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Dumfries curlers make world record bid

Ten south of Scotland curlers are to attempt a new world record for the longest match ever played.

The mark currently stands at 57 hours and 44 seconds - but the two teams hope to stretch it all the way to 72 hours.

The record attempt will get under way at Dumfries Ice Bowl at 10:00 on Thursday and, if all goes to plan, will end at the same time on Sunday.

A team of witnesses will be on hand to make sure a strict set of rules is adhered to during the bid.

The man behind the attempt is curling development officer Graham Sloan.

"We have set a team target of trying to smash this record," he said.

"Obviously we want to try and hold the record for as long as we can if we get that far."

Image caption Graham Sloan said the cold and sleep deprivation would be among the difficulties facing the curlers

He said that everyone involved had pretty "active jobs" but had nonetheless put in extra training in order to be prepared for the bid.

However, he admitted: "It is going to be purely mental determination that gets us through it."

He said there were a number of problems the two teams of five players expected to encounter.

One was the cold environment, while another was the issue of sleep deprivation after playing eight hours with a two-hour break.

"It is going to be pretty intense," he said.

Witness Linda Owen is among those who will be on hand to ensure the record is accepted by Guinness World Records.

"Guinness set down rules that we have to adhere to," she explained.

"The witnesses have got to record everything that happens - when people come on and off the ice, the score and the rest breaks that they accumulate during the process.

"The whole process is also filmed and Guinness will verify the witness statements they receive against the film at the end of the attempt."

As well as beating the record, the attempt also has another couple of aims.

It is hoped it can raise awareness of the sport of curling as wells as funds for players of the future.

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