If Borgen made it to the Bay

Kirsty Williams and Cameron Diaz Cameron fan: Welsh Lib Dem leader Kirsty Williams and Cameron Diaz

What's Welsh for spin doctor?

Thanks to classy, compelling political drama Borgen we know that in Danish it's 'spin doktor'.

I reckon it's probably spin ddoctor in Welsh in that case but you may know better.

Leanne Wood and Eve Myles Welsh double: Leanne Wood and Eve Myles

Why, asked the Western Mail a few days ago, can't we create tense, must-watch political drama?

Why isn't there a Welsh Borgen that makes "the political humdrum relevant, exciting and perhaps most surprisingly, human." I'm with them all the way.

Power-play exists in all parliaments, as does the humdrum.

As for strong women? Christiansborg has its fair share, but then so does the Senedd.

 Carwyn Jones and Derek Brockway Double take: Carwyn Jones and Derek Brockway

So, having run through "the perfect storm of challenges" facing the NHS in Wales, discussed whether the School Standards and Organisation Bill will do its job and the surprise in John Humphrys' voice as he asked Carwyn Jones how come Wales has so few tax payers on the 40p rate, let alone the top rate, there was a chance in yesterday's party briefings to ask one final question: if there were a Welsh Borgen, who would you want to play you?

Leanne Wood went for home-grown talent Eve Myles, while Kirsty Williams asked tentatively whether she could be so bold as to request Cameron - Diaz, not David.

"I was once compared to her," she said.

"Cameron on a very bad day, me on a very good one."

Andrew RT Davies and Carwyn Jones Change of fortunes? Opposition leader Andrew RT Davies and Carwyn Jones

What of the men?

The First Minister was in no doubt: his well-known body double, Derek Brockway. Less weatherman walking, more First Minister leaning.

But what was that about power-play? Who, I asked Andrew RT Davies, would you like to see playing the feisty leader of the opposition?

"Carwyn Jones."

See what he did there?

Tomorrow I'm heading - not to Copenhagen, but to Amsterdam - ready for the gripping drama of the Prime Minister spelling out just what "negotiating a better relationship" with the EU might mean in real life. It would "hang a close sign" around British business, says Ed Miliband.

If you're First Minister of one of the two regions in the UK that are net recipients in terms of EU funding, it sounds unwelcome and dangerous. For the first time, says Carwyn Jones, "there is serious concern about whether the interests of Wales can be advanced effectively in Europe by the UK Government".

No doubt Conservatives in the Bay would suggest he'd do well to concentrate on his own efforts to boost the Welsh economy. Mr Jones is in Turkey on a trade mission, with the Conservatives' condemnation of "lazy Labour's £200million export fall" ringing in his ears.

The First Minister will spread "the message that Wales is open for business" say his own side.

See what they did there?

Betsan Powys Article written by Betsan Powys Betsan Powys Former political editor, Wales

A big day for health in Wales

A day of big health stories in Wales is capped with a potentially very significant announcement.

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    Comment number 59.

    Wooodsey (58)

    Look up Anglophile or Francophile in dictionary. You may then see why Plaidophile has been used.

    First 1979 Dev,ref. was a 4-1 NO vote, so I might well ask why a second ?

    As for your (56) "closet English" jibe.

    Born, schooled + lived in Cardiff all my life,love Brains Beer and saw Brian Clark's wonder goal against Real Madrid.in Ninian Park..And I'm English ? ? ?

    Cheeky s*d !

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    Comment number 58.


    Plaidophile or paedophile ring of MPs in the 1980's that is being investigated. Just been reading about it. These people were running the UK government. Dishonesty shines through like a beacon.

    Not all devolutionists are closet Nationalists. But democracy has been the winner, Shall we keep having an election until you get a No vote. Sounds like desperation to me.

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    Comment number 57.

    Just been reading the utter nonsense being churned out by the increasingly desperate (just look at the state of Plaid Cymru) closet nationalists who are dishonestly claiming that the "Extending law-making" vote was a Devolution YES or NO referendum.

    It wasn't !

    There have been just TWO such referendi.in 1979 and 1997.

    Plaidophile desperation and dishonesty shines through like a beacon.

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    Comment number 56.


    Perhaps we should keep having an election until we have a NO vote.
    We could do this in London as well. Keep voting until we get what we want. Get Over it!! Accept defeat gracefully. The fanatical element were the Cons, Lab, PC and Libs. Please you closet English don't go on about electoral turnout its getting boring!! Democracy YES OR NO
    Scared are you ??

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    Comment number 55.

    And please...you closet nationalists,

    No more squalid attempts to justify what went on in that 2nd referendum. Every trick in the book was used by the fanatic element in order to gain what has now turned out to be a hollow "victory"

    There has been a gap of 18 years.. Another gap of 18 years falls in 2015.

    Fair play demands a 3rd YES/NO vote.


    (Scared are you) ?

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    Comment number 54.


    1979 Result.NO..956,330...79.74


    1997 Result.YES.. 559,419...50.3%

    NO. 552,698...49.7%.

    To arrange such an institutional change on a ballot result so close and finely divided, was the action of either an idiot or a crook.

    It is now obvious that Wales is split wide open.

    Unity is gone..Division rules !

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    Comment number 53.

    ... #50, and these labels you bandy on these pages Cythraul are valueless in the face of International capitalism, the only labels of truth are consumer and resource, you and I and everyone else are these.

    ... #48, wooodsey, those who support the dissolution of the UK, including yourself, are separatists', it's nothing to do with domicile or linguistics.

    ... by the way I am British-Welsh.

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    Comment number 52.


    So what is the UK parliament It is supported by the Con, Lab and Lib etc and it's payroll and client base. It is not a mass movement. WHAT IS YOUR POINT??? Are you advocating anarchy??

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    Comment number 51.

    #49 Devolution remains a state sponsored and funded project.
    It is not a mass movement.
    It is supported by the Con, Lab and Lib etc and it's payroll and client base.

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    Comment number 50.


    Looks like Mr Cameron may have different ideas about 'commonrepresentation' when it comes to our common European future!


    There's absolutely NO "difference" between the Scots, Welsh, Cornish, Irish and English whatsoever. Apart, that is, from the singular, indisputable fact of our separate national identities and all that entails!

    Nos da, Sais/English.

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    Comment number 49.


    Get over it.! How do you know those people who didn't vote had not already accepted devolution Who knows?? If there was such an anti devolution feeling why didn't it WIN. As long as there's a Tory government in London then devolution will continue to flourish in the Celtic Nations.

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    Comment number 48.

    47.John Tyler
    Why do you assume because people who are proud of being Welsh and Welsh Speaking are all separatists. I would imagine you are proud of being English. Your love of everything English is to be commended. Its good to know your roots.

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    Comment number 47.

    ... I hope you are wearing your virtual chain mail justapunter, the type of truth you wrote at #44 is very inconvenient for the separatists, I would expand by saying ...

    "... there is no significant difference in the British population, anywhere within the UK borders, with the exception of very recent immigrants who assimilate very quickly".

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    Comment number 46.

    # 43 Do not believe the Devo (state funded) propaganda machine. Devolution has been rejected by the electorate in Wales Check the numbers:
    In 2011…………..36/100 electors in Wales participated in the Devolution Referendum.
    In 2011…………..43/100 electors in Wales participated in the election to the Assembly. commonrepresentation.org.uk

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    Comment number 45.


    What a Joker! John Lewis that very Welsh of institutions. Someone told me English was famed for their slightly cold politeness; for their civility; their stiff upper lip and their willingness to stand in orderly queues and wait their turn.

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    Comment number 44.

    #27 Recently, a contributor to the Western Mail asserted that "Wales is England with a Welsh accent and a good singing voice." From where I'm standing there is more than a grain of truth in that.
    Pop into John Lewis's for a spot of lunch and you will see what I mean.

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    Comment number 43.

    To think I would stoop to such comments!!! I
    Look devolution was democratically voted for TWICE what ever the turnout. You can't live in a democracy where if the vote is not to your liking then it becomes undemocratic. Many a UK Government has functioned with a minority vote. There's always the argument that those that didn't vote agreed with dev. We 'll never know

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    Comment number 42.

    ... it seems we have a new "Welsh Wizard" in Carwyn, he and his administration have pulled a £20 million rabbit out of the hat, no cuts to council tax benefit for 230,000 people according to the BBC.

    I wonder what remains in the reserve, I wonder what my brother-in-law paying taxes in Hampshire will make of his neighbours not having the same benefits ...

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    Comment number 41.

    Decentjohn @ 33,

    That kind of mud just doesn't stick any more. People are wising up to the smoke and mirrors emanating from the Big Bad Capital by the Thames. That's why the politically awake of Wales voted YES, twice, whilst the dreamers kept on dozing!

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    Comment number 40.

    38 Woodsey
    It was you, not me, that compared drink driving AM's with English MP's in the jungle not me. I would condemn equally a drunk driver be they an MP, AM or a member of the public.

    I can empathise and sympathise with your loss

    As much as I abhor the condem coalition at least there was 65% turnout for Gen Elec unlike the 35% turnout for the referendum. What price democracy


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