Cardiff's Barfly music venue will not reopen

Barfly The venue has seen acts like Kings of Leon and Funeral for a Friend

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A Cardiff music haunt which has hosted many big acts on the cusp of a breakthrough has now closed.

Cardiff Barfly in Kingsway shut unexpectedly last week, much to the dismay of local promoters and bands.

Now its managing director has confirmed it will not be reopening there.

Be Rozzo said. "After 10 years in the Welsh capital, Barfly has closed its doors for the last time", added he hoped to reopen at another venue at some point in the future.

"Over the decade, we've had the opportunity to present an array of extraordinary up and coming artists - some of whom have gone on to become festival headliners and household names.

"Cardiff has a rich musical heritage and many genuine music lovers, for this reason we hope at some point to return to the city in a location that better reflects the needs of the current generation of the artists and audiences."

Mr Rozzo thanked the staff, promoters, agents and tour managers, who he said have placed Barfly at the heart of Cardiff's music scene for a decade.

He added: "Most of all, we'd like to thank everyone that attended our events over the years."

All forthcoming gigs are expected to be moved to alternative venues where possible, otherwise tickets will be refunded.

All updates will be posted at

The venue has previously hosted local acts like Funeral for a Friend and Lostprophets, as well as US act Kings of Leon before they became a headline act for most music festivals.

Your reaction to the closure of the Barfly in Cardiff:

I remember seeing The Datsuns, The Music, Wilt, among many others but most of all I'll miss a venue I've played in on numerous occasions with several bands. Although I won't miss the smell of the loos. RIP Barfly

Danny DOAI, Cardiff

It is very disappointing that the closure of Barfly was so sudden. A lot of venues have struggled in Cardiff recently, and a small, solid community of music lovers have ensured that these places continue to exist. This is a dangerous closure for the exposure of "smaller" bands in Cardiff as these types of acts aren't the money making blockbuster names that organisers will be looking at when organising events in order to ensure a high return.

Gareth Jones, Cardiff

This is the 6th live music venue in Cardiff which has faced a battle to remain open and all the time large supermarket style chain pubs and clubs playing mainstream cheesy chart music open their doors offering cheap booze and bland entertainment.

Vern, Cardiff

I remember going to see Lostprohets there and atmosphere was always great and it had a really good vibe, there was never any trouble there and everyone who went there had a common ground, which was the the Music. Really sad that its closed as i have some great memories of that place. Shame that the smaller unknown bands will struggle to find a venue

Hannah, Cardiff

its a sad story to here that barfly has closed for good. I among many have had many amazing nights there watching local bands as well as bigger bands from further out from south wales. I personally think that the rock scene in cardiff is dying and it seriously needs to be revived before its to late, thats if it aint to late already R.I.P barfly

Nathan, Pontypridd

Having seen many bands play there and also played there myself on numerous occasions it is sad to see it go. Even sadder is the fact that this is just the latest victim in the ongoing decimation of the Welsh capitals music scene. They were quick enough to wheel out SFA, Manics, Catatonia etc to peddle "cool Cymru" but now they are systematically destroying the very venues that have given rise to all the great Welsh bands. And to think they were putting Cardiff up for European capital of culture. What joke! Still as long as there's plenty of Irish theme pubs and chain bars for all the stag and hen parties who cares eh...?

Malc, Cardiff

Barfly was rubbish. If you could design a venue more obstructive and least conducive to watching and enjoying live music then Barfly would be what you'd come up with. It was difficult at best to see the acts, the layout of the place was such that no matter how good a sound engineer was they would struggle and, as Danny mentioned, indeed Danny and I have discussed many times in the past, the toilets stank. All in all, not that great a loss, unless bands that you are interested in ONLY play at this venue.

Gawain, Cardiff

this is great news all they did was play rubbish music

Ryan, Pontypool

Had the pleasure of seeing some great bands over the years at The Barfly. Black Keys, Kings of Leon, The Gift, The Jamm (great tribute band). For such a small venue it saw some huge nights. Shame it's closed down. Hope to see it back open one day in the city.

Ian Dugmore, Newbridge

It is a shame - local acts could quite easily get on the bill with touring bands giving them much-needed exposure and experience. Other venues in Cardiff are quite obstructive to new artists (unless you know someone who knows someone). However, they are running a business and unless enough people go along to see gigs then these venues will always struggle. I remember playing there in support to a quite well-known Japanese touring band about a year ago. There were about 75 people there tops, so it looked fairly empty. I though "fair enough, it's a Thursday night". When we left after the headliners had finished, there was a massive queue out the door and round the block to get in for the club night. Seeing as the mix of music would have been very similar, I couldn't understand why these kids hadn't bothered turning up for the live bands as well as the club night. I can only think it's because they wanted hear only music they knew. And that's where the problem probably lies. Very sad.

Toby Touchfinder, Swansea

Very sad to see this place close. Lots of great memories seeing many new bands there, and especially at Hammertime! (the 90s night on a Tuesday). Where can i get my childhood fix now?

Grace, Cardiff

Hammertime on a Tuesday was awesome in Barfly - the atmosphere was always top with the people out for a giggle rather than to judge. I agree with Grace - will have to go back to blasting 'Say my Name' by Destiny's Child in the car now!

Claire, Cardiff

Good news, perhaps they can clean up the exterior of the place now. It looks like a tip.

Mucky, Cardiff

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