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Map showing easiest and hardest places to do business

As countries around the world struggle to boost their economies back following the global financial crisis, part six of Extreme World takes a look at the ease of doing business in different countries.

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Extreme World is a new season of coverage on TV, Radio and Online, examining global differences. Over the next few months, BBC News correspondents will be exploring eight key themes that illustrate the divisions in our extreme world.

Singapore comes top of a World Bank index for ease of doing business, with Hong Kong second and New Zealand third. Chad is bottom of the list of 183 countries.

The survey also looked at other business-related factors such as ease of starting up a new business.

In most cases, countries in the developed world with higher incomes performed well, while the developing, poorer, nations did less well. Chad came at or near bottom in five out of 10 categories.

World Bank figures show the Democratic Republic of Congo has the second-lowest figure in the world for GDP per person of $163, and a quarter of the population live on less than $1.25 a day.

DR Congo ranks 175, close to the bottom of the index for ease of doing business. Singapore, which came top of the index, has a GDP per person of $36,537.

The small principality of Monaco - famous as a tax haven for the wealthy - has the highest GDP per head in the world - $211,501, according to 2008 figures.

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