Llyn peninsula hit by earthquake of 3.8 magnitude

Mari Roberts says her phone recorded the earthquake

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A small earthquake measuring 3.8 in magnitude hit north Wales in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The tremor centred on the Llyn peninsula in Gwynedd.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) said the centre point was between the seaside towns of Aberdaron and Nefyn.

People living as far away as Southport, Merseyside, the Isle of Man and Dublin, the Irish capital, reported "intense shaking" at 04:16 BST, but there were no reports of damage or injury.

More than 100 reports from people who felt the earthquake have been made to the BGS, who said the majority were within a 100km radius.

Dr Brian Baptie, head of seismology at the BGS, said the size of the tremor was not unusual for the UK.

Map of tremor

"We get an earthquake of this size in the UK maybe once or twice every couple of years," he told BBC Radio Wales.

"We also know that north Wales is one of the more seismically active parts of the UK. It's got a long history of earthquakes over the past few hundred years."

Dr Baptie said the rumblings that residents felt were consistent with an earthquake of this size.

He added: "It might be felt up to a few hundred kilometres away, people could feel the house shake, they could hear audible phenomena like rumbling, and maybe objects would rattle."

Mari Roberts from Morfa Nefyn, near Pwllheli, recorded the sound generated by the tremor on her smart phone.

"The app I have on my phone recorded it and it just automatically switches on to record when there's any noise. I thought it wouldn't be loud enough to record on the phone but it actually did and it sounds frightening when you listen back to it," she said.

'Low rumble'

Graham Williams, of Pentir, near Bangor, told BBC Radio Wales: "I woke up to a cracking sound and realised the house was shaking.

"I could hear a low rumble for about 15 seconds and then it stopped."

Kevin Clark, of Llynfais, Anglesey, said the tremor came as a bit of a shock.

"I was fast asleep this morning and it sounded like a train running around the outside of the house," he said.

"And considering in Anglesey where we are there's no train, it was a bit of a shock, and the whole place was shaking and rumbling, like a deep rumbling sound."

He added that his 14-year-old daughter woke up to find her chandelier-style light shaking violently.

North Wales was also hit by a smaller earthquake in Caernarfon in February, of 2.3 magnitude.

The latest tremor is just a few miles from the point on the Llyn peninsula where an earthquake struck in July 1984 with a magnitude of 5.4.

It was the most powerful recorded in mainland Britain in the past 200 years.

Dr Baptie said there was no evidence to suggest the number of earthquakes was increasing.

"All of the data we've collected over the last 30 or 40 years, and historical data going back hundreds of years, doesn't bear that out at all," he added.

We asked for your experiences of the earthquake. Here are a selection of your responses.

I was woken this morning by the tremor. I was in Bombay many years ago when an earthquake hit. It was a very frightening experience and I feel a lot of tremors in the UK. I am always relieved when they last for such a short time!

Yvonne Wrinch, Rhosneigr, Anglesey

The earthquake woke me up in the night from a deep sleep. The house was shaking. I thought my two boys were running around wildly as the floor was shaking and rumbling. It was also very noisy and unreal. My heart was beating and it felt like it lasted quite a long time. I knew it was an earth quake as I had experienced the other one in the Llyn Peninsular in 1984 when I lived in Abersoch.

Eirian Rees, Bethesda Bach, Caernarfon

I was woken up by the bedroom door rattling for about 20 seconds around 04:20 hrs and thought nothing of it until I read this report

David Blesovsky, Aberystwyth

I thought someone was banging on the doors for about 20 seconds, really scary

Fiona Williams, Anglesey

I was woken up by a very heavy wardrobe shaking for a few seconds in my bedroom at approximately 4:15. Neither my wife or son heard anything. I suspected it was a tremor as it requires some force to move the wardrobe, even my 100kg bouncing next to wardrobe cannot create the same force

Michael Farnell , Betws-yn-Rhos, Abergele

4.20 House shook Windows rattled, woke myself and hubby

Rita Martin, Wexford, Ireland

Our eight month old son woke us up at 3:30am, so my husband and I were awake & felt the tremor - the wardrobe doors rattled & a garden ornament fell over outside. I said I thought it felt like an earthquake (we are both geologists) - but made my husband go downstairs to check for burglars just in case!

Nicola Spofforth, Deganwy, UK

We are on holiday in our static caravan we were awoken to the caravan shaking

Rigby family, Botwonnog

I was woken at 4:18 by my house shaking and a rumbling sound which lasted approximately 15-20 seconds. It also woke my one year old daughter due to our shaking house and loud rumbling.

Carly McFarlane, Abersoch

04.12am. Sounded like something big being moved in the loft, followed by a prolonged vibration

Tim Davies, Earystane, Isle of Man

Was up at the time, making toast and the building shook just as I opened the fridge door to put away the margarine. Only lasted a second or two with a rumble sound, small shaking and then it was gone.

Simon Collins, Denbigh, Denbighshire

Woke up not sure what time but I remember the shaking and my parents running in to my room to ask me if I had felt anything

Nathan Williams, Pwllheli

Was awake at the time and heard this rumbling noise and thought it was a car passing on the road further down from the house I did not feel any movement

Gwyn Williams, Anglesey

I was awoken at about 4.15am this morning by what sounded like a deep rumble of thunder then strong shuddering, some of the bedroom furniture rattled. It must have lasted for about half a minute. At first I thought it was just a loud clap of thunder but when the furniture started shaking I realised it must be some sort of earth tremor.

Tom Coleman, Talysarn, Gwynedd

I was woken around 4.15 am by a sensation like the bed was 'rippling'. It was over very quickly and I put it down to imagination - until I heard there had been an earthquake. When I checked the time and found it had happened at 4.16, I realised that that is what I must have felt

Janet Bord, Ruthin, Denbighshire

We all heard a big boom and then the house started shaking and then another rumble came

Poppy Hookings , Down the road from the epicentre

I was awake at 4.15am-ish and heard the low rumble and felt the bed move like a small shunt. We also have an old heavy mirror on our bedroom wall that which made a noise a small bang and that's how I knew it was a tremor as that mirror could never move otherwise. I looked at my phone to see the time and it said 4.18am. I woke my partner to say did you hear that and he did hear the rumble and said sounds like a tremor. We lay there waiting to feel more tremors but none came and we both fell back to sleep.

Sunnie Bell, Deiniolen

Woke about 17mins past four - the whole house trembled so hard I thought it was crumbling around us. Lasted about one min. Very frightening, didn't go back to sleep, checked house for cracks, none thankfully

Adrian King, Carmel, near Caernarfon

Woken at 4.15am by what seemed to be violent thunder. We then realised it was an earthquake lasting about 20 seconds. We did not experience any shaking, there were possibly two "aftershocks". We are about 2.5 miles from the epicentre on the map

David Watson,

Woken at 4.15am by crashing and shaking followed by growling rumbling.... hubby checked the house and turned off gas boiler, very disturbing!

Linda Lapington, Edern, Gwynedd

We live in Porth Colmon and this shows us to be directly at the epicentre of the earthquake. At 4.20am this morning we were woken by a terrifying crash like a car had driven in to the side of the house followed by intense shaking with the glass windows vibrating - it lasted about 10 to 15 seconds. My wife was particularly scared and was shaking herself for a few minutes afterwards. My wife can't wait to get to her camp site shop this morning to hear what all the campers and holidaymakers have to say this morning.

Paul Soare, Porth Colmon

Same experience as David Watson above (woken at 4.15am by "thunder", but more sustained than thunder and felt closer) - but our bed shook, violently. Seemed much louder than earthquakes we've experienced here before. Two subsequent rumbles. Very scary! Cats not sure what was going on.

Anna Georgina Chitty, Llangwnad

My husband and I were woken up at about 4.15am with a rumbling sound around the house, the windows shaking as if they were about to fall out. My husband said that it was definitely an earthquake.

Christine Jones, Holyhead, Anglesey

I was woken up to some rumbling and the house shaking. it was a strange experience

Paul Mumford, Penygroes, Gwynedd

I was woken up at about 4.20am by the wardrobes in our chalet shaking violently for about 15 seconds. It is my daughter's birthday so we will remember it

Lindsay Cooke, Abersoch

Was up at the time heard this loud rumble it lasted a few seconds did not feel any shaking. I usually wear two hearing aids which I wasn't at the time and I heard the rumble

David Jones, LLangristiolus Bodorgan, Anglesey

I was woken by a very loud crack and banging that sounded like thunder right over the top of the house, it was so loud and intense that my dogs started barking. This was followed by a low rumbling noise and the whole house shaking which lasted for about half a minute.

Denny Hillman, Bryncroes, Gwynedd

Was woken at 4.15am by double wardrobe door rattling and a rumbling sound. Thought it may have been an earthquake

Tony G, Colwyn Bay

Sleeping in loft bedroom and woken by rumbling which sounded like a tube train going through the bedroom from east to west. This was followed by shaking. Did not last long but a little bit scary!!

Christine Archbell, Morfa Nefyn

Was woken up at 4.17am by rumbling and very violent shaking. We have a metal shed and the noise from that shaking was loud. I remember the 1984 earthquake and to me it felt just as bad. Very scary

Annwe Thomas, Abererch

I felt the earthquake in Aberystwyth. Couldn't sleep due to an exam, so stayed up revising. Room was shaking and light was starting to sway, keys fell off the wall. Was very unusual. Lasted about 15 seconds

Will, Aberystwyth

It was about 4.17AM when i woken by the bed shaking and a rumbling noise, it woke my 12 year old son up and my 15 year old daughter. My other daughter who is 13 slept through it.

Lynette Jones, Caernarfon

I was woken just after 4am when I heard what sounded like rocks falling down a cliff but inside my loft - have I still got a roof I ask myself !!! No doubt, I will find out after further inspection

Sally Hughes, Ruthin

Heard what sounded like distant thunder rumbling early this morning. The thought occurred maybe it's an earthquake. In the morning heard about earthquake. We have felt them before in Nottingham from Wales

K. Hedge, Nottingham

I woke up at 4 and i felt a loud rumbling and the bed was shaking - i thought it was a really big tank or something

David J Williams, Pwllheli

Was awake at the time the building shook for what seemed like 10 to 15 seconds with a loud rumble like a HGV going past the house. A few slates were removed from the roof

Simon Key, Abersoch

My husband and I both woke up at the same time 4.17am to a loud rumbling noise. I said to him I wondered if it was an earthquake, then woke up this morning to find out it was

Carole Lynes, Llanrug, Caernarfon

Was woken at around 4.20 by a deep rumbling sound and the house shaking! Suspected an earth tremor, confirmed by internet reports this morning

Julian Harris, Pencarnisiog, Anglesey

We didn't feel a thing in our house, that included the pets all slept soundly

Lee Kennedy, Colwyn Bay, Conwy

I was woken up with my bed shaking and this rumbling heavy noise. It only lasted about 20-30 seconds at 4.15am. I thought I had dreamed it, obviously I didn't

Ann Jones, Edern, Pwllheli

Woke up at 4.16am to a violent shaking of the house and a deep rumbling sound. Glass in the bookcase was rattling. It lasted about 15-20 seconds, although it seemed much longer because it was very scary

Sarah, Porthaethwy, Ynys Mon

I was woken by a rumbling sound and windows rattling at 0417 this morning, lasted for about 20 seconds

Frederick Gregory, Caergeiliog, Anglesey

I was woken up suddenly at 4.15 with a rumbling noise and stood up. The windows was crackling and the door was shaking, I could feel it under my feet. Then suddenly stopped. It was very scary

Sheena Thomas , Pwllheli

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