Is Africa on trial?

Victim of LRA in Uganda (file photo) The Lord's Resistance Army has killed, mutilated and raped thousands in several African countries

The International Criminal Court (ICC) was set up to try those responsible for the most serious crimes in the world - such as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

So far, all 24 people facing charges - and the only person convicted - are from Africa, leading to accusations of bias. The African Union has said members countries should stop cooperating with the Court.

Is Africa being unfairly targeted, or is this just where the worst atrocities have been committed since 2002, when the Court came into being?


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    Comment number 24.

    It would perhaps be wise if everyone withdraws. Until the US accepts the ICC it is pointless and it does set a bad example. This would not mean the end of the ICC. The security council can still refer cases out of its jurisdiction. Personally I would like to see no veto in the security council. China seems to be the only permanent member to have acted most wisely in these past few years.

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    Comment number 23.

    Firstly, I agree more or less fully with the "no" article. Every individual on trial before the ICC deserves to be there for the crimes they are accused of. In addition, as another commenter pointed out, the crimes under the jurisdiction of the court usually arise out of wars, often civil, and it is a tragic fact that there have been many such wars in Africa in the recent past (and ongoing).

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    Comment number 22.

    I have always doubted the International Court. In 1930, Churchill suggested using Mustard Gas against the Kurds (50 years later Saddam Hussein did!). Bomber Harris destroyed Dresden in WW2. Both are Crimes against Humanity but would they have been arrested and taken to the Hague if that happened today? I doubt it. The Hague dishes out the Justice of the Victor. But that is no justice at all.

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    Comment number 21.

    The ICC is basically no-colonialism in disguise. The big powers that commit the most crimes are not signatories to the statues of the ICC, so naturally the only victims will be the poorest and less powerful African countries.
    Some argue the most crimes are committed in Africa. Where do the weapons come from? From those who want that crimes should continuously be committed in Africa.

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    Comment number 19.

    I am from Kenya where there are 2 cases pending at the ICC. Most of the evidence was gathered by the government funded Kenya National Human Rights commission. The government had therefore laid the ground work for addressing such crimes but found it difficult to prosecute those holding high office. Some in Kenya feel that the ICC prosecuted too few and left out the most senior offenders.


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