South East Wales

Rhondda: Tonypandy Primary School roof stolen

Part of a Rhondda school's roof has been stolen by thieves causing an estimated £20,000 worth of damage.

Two classrooms at Tonypandy Primary School, Tonypandy, have been left without a roof after lead flashing and tiles were taken.

It is the second time this month it has been targeted.

Last week, thieves stole about 6m of lead flashing from the rooftop and some tiles. South Wales Police is investigating.

Councillor and chair of governors Craig Middle, said: "They knew what they were doing, it was premeditated.

"The police are looking at CCTV - you can see them on the yard but not on the roof. There's no CCTV on the roof."

The theft was reported on Thursday at around 16:30 BST. Books were damaged and some computers had to be moved. A temporary cover was also put across the rooms.

Mr Middle said: "They it on for scrap, sell it for a pittance and for what? The damage they've caused does not compare to what little they'll sell it for."

Repair work will continue until pupils return to school next month.

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