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Partner's focus on getting bailed Greenpeace activist Anthony Perrett back to Wales

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Media captionZaharah Ally said they had faced a lot of uncertainty

The partner of a Greenpeace activist bailed by a Russian court after a ship protest in the Arctic says she is now focused on getting him home to Wales.

Anthony Perrett from Newport was arrested in September on hooliganism charges with 29 others after a protest at an Arctic offshore oil rig.

The crew of Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise originally faced piracy charges.

Zaharah Ally said it had been an "emotional rollercoaster".

Ms Ally said: "The phones and emails, text messages have been very constant since after the news. And it's really been overwhelming to see and hear the support that's there.

'Emotional rollercoaster'

"And I've been confident that the Arctic 30 are there for the right reasons.

"And I hope that the situation will get resolved but there is going to need to be continued support and pressure until Anthony's back home."

Ms Ally said Mr Perrett's life in Wales was largely an outdoor one, and she knew that he had found conditions in the Russian jail difficult.

She said she had been through a mixture of feelings since her partner's arrest two months ago

"Uncertainty has been the main one. Because it's been such an emotional rollercoaster I cant quite decide how I am feeling."

'Invaluable support'

She said the bail conditions were not known.

"It's obviously a step in the right direction, a very positive step.

"However, Anthony and the Arctic 30 still face some very serious charges."

Ms Ally also said she was "thankful for all the invaluable support that I've received from the community, friends, family, colleagues and MPs Jessica Morden and Paul Flynn.

"It's important that all efforts are continued to safeguard the release of Anthony and all of the Arctic 30."

Image caption Anthony Perrett has been held by the Russian authorities since September

The hooliganism offence Mr Perrett is facing carries a maximum sentence of seven years.

Mr Perrett has been bailed along with fellow Britons Alex Harris and Kieron Bryan in the latest round of hearings regarding the case.

In all 18 of the 30 detainees have been bailed, with one actually released.

They were detained after taking part in a protest at an Arctic offshore oil rig operated by the Russian company Gazprom.

Their ship, the Arctic Sunrise, was towed by the authorities to the port of Murmansk.

The ship was raided by armed Russian men in balaclavas who abseiled down from helicopters. The ship was seized in the Pechora Sea, near the rig.

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