As it happened: Day four of Queen's Baton Relay in Wales

Key points

  • Baton spent the day in Carmarthenshire
  • It started at Dylan Thomas' boathouse in Laugharne
  • A baton carrier from 1958 and 2002 paraded it for a third time
  • Big crowds welcomed the baton at Ammanford
  • Police say they think 2,200 people turned out in Llanelli
  • The baton ended the day at Guildhall Square in Carmarthen, where hundreds of people turned out to enjoy entertainment

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  • Steffan Messenger 
  • Gemma Ryall 
  • George Herd 

Last updated 27 May 2014


Good morning and welcome to the start of the fourth day of our coverage of the Queen's Baton Relay. The baton is spending the day in Carmarthenshire taking in Laugharne, Ammanford, Llanelli and Carmarthen. Please send us your pictures of the baton via email, Twitter and Facebook.


Steffan Messenger, BBC News

It's a cold, cloudy morning in Laugharne but it's dry! A small crowd has started to gather along the path towards the famous boathouse. The baton is expected to arrive at 8. It will be carried first by actor Julian Lewis Jones who you may have seen in the film Invictus and comedy series Stella."


Here's a map of today's route. We're starting in Laugharne before heading to Carmarthen, Ammanford, Llanelli and then returning to Carmarthen.

Map of today's route

BLOG 07:50

Poet Menna Elfyn says: "I'll be reading a new poem I've composed for the occasion. Sport isn't the easiest theme for a poet but I've tried to focus on the symbolism of the finishing line. I think the baton relay is a great thing that brings communities together. And coming to Laugharne during Dylan Thomas's centenary is excellent."

Bardd Menna Elfyn


And we're off! Julian Lewis Jones now carrying the baton He'll go past Dylan's writing shed and on to the boathouse.

Julian Lewis


Mari-Ann Davis tweets: Up early for #queensbatonrelay Laugharne first stop, then onto Carms LC,then Amman LC, Llanelli Town Centre then Notts Square #turnup&try


Steffan Messenger, BBC News

A steady stream of people are taking their places along the baton's route. Laugharne was very lively last night as people celebrated a local tradition of walking the town's boundaries on Whitmonday - it happens once every three years. There may be some sore heads this morning!


Steffan Messenger, BBC News
Amy, Ben and Oli

Slight delay! A crowd of some 50 locals have arrived, spotted the baton and are having pictures taken with it before if heads down to the boathouse. We spoke to local schoolchildren Amy, Ben and Oli who said it was all very exciting!


Julian Lewis with the baton

Julian Lewis Jones carrying the baton to Dylan Thomas's Boat House

TWEET 08:18

Tinshedexpo tweets: Queen's Baton Relay in Laugharne :-)