Wales politics

European elections: Wales candidates

The European Parliamentary elections take place across the 28 member states of the European Union (EU) between 22 and 25 May.

There will be 751 seats up for grabs, with 73 of those coming from the United Kingdom - including four from Wales.

UK residents will be voting on Thursday, 22 May, and the MEPs elected will represent them in the European Parliament for the next five years.

Here is a list of the candidates hoping to become MEPs for Wales.

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Britain First

1. Paul Anthony Golding

2. Anthony Clifford Golding

3. Christine Beryl Smith

4. Anne Marie Elstone

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British National Party

1. Mike Whitby

2. Laurence Reid

3. Jean Griffin

4. Gary Tumulty

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Conservative Party

1. Kay Swinburne

2. Aled Wyn Davies

3. Dan Boucher

4. Richard Howard Hopkin

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Green Party

1. Pippa Bartolotti

2. John Matthews

3. Chris Were

4. Rozz Cutler

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Labour Party

1. Derek Vaughan

2. Jayne Bryant

3. Alex Thomas

4. Christina Elizabeth Rees

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Liberal Democrats

1. Alec Dauncey

2. Robert Speht

3. Jackie Radford

4. Bruce Roberts

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1. Robert David Griffiths

2. Claire Job

3. Steven Skelly

4. Laura Picand

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Plaid Cymru

1. Jill Evans

2. Marc Jones

3. Steven Cornelius

4. Ioan Bellin

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Socialist Labour Party

1. Andrew Jordan

2. Kathrine Jones

3. David Lloyd Jones

4. Liz Screen

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The Socialist Party of Great Britain

1. Brian Johnson

2. Richard Cheney

3. Edward Blewitt

4. Howard Moss

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UK Independence Party (UKIP)

1. Nathan Lee Gill

2. James Cole

3. Caroline Yvonne Jones

4. David John Rowlands