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  • 11 September 2012
  • From the section Africa

State control of the media is strong and government-run outlets dominate the broadcasting scene. Media from South Africa are available.

Freedom of expression in the press is seriously restricted. Reporters Without Borders says the sole private daily is largely given over to "news trivia, entertainment and sports". "Criticising the king is inconceivable," it adds.

Journalists are routinely threatened and attacked by the authorities, US-based Freedom House reported in 2012.

There were more than 95,000 internet users by December 2011 ( The government does not restrict access, but few Swazis can afford to go online, says Freedom House.

The press


  • Swazi TV - operated by state-run Swaziland Television Authority
  • Channel S - privately-owned


  • Swaziland Broadcasting and Information Service - state-run, operates The Siswati Channel, The English Channel and The Information Service
  • Trans World Radio-Voice of the Church - Christian