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Blinded IRA victim Andrew Bull's £200k for Blaenau Gwent council bullying

A former soldier blinded by an IRA bomb has been awarded £200,000 compensation by an employment tribunal after it found he had been bullied at work.

The tribunal in Cardiff ruled that Andrew Bull had also been harassed and eventually lost his job at Blaenau Gwent council due to his disability.

Council chief executive David Waggett said he apologised to Mr Bull after the hearing.

Mr Bull, 48, from Ebbw Vale, was blinded in Northern Ireland in 1983.

He was injured in a Belfast bomb blast in the Falls Road, while serving with the Royal Regiment of Wales.

The tribunal awarded him a total of £200,603 in compensation.

In a statement, Blaenau Gwent council's Mr Waggett said: "I personally apologised to Mr Bull following the findings of the tribunal that the council did not do enough to support him.

"The council has a strong track record of supporting people with disabilities.

"It is therefore very disappointing and a matter of great regret, that in this instance, our efforts let down this long-serving member of staff.

"However, we have learned lessons. I have assured Mr Bull that I am determined that work under our new strategic equalities plan will help prevent this type of isolated incident happening again in Blaenau Gwent council."

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