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Denbigh 'explosions' prompt police appeal

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Media captionThirteen loud explosions have been heard in the early hours in the Lenten Pool area over the past month

North Wales Police have appealed for help as they continue to investigate a series of night time "explosions" which have alarmed residents of a town.

People living in Denbigh say homes and cars have been damaged in some of the 13 incidents since March.

Police are investigating the possibility that loud blasts in the Lenten Pool area were triggered by fireworks which may have been homemade.

They are examining CCTV footage as part of the inquiry.

In one of the incidents three windows in a house were smashed during a loud bang.

Denbigh town councillor John Larsen said it sent a ball-bearing flying into the bedroom of a young woman damaging the headboard of her bed.

"Luckily, she wasn't in the room at the time," he said.

The councillor added that five cars had also been damaged.

North Wales Police said forensic tests are being carried out on materials gathered from the sites of the incidents.

Officers are trying to ascertain whether the noise and damage has been caused by fireworks or similar homemade devices.

Insp Siobhan Edwards said nobody was injured in the latest incident on Tuesday and property had not been damaged.

"There is however real potential that somebody could sustain serious injury such as burns from the devices either to themselves or to others," she said.

"Someone in this close-knit community may hold information that could prove vital to our investigations."

Mr Larsen said he had been so concerned about his daughter losing sleep by the incidents that he sent her to stay with family elsewhere for a few days.

"You just don't know when or where it's going to happen next and that's why people are so frightened," he said.

Residents' concerns were first raised at a Denbigh town council meeting in mid March.

Two men, aged 22 and 23, were arrested on 28 March and released on police bail after questioning.

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