Westminster celebrates Lloyd George's birthday


The politician, known as the Welsh wizard, rose from humble origins on the Llyn Peninsula to introduce the pension and lead Britain through World War I

David Lloyd George, Britain's only Welsh prime minister, was born 150 years ago today.

He is also the last Liberal prime minister, and Welsh Liberal Democrats at Westminster were determined not to pass up the opportunity to celebrate. At the last count, five separate events are being held at venues ranging from the Lloyd George statue in Parliament Square to the National Liberal Club.

At the statue, the Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin, chaplain to the Commons speaker, led a short service. The Gwalia Male Voice Choir led the "congregation" in Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau as relatives and admirers laid daffodils at the statue.

Among them, Lloyd George's grandson, Viscount Tenby, and Lady Bonham-Carter, great-granddaughter of LG's great Liberal rival Herbert Henry Asquith. "Reconciliation at last," said Lord Roberts of Llandudno, who organised some of today's celebrations.

Viscount Tenby, a teenager when Lloyd George died in 1945, remembered his grandfather as "fun" with a real interest in people matched by few politicians.

Lloyd George's biographer, (Lord) Kenneth O. Morgan praised his role in introducing social benefits.

But what would the Welsh Wizard/Goat - who led a coalition government - have made of today's Liberals in government with the Conservatives at Westminster?

Lord Morgan suggested he wouldn't have had a problem with coalition but he wouldn't have approved of some of the government's welfare policies.

David Cornock Article written by David Cornock David Cornock Parliamentary correspondent, Wales

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    Comment number 2.

    1.John Tyler

    Does Doris do any parliamentary work. Always thought MPs did surgeries on a Friday and Saturday. She's on the 'Wright Stuff' . Is this the quality of modern day MPs in London. Politics is a side show for Doris.

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    Comment number 25.


    My favourite speciality cheese is made by a Rhyl (Snowdonia) cheese maker, Its "corporate vision" ...

    “… To manufacture and sell a globally recognised food brand; on each continent of the world; promoting the true values of Wales.”

    It doesn’t have linguistic options on the web site.

    cont ...

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    Comment number 26.


    As a diabetic I avoid sugar and carbohydrates with a vengeance, this can make life dull, so as for cheese, I have a liking for speciality tea, in particular SokSakIm, made by a Korean company (tiso).

    If you visit their website there are five linguistic options, Korean and 3 neighbouring languages, Japanese, Chinese and Russian, plus international English.

    cont ...

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    Comment number 49.

    ... #45, well you took you time answering the question, as simple No was expected.

    Now explain ...

    "... as its not viable without my support, what's in it for me and the other 80% of the population of Wales, what can I/we expect in return for taxation and exclusion."

    I wonder how Lloyd George would have handled this particular question, he failed at Versailles in 1919 ?

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    Comment number 47.

    The poor old Lib-Dums must be pretty short of things to celebrate if Lloyd George's birthday is the best they can come up with!

    I guess they won't be celebrating being behind UKIP in the polls!

    Jan 17th was also Michelle Obama's birthday, not to mention Muhammad Ali, Benjamin Franklin, Al Capone, and Anton Chekhov who all strike me as being more interesting but, there again, I'm not a Lib-Dum...


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