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Millennium Coastal Park: Toad deaths blamed on otters

Image caption An otter, photographed by Carmarthenshire Wildlife Watch member Darren Harries

An investigation into the deaths of hundreds of toads along the Millennium Coastal Park in Carmarthenshire has been traced to a family of otters.

Environment Agency officials were called in after body parts of toads were found around ponds in the park which runs from Llanelli to Burry Port.

Wildlife experts have ruled out poisoning, the weather and water temperature, instead blaming otters.

Park rangers have found otter droppings and bite marks on the toad remains.

And now a Carmarthenshire Wildlife Watch member has captured images of the animals.

It is not the first time the cute but rapacious carnivores have proved controversial this year.

Last month a Gwynedd fish farmer sued the Environment Agency for £2m claiming that otters had eaten his entire stock of carp. The High Court threw out the case.

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