Wales Office civil servants survive Whitehall cull


Is this the only part of the public sector that's still growing?

Since May 2010, 57,000 civil service jobs have disappeared, but the Wales Office, which represents Welsh interests in the UK government, employs more people now than it did then. There were 10 per cent more staff on March 31 this year than 12 months earlier.

This is all the more curious as last year's referendum result means Ministers and officials no longer have to spend their time perusing legislative competence orders.

The Wales Office tells me that the current total is below its "staff complement" - the number of staff the department is allowed to have. This is now 64, one fewer than under Labour.

A spokeswoman adds: "Since May 2010, every single vacant post has been assessed on the basis of a business need and is only filled if agreed by the Wales Office director."

Four current members of staff are currently working their notice before leaving the civil service this summer which will cut the "full time equivalent" number of staff to 56.8 - still more than in March 2011.

Ministers and senior officials have tried to "change the skill set of staff at the Wales Office through early departure".

The "skill set" may have changed but you may struggle to find another Whitehall department that has more staff now than it did two years ago.

David Cornock Article written by David Cornock David Cornock Parliamentary correspondent, Wales

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    Comment number 8.

    What majority John the majority in England? Do you think they really care. That majority know absolutely nothing about Wales. Ah yes, they do know we have got a funny language and accent and there are a lot of sheep. Oh and they like telling jokes about us that they tell us we haven't got a sense of humor about.

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    Comment number 7.

    ... not at all alf, if the PM has the sense he was born with, the regional offices will be reinforced to monitor proceedings, here at Cardiff Bay, the Union is far too important to the majority.

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    Comment number 6.

    John you so humorous we are all falling about the place in mirth. It was tongue in cheek I take it. Who is going to give us an assurance the legislation emanating from Westminster is not going to damage us more than it already is.

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    Comment number 5.

    It's a little like school, the more challenging the pupils, the fewer pupils you have for each teacher ...

    ... I think Cheryl Gillan should be able to up the numbers to match those elected to the Assembly, for sure the electorate need an assurance that the legislation emanating from Cardiff Bay is not going to damage the United Kingdom too much. We need a bigger Wales Office.

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    Comment number 4.

    Paul Murphy increased the size of the Wales office during his stint even though Devolution had taken so many functions away! Axe this office, Transfer running costs to the WG Budget, 20/30 MP’s should be sent from London to Cardiff to increase it's members to 80 WPM, there would be no increase in costs other than to add more seats for the members funded by the extra WG budget from the WO axing!


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