As it happened: Friday protests

Key points

  • In Tunisia's capital, protesters scale the walls of the US embassy and set fire to an American school in the city. Two people killed, 28 injured
  • Thousands of protesters storm the US, German and British embassies in the Sudanese capital Khartoum. At least one death is reported
  • The film which has caused offence, "The Innocence of Muslims", mocks Islam and insults the Prophet Muhammad
  • Protesters set fire to a KFC outlet in northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, and one person was killed
  • In the last few days, protests have spread across the Middle East and North Africa - including Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia
  • On Tuesday the US ambassador to Libya was killed in a fire in an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi
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  • Caroline Anning 

Last updated 15 September 2012



Welcome to the BBC News live page, bringing you the latest updates as protests over an anti-Islam film made in the US continue in the Middle East and north Africa. Protesters have stormed the German embassy in the Sudanese capital Khartoum and started fires, and the British embassy nearby has been attacked. Stay with us for the latest news, analysis, video and comment as the situation develops.


Reports from Lebanaon say a demonstrator has been killed and 25 people hurt in clashes with police, after a crowd of Islamists set fire to a KFC restaurant in Tripoli.


German officials say their staff are safe after the German embassy in Khartoum came under attack in Khartoum.


A protester gesticulates outside the German embassy in Khartoum as violence flares in the Sudanese city.

A protester gesticulates outside the German embassy in Khartoum as violence flares in the Sudanese city.


An eyewitness has told Reuters that Sudanese protesters are moving towards the US embassy outside Khartoum in cars and buses.


Ethirajan Anbarasan, BBC Dhaka correspondent

reports: "People gathered outside Dhaka's Baitul Mukkaram Masjid, Bangladesh's national mosque, soon after Friday prayers. The protesters were shouting slogans against the United States and Israel. They were also demanding tough punishment for the film makers."


Hussein, a protester in Egypt's Tahrir Square told the BBC: "I came to support the beloved prophet Muhammad... It's my first day here at the demonstration, I'm sorry that I wasn't here from the beginning but I'm trying to make up for what I've missed."


Protesters against an anti-Islam film in Tripoli, Lebanon have set fire to a KFC in the city according to local reports. The photo below purports to show the KFC/Hardee's building on Bechara El Khoury in flames.

Purports to show KFC in Tripoli, Lebanon on fire


Tear gas has been fired in Sudan as protesters head for the US embassy outside the capital Khartoum, news agency AFP reports.