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Radio is the dominant medium. The national state-run network competes with regional services and private stations. There is a national TV service and a handful of private TV stations.

Broadcasts from the neighbouring French island of Mayotte can be picked up in some areas.

Most papers publish weekly; a feeble advertising market, poverty and poor distribution inhibit circulation. The leading titles are Al-Watwan, published on Grand Comore, and Kwezi, published on Mayotte.

The authorities have a tight hold on the media. Journalists risk arrest and detention, and newspapers have been suspended and radio stations put off the air over reports deemed offensive to the government.

Radio France Internationale is relayed on FM in the capital.

There were nearly 35,000 internet users by December 2011 ( Access is "extremely limited" for economic reasons, says US NGO Freedom House.


  • La Gazette de Comores - state-owned weekly
  • Al-Watwan - state-owned weekly
  • KashKazi - weekly
  • L'Archipel - monthly


  • Television Nationale Comorienne (TNC) - national, state-owned, operated by Office de la Radio et de la Television des Comores (ORTC)
  • Mtsangani Television (MTV) - Moroni
  • Radio-Television Anjouanaise (RTA) - run by Anjouan regional government


  • Radio Comoros - national, state-owned, operated by Office de la Radio et de la Television des Comores (ORTC)
  • Radio Dziyalandze - Anjouan, relays Radio France Internationale
  • Radio-Television Anjouanaise (RTA) - official station of Anjouan regional government
  • Radio Ngazidja - official station of Grand Comore regional government
  • RFO Mayotte - public radio from French island of Mayotte

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