Guinea profile

A mosque in Guinea's capital, Conarky Rich in mineral reserves, Guinea is poverty-stricken due to economic mismanagement and instability
  • Full name: The Republic of Guinea
  • Population: 10.5 million (UN, 2012)
  • Capital: Conakry
  • Area: 245,857 sq km (94,926 sq miles)
  • Major languages: French, Susu, Fulani, Mandingo
  • Major religions: Islam, Christianity, indigenous beliefs
  • Life expectancy: 53 years (men), 56 years (women) (UN)
  • Monetary unit: 1 Guinean franc = 100 centimes
  • Main exports: Bauxite, alumina, gold, diamonds, coffee, fish, agricultural products
  • GNI per capita: US $430 (World Bank, 2011)
  • Internet domain: .gn
  • International dialling code: +224

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