Time lapse video captures meteors off Llyn peninsula


The annual Perseid meteor showers are putting on a spectacular sky show this weekend, thanks to clear skies in many parts of the UK.

Gareth Jenkins from Pwllheli, Gwynedd, took a timelapse video and a photo of a shower over north-west Wales.

Mr Jenkins said: "I wanted to capture the spectacle of the Perseid meteor shower but with the stunning backdrop of the Milky Way.

"The best place to see this was from Uwchmynydd on the Llyn Peninsula in north Wales, overlooking ancient Bardsey Island.

"The location has very little light pollution which enables you to see the full beauty of the night sky.

"The lights you can see on the horizon are from Pembrokeshire, more than 50 miles away, the other side of Cardigan Bay."

The video was taken from 01:03 BST and shows the sky over a period of 115 minutes and is an animation based on 230 pictures, each with the shutter open for 30 seconds.

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