Welsh Secretary among Tory opponents of gay marriage


It may not be his media outlet of choice but David TC Davies is now making a splash on Pink News.

His suggestion that gay marriage in church is "barking mad" and that most parents would prefer their children not to be gay has also sparked a bit of a debate on twitter.

The latter suggestion was prefixed with the prescient "I hate to say this in a way because I expect it's going to cause controversy" and now he has taken to twitter to defend himself.

The Monmouth Tory MP tweeted: "Activists condemning me now for things I did not say! Why don't you all read the quotes carefully before rushing to the keyboards...

"E.g. - I did NOT say "parents don't want gay children" so why are people saying I did? Perhaps because they wouldn't win argument with actual quote."

And if you thought his views were motivated by prejudice? "Once fought gay boxer. Respect & like. trained with after bout so not bigoted. Activists calm down- listen to other views."

Mr Davies won't be the only Conservative MP opposing the introduction of gay marriage in England and Wales. The Daily Mail compiled a list of 118 Tories it expects to oppose the government's plans.

That list includes seven of the eight Welsh Conservative MPs - Simon Hart is the missing name.

Tory MPs will be offered a free vote - rather than being instructed to support the government. Several prominent Conservatives have launched their own campaign group in favour of same-sex marriage.

But among those taking advantage of the chance to vote according to conscience will be the Secretary of State for Wales, David Jones.

He has previously written to a constituent: "I believe marriage is an institution ordained to sanctify a union between a man and a woman. If a vote is called, I shall vote in accordance with my beliefs."

I'm told that remains his view. His deputy, Stephen Crabb, is also against and is understood to be concerned about the ability of legislation to protect places of worship from a legal challenge if they refuse to carry out ceremonies.

The Welsh duo are unlikely to be the only ministers unhappy with the proposals when they are unveiled.

David Cornock Article written by David Cornock David Cornock Parliamentary correspondent, Wales

Another twist in St David's Day powers saga

A quick update on developments ahead of tomorrow's publication of plans for further devolution for Wales

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    Comment number 85.


    20% Are 'not sures'
    10% Are clueless to the discussion
    10% Are Gay or Bi- Sexual or whatever.

    As far as the opposition are concerned, Basic stastistics, given the numbers involved make it inconceivable that any less a number of labour MPs are opposed to the legislation than tories. It is therefore a ' no go area '. Lesson ? Do not meddle in areas that do not concern you.

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    Comment number 84.

    The fact that over 100 Tory MPs are stating their position against same sex marriage indicates to me an overwhelming opposition to the proposed legislation. It should be noted
    that these people are speaking from conscience, otherwise they need not speak attall.
    Conversely the remainder fall into other categories.
    25% Fear of being seen as anti gay.
    35% Think they are towing part line.

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    Comment number 83.

    #82 I can understand a removal for going off topic. Even though some of the more enlightening threads have been off the original DC or BP article. But why start Emailing people now to remove an Email from a year-old thread??
    BTW I will excuse the low remark. But, will the Listeners ? I see these Venetians in leather masks and clokes. The DoGe is listening !

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    Comment number 82.

    I have had another on removed for being off tolpic. That's it none of us will be on here any more. we all go off topic. i think the Mods are going off their heads.If you will excuse the low remark.

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    Comment number 81.

    #76 I object not because of religion or that I disaprove of homosexuality. I object because I find the constant whining of "it's not fair!" from a bunch of people who put their sexuality above all other things in life. Do I not have the freedom to not give a stuff about gay rights? I'm utterly uninterested in peoples sexuality. I dont see the need to change laws in order to appear more PC.


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