's Eyewitness News, says: "I don't think I've ever witnessed quite such an emotive, harrowing exchange in a courtroom."

    Pumza Fihlani BBC News

    tweets: Reeva's mother has told journos she understands why pic had to be shown. No doubt it was difficult to see her daughter like that. #Pistorius

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: #OscarPistorius is back in witness box. Court settling down. His family still very upset. R Steenkamp's appear not to be.


    Rebecca Davis, a journalist in South Africa, tweets: Nel's psychological-torture approach seems high risk to me, in terms of potentially alienating judge & engendering sympathy for OP?


    The judge has returned to the courtroom.


    Mr Nel picks up with his questioning and explains again what the video showed. He's talking about the cameras that were rigged up to show what effect the bullets had on the watermelon when it was shot. He asks Mr Pistorius why this was done.

    @purplesammyx in Oxford, UK

    tweets: This case will never end if they continue to adjourn every 5 minutes!!! #PistoriusTrial


    Mr Pistorius says he was just spending an afternoon out on the shooting range with some friends. He admits that he wanted to see the effects of the larger ammunition on the watermelon.


    Mr Nel asks whether the athlete was shooting at the watermelon to see what the effects would be if the same ammunition was used on a human being. "The comments I made on that day were distasteful but they related to zombies, not human beings," Mr Pistorius says.


    Mr Nel now asking whether the evidence that Mr Pistorius has given so far is what he can remember or if it is a reconstruction of the events from what he has heard and read. Mr Pistorius says he has given evidence on a variety of things and told the truth throughout. "Some of it is a reconstruction from some of the statements that I have read. I can't remember how much time certain things took me. I've spoken about what I can remember."


    "From the time I went to sleep to the time I took Reeva's life, there was no reconstruction afterwards. There are some points I don't remember from that evening," Mr Pistorius says. Mr Nel is pushing the athlete again about whether his evidence on events immediately before and after the fatal shooting was remembered or reconstructed. "My story hasn't changed," Mr Pistorius insists.


    "The state's case has changed many times but there is nothing they have given me that has changed my story," the athlete adds.

    Neela Pack, Cottonwood West, UT

    tweets: The live tweets describing the cross examination in the #OscarPistorius trial are brutal... These are painful to read even from 10,000 miles away. She tweets again: I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be in that courtroom #PistoriusTrial


    "Why are you arguing and not answering?" Mr Nel asks Mr Pistorius. Mr Roux jumps in to complain about the vagueness of some of the questions from the prosecution.

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: #OscarPistorius is quite talkative now… Showing signs of defensiveness which Nel will no doubt seek to exploit.


    Sky News correspondent Alex Crawford tweets: Judge seems to be reining Nel in. He continues but is irritated about the objections and loss of pace


    Mr Nel is now questioning Mr Pistorius about his bail application. The athlete says he has read the statement and knows what was said there. Mr Nel now asks about his plea explanation. Mr Pistorius is trying to recall what was in the submissions. The prosecutor is suggesting that there were inconsistencies between the athlete's earlier statements and his evidence.


    Mr Nel is asking the athlete about fans he moved before hearing a noise coming from the bathroom. "If somebody said I was on the balcony to collect the fans that would not be true," said Mr Pistorius. "I was never on the balcony my lady."


    Mr Nel again repeats his accusation that Mr Pistorius is arguing rather than answering his questions. Mr Nel says the athlete is "sitting there not listening to the questions, thinking about evidence".

    Pumza Fihlani BBC News

    tweets: #Pistorius a bit stuck. Wants to see his bail application. Nel accuses him of arguing and thinking of other evidence while trying to answer.

    Mona in London, UK

    tweets: This #Pistorius case is making me feel ill, must be heartbreaking for her family to hear this.


    "I went on to the balcony to bring the fan in." Mr Nel reads Mr Pistorius' bail application and points out that the athlete said there was only one fan and that it was on the balcony, contrary to what Mr Pistorius just told the court. Mr Nel asks why only one fan was mentioned in the bail application but two fans in later statements. The athlete says only one fan was on the balcony and the other was inside the bedroom.


    Mr Nel is quoting earlier questioning from a police officer, implying that Mr Pistorius said he was on the balcony when he heard the noise in the bathroom. Mr Roux objects and says the quote is wrong and does not represent Mr Pistorius' account. Mr Nel is now reading from the athlete's bail statement, in which it says he heard a noise after removing the fans. Mr Pistorius concedes that his account says he went on to the balcony despite not doing so.


    Mr Nel seems pleased with the answer from Mr Pistorius and asks to break for lunch. The judge is happy to do so and the court is adjourned.

    Pumza Fihlani BBC News

    tweets: Nel will do what Roux did - go through the differences between statements, line by line.


    Tom Peck, a journalist covering the trial for the Independent newspaper, tweets: "If you pick up a chair that's got one leg out on to a balcony, and you say you went out to get it, have you lied? This is the matter at hand."


    More on the distressing image of Reeva Steenkamp's head injuries that was shown in the courtroom earlier. Mandy Wiener, a journalist with South Africa's Eyewitness News, says Ms Steenkamp's mother, June, was warned last week that the photograph would be shown and that she wanted Mr Pistorius "to see what he has done".

    June Steenkamp is comforted by a relative during Oscar Pistorius' murder trial - 9 April 2014 June Steenkamp looked straight ahead as images of her daughter's head injuries were shown to the court

    tweets: I doubt if there's anything more moving/shocking/compelling on twitter than @BBCAndrewH coverage of #PistoriusTrial


    The BBC's Andrew Harding in Pretoria says the opening moments of the cross examination showed the highly combative style Mr Pistorius can expect from Gerrie Nel in the coming days. Mr Nel has more than 30 years' experience and is known for his no-nonsense attitude. But will he continue with his aggressive tactics? This morning his fierce questioning forced an adjournment as Mr Pistorius burst into tears and was given time to recover.

    State prosecutor Gerrie Nel during Oscar Pistorius' murder trial in Pretoria - 9 April 2014 Mr Nel went on the attack immediately this morning

    The judge has returned and proceedings are under way again.


    Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is still asking about Mr Pistorius' movements in the bedroom and the balcony, and differences between his statements in court and on his bail application. "Maybe I didn't pick it up at the time that they said I went onto the balcony.... I wasn't the one who drew my bail statement up," says the athlete.

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: #OscarPistorius admits an error in original bail statement, but says he wasn't there when it was drawn up. Suspect Nel won't let that go...


    They are now addressing claims that police tampered with items in Mr Pistorius' home after the shooting. "I am not pleading not guilty because the scene was contaminated," Mr Pistorius says. "I am pleading not guilty because what I'm accused of didn't happen."


    Mr Pistorius says a police officer unplugged a fan to plug in a mobile phone.

    Kate Forbes BBC News

    tweets: Back and forth semantics - 'tamper' 'disturb'. Nel is trying to break through #OscarPistorius prepared answers

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    tweets: Strong sense here in court of #OscarPistorius vulnerable without his legal team. Nel probing to show gaps between him and his experts.

    Charl du Plessis Legal reporter at South African newspaper City Press

    tweets: #Pistorius for the first time getting a little passionate about his defence.


    The court is being shown a police photo of the side of Mr Pistorius' bed, displaying items including a fan, a vest, an extension chord and iPads. Mr Nel is asking about where the fans were plugged in. Mr Pistorius says he can't remember exactly but they were both working.

    Photo of the floor and items at the side of Oscar Pistorius' bed being shown at his murder trial

    Mr Nel says Mr Pistorius' lack of clarity over the fans show he is lying. Mr Pistorius denies this, saying: "I'm under pressure here, it's not easy. I'm fighting for my life."

    Pumza Fihlani BBC News

    tweets: It might seem pedantic but Nel is driving to a point. Remember Roux did the same with the pics. The aim is to show discrepancies in stories


    Mr Nel is asking why, in his bail application, Mr Pistorius talked about one fan, whereas in his plea explanation his talks about two fans. Mr Pistorius says he cannot change his bail application and that he is telling the court the truth.


    Mr Nel accuses the athlete of using rehearsed answers and not listening to his questions. "It's not good for you," he says.


    Mr Pistorius says he discharged his firearm "accidentally" as the result of being startled by noise. "I never intended to shoot anyone," he says. "I went to the bathroom to put myself between what I perceived as danger and Reeva... I shot because I believed someone was coming out to attack me."


    Mr Pistorius says: "I pulled the trigger... I didn't have time to think about what was happening."

    Amanda Davies, CNN

    tweets: Been an absolutely compelling afternoon of cross examination in the #OscarPistorius trial. A very different person today to yesterday.


    The judge intervenes to tell Mr Nel he can't ask Mr Pistorius why he is being emotional "now - when the questions are difficult". He has been emotional throughout, she says.

    Andrew Harding Africa correspondent

    We're going round in circles here, but it's a crucial point. #OscarPistorius


    "I never said I didn't do it - I said I didn't deliberately do it," says Mr Pistorius. And with that the court adjourns for the day.

    Khatija Nxedlana South Africa journalist

    tweets: #OscarPistorius OP walks out the witness box holding water bottle and handkerchief... he hugs his brother and aunt


    To recap on proceedings after the lunch break and before the court adjourned for the day, Oscar Pistorius has been undergoing a rigorous cross-examination in his trial for the murder of his girlfriend. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel highlighted discrepancies between the athlete's account in his bail application of what happened and his statements in court, such as the number of fans in the room. Mr Pistorius said he did not write the bail application and insisted he was telling the court the truth. He also said he fired his gun accidentally, saying: "I never intended to shoot anyone."


    Earlier, Mr Pistorius said he made a "mistake" when he shot Reeva Steenkamp on 14 February 2013. The prosecutor pushed him to acknowledge the full magnitude of his actions, saying: "You shot and killed her won't you take responsibility?" A graphic picture of Ms Steenkamp's head injuries were also shown to the court, prompting anguish from Mr Pistorius and a further adjournment to the trial.


    We are now winding down our live updates on Wednesday's proceedings in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius. You can find all the latest on the case here.


    Thank you for following us, and please check our news front page for further updates.


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