South East Wales

Missing Stoke cat found in Cardiff four years later

Bobby the cat and Lawrence Gwynn
Image caption Lawrence Gwynn discovered Bobby had been missing since 2009

A missing cat has been found in Cardiff, 150 miles from home in Stoke-on-Trent and four years after vanishing.

Well-travelled tabby Bobby was taken in as a stray by Lawrence Gwynn after he turned up on his doorstep last summer.

Mr Gwynn took Bobby to his vet and discovered he was registered as missing from Stoke-on-Trent in 2009.

But despite calls to the owners, they cannot be traced and Mr Gwynn has appealed for them to come forward.

Mr Gwynn, 49, of Llanishen, Cardiff, said: "I first found Bobby sitting in my garden when I came back from holiday in June.

"Later on he started developing these polyps on his ears, so I took him to my vet. He told me the cat had a microchip.

Mystery trek

"He scanned him and found out his name was Bobby and he had been registered missing in Stoke-on-Trent in 2009.

"Nobody knows how he ended up in Cardiff, 150 miles away. One theory is that he got inside a vehicle like a removal van that brought him down here.

"But he was in quite a good condition when I found him, so it seems like someone had been looking after him in Cardiff before I found him."

The vet was able to find two telephone numbers registered to Bobby's owner, but one was no longer valid, and there was no answer on the other.

Mr Gwynn said: "If the owner does come forward and wants Bobby back, I'd be happy to hand him over."