Scottish independence: Darling and Salmond reflect on TV clash

Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling clashed over the currency and whether Scotland could be prosperous post-independence.

Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling have reflected on their head-to-head TV clash, ahead of the Scottish independence referendum.

The Scottish first minister accused his rival of "shouting and pointing" during the two-hour programme.

Mr Darling, leader of the campaign for a "No" vote in the 18 September referendum, said Mr Salmond failed to answer key questions.

Both sides insisted their man came out on top in Tuesday's STV debate.

Key moments of the debate included Mr Darling being asked 21 times if he agreed with David Cameron that it was possible for Scotland to be a "successful independent country".

Mr Darling's repeated questioning of Alex Salmond's currency plans for an independent Scotland elicited the biggest response on social media, with more than 2,000 tweets during that segment of the debate.

Speaking the day after the clash, Mr Salmond hit out at the former UK chancellor's debating style.

"Shouting and pointing, trying to debate in that fashion is not what wins you elections or referendums," the first minister told the BBC.

"To win, you've got to discuss and have a conversation with people across a range of issues - and in the immortal words of Zsa Zsa Gabor, 'macho men ain't mucho'."

Brian Taylor

Analysis by Brian Taylor, BBC Scotland political editor

How to sum up the televised encounter? Today, away from the eager vacuity of spin, Alex Salmond turned to a great icon of the 20th century for inspiration.

Gandhi perhaps? JFK? Nelson Mandela? Not quite.

Mr Salmond's guru of choice was Zsa Zsa Gabor.

The FM's view of his opponent, Alistair Darling, was that macho doesn't prove mucho.

Apparently, Mr Salmond reckons that finger-jabbing repetition of a question about "Currency Plan B" does not a debate make.

Which, when you think about it, is rather intriguing, given that the common presumption in advance was that it was Mr Darling who should fear hectoring from t'other side.

Read more from Brian.


Mr Darling, a Scottish Labour MP, said he hoped the debate would help people make their minds up, but that, with six weeks to go, there was no clarity on what currency an independent Scotland would use.

The Scottish government backs a currency union between an independent Scotland and the rest of the UK, which would involve keeping the pound, but Westminster party leaders said they would not support such a move.

Mr Darling said: "Issues like the currency, issues that will affect people's lives, what they can spend, how much they can save - we need answers on that.

"Basically, the nationalists are running out of arguments and they're running out of time in which to make those arguments."

Following the debate, the Yes Scotland campaign for independence claimed Mr Salmond did more to win over undecided voters on whether an independent Scotland would be a fairer society.

Alex Salmond repeatedly asks Alistair Darling: "Do you agree with David Cameron?"

But Better Together, for the Union, said the debate highlighted Mr Salmond's lack of a Plan B on what currency Scotland would use if it could not retain the pound.

Yes Scotland boss Blair Jenkins claimed Better Together's "Project Fear" style of campaigning meant they were unable to accept Scotland could be a prosperous independent country.

He said: "So negative is the No campaign it seems that they have excised the word 'Yes' from any possible usage."

Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander, a leading figure in the Better Together campaign, told BBC Scotland's Good Morning Scotland programme the debate was a "hugely significant, perhaps decisive" moment in the campaign.

He said: "It seems this morning that a new definition of scaremongering is asking the first minister a question he can't answer."

A snapshot ICM/Guardian poll of 512 people immediately after the two-hour live debate found a majority thought Alistair Darling had fared better.

Alistair Darling: "If you don't get a currency union what is it we're going to have instead?"

More than 56% thought Mr Darling came out on top while 44% thought Mr Salmond won.

However, Mr Jenkins insisted another ICM question showed Mr Salmond made greater strides at convincing undecided voters to back independence.

A total of 186,267 tweets were sent overall throughout the show on STV. A number of people expressed frustration at technical problems that interrupted the broadcaster's live online streaming of the event.

A second debate is to take place on the BBC later this month.


Find out what Scotland's newspapers made of the debate.


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    Comment number 1131.

    Everyone knows Wee Eck is a gambler.
    I don't mind seeing him at Perth Races loosing his own money backing a looser. That is his choice.
    However he simply will never answer any question on Plan B, because he definitely knows, that it too, is a looser.
    Bring on September 18, after which we can confine Salmond and Sturgeon, and their dream of separation, to the political dustbin.

  • Comment number 1130.

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    Comment number 1129.

    So the Scots are bribed to vote "No" with promises of more powers to the Scottish Parliament. Fine.

    When are we going to have powers for an English Parliament. To use the Scots argument, I am sick of having laws passed that just affect England being passed only because of Scottish MPs votes.

    Oh, and even up the numbers in Post 1127 as well.

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    Comment number 1128.

    Every man is the architect of his own life. He builds it just the way he wants it. However, after he has built what he wants, he sometimes decides that he doesn't like what he has built and looks for someone or something to blame instead of changing himself.

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    Comment number 1127.

    Spending per person.

    Facts my little Socialists

    Scotland- £10,088,
    NI - £11K
    England £8.5K

    If you think that normal English folk are being given an even ride here in the UK then you're a fool. Lied to. Cheated. Deceived. All for their 'appeasement money's'. Mark this down then again. I speak no lies, yet you'd try and hide the truth. Disgraceful Socialists. I expect nothing better..


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    19:42: Reaction to fatal crash

    Prime Minister David Cameron: "I'm being kept fully briefed on the major incident in Glasgow. My thoughts are with the families of those involved and the emergency services."

    Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband

    Labour leader Ed Miliband: "Terrible news from Glasgow - my thoughts are with all those affected by this horrific accident."

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    Gemma Clark: The emergency services in Glasgow are exceptional. last year #Cluthacrash this year #georgesquare & they act so fast to help.

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    Floral tributes laid

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    Floral tributes laid at Glasgow crash site
    @NicolaSturgeon First Minister 'briefed' First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

    Just left Govan police station where I've been getting briefed on response to #georgesquare tragedy. My heart simply breaks for all affected.

    19:25: In quotes

    Politicians, religious and civic leaders have spoken of their shock at today's incident.

    19:22: Eight people injured Police Scotland

    Police Scotland have confirmed that eight people are currently receiving treatment for their injuries in three city hospitals.

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    'Sincere condolences'

    Scottish FA chief executive Stewart Regan Another tragedy for Glasgow to deal with this afternoon. Sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones in the George Square crash.

    19:18: 'Horrific and tragic incident'

    Speaking earlier this evening, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon described today's events as "heartbreaking".

    Nicola Sturgeon screengrab

    "This is a horrific and tragic incident," she said. "Horrific whenever it would have happened, but three days before Christmas it is absolutely heartbreaking.

    "First and foremost my thoughts, and I'm sure the thoughts of everyone across Scotland and indeed the UK, are with those who have lost loved ones in this dreadful incident; everybody who has suffered injury; and of course those who witnessed this.

    "All of our thoughts are with everyone affected, in any way."

    19:10: 'Horrible scene'

    Eyewitness Stephen McNeil described seeing the lorry mounting the kerb.

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    "We looked around the road further and we seen this bin lorry just mounting the kerb going left to right, just hitting people where they were standing.

    "Such a horrible scene."

    19:00: Police: 'Far too early' to say what happened

    Speaking on Reporting Scotland, Chief Inspector Mark Sutherland said it currently does not appear that the numbers of those injured in George Square were "exceeding double figures".

    He said that it was too early to say what had happened this afternoon.

    Chief Inspector Mark Sutherland

    Chief Insp Sutherland said: "We are now in an investigation and response phase and are working with our partners to make sure we get to the bottom of exactly why this happened.

    "Eyewitnesses are currently being interviewed by detectives to establish exactly what happened and if anyone else has information then please come forward on our 101 number.

    "We have put our a police helpline which is being very well used but if you are in the city centre please phone your love ones and let them know what you're safe and well."

    tweet using #GeorgeSquare George Square - Your Views

    Emma: My thoughts and prayers are with those affected in the tragic incident that happened in Glasgow today. #georgesquare

    Karen Southern: Tragic news in Glasgow this evening. my thoughts and prayers are with those poor people who've lost loved ones #GeorgeSquare

    Hilary Cubie: Thoughts are with everyone affected in the #georgesquare accident! So sad to hear something like that in the city you live in.

    Firefighters at the scene
    Text us using 80295 George Square - Your Views

    Anon: In the office in the Merchant Building on George Square, not being allowed to leave the building, not sure what's happening. Very upsetting and sad.

    Anon: As a Glaswegian living in France I am shocked by what has happened today and my thoughts are with the bereaved families and the citizens of this fine city.

    Adam Goss: Thoughts and prayers to those affected by the incident in Glasgow this afternoon.

    18:39: George Square crash reaction

    Rory Bremner: Terrible that Glasgow's mighty spirit is being tested yet again by tragedy. At this time too. Heartfelt sympathy to victims & families.

    Paul Lawrie: Awful news from Glasgow my thoughts with everyone affected by the tragedy.

    Ross Murdoch: Such tragic news from Glasgow this evening! My thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this personally and also the witnesses.

    18:35: Fatal crash update

    BBC Scotland's Catriona Renton at Glasgow Royal Infirmary: Nine people have been taken by the emergency services to hospitals across the city. The driver is one of those in hospital. There is no update on his condition.

    @nick_clegg 'Horrific news'

    Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg tweets: Horrific news in Glasgow. My heart goes out to the families of all those caught up in this awful incident.

    18:27: Coming up

    An extended Reporting Scotland is getting under way on BBC One Scotland.

    BBC Reporting Scotland

    You can watch the programme here.

    18:20: At the scene Jamie McIvor BBC Scotland correspondent

    Standing in George Square at the moment it is much quieter than you'd normally imagine at six o'clock at night. All the roads nearby are closed off and far fewer pedestrians than usual.

    Emergency vehicles are, of course, still at the scene and there remains a heavy police presence to both guard the scene and offer advice to people trying to find an alternative route.

    18:17: 'Bent the traffic poles'

    Comedian Janey Godley, who was present in the aftermath of the incident in George Square this afternoon, has posted this picture showing metal poles bent flattened to the ground by the bin lorry.

    She writes: "The force of this accident bent the traffic poles".

    Metal poles bent over by bin lorry
    Text us using 80295 George Square crash - Your Views

    Anon: On the train from Montrose to Glasgow Queen Street and our next stop is Queen Street - the mood is very sombre.

    18:09: Carmichael: 'Unimaginable scenes'

    Alistair Carmichael, the Secretary of State for Scotland, said: "I share Scotland's deep shock at the horrible events in Glasgow this afternoon."

    Alistair Carmichael

    "On the eve of the festive period, these are unimaginable scenes in one of the busiest parts of our largest city.

    "My thoughts are with the bereaved, the emergency services dealing with the aftermath and everyone affected by this terrible incident."

    18:02: City 'shocked' by fatal crash

    Sandra White, the MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, said the mood was "one of shock".

    "It's surreal to say the least," she added. "I was in Queen Street myself half an hour before this happened. It brings it home to you that this could have happened to anyone.

    bin lorry crash

    "The first thing in people's minds was, not another tragedy so soon after the Clutha.

    "But Glasgow will pick itself up - we are resilient people. But obviously our thoughts are with the people who are suffering at the moment, the families."

    18:00: Murphy pays tribute to emergency services

    Commenting on the tragedy in Glasgow, Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy said: "We don't yet know the full extent of this tragedy, but my thoughts and prayers are with everybody involved.

    Jim Murphy

    "People in Glasgow and across the whole of Scotland will be mourning this loss of life so close to Christmas. No words will be able to do justice to the pain the families involved will be feeling this evening.

    "I want to pay tribute to our emergency services, who are performing heroics in the worst of circumstances. They will have the admiration of every Glaswegian and all Scots."

    17:53: Police update Laura Bicker in George Square Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    We are expecting another update from the police very shortly. Officers are making their way in at the moment. There are a number of fire engines and paramedics still on the scene.

    @GlasgowCC Mark of respect

    Glasgow City Council tweets: We considered switching off Christmas lights in George Square as a mark of respect. Police asked us to leave them on to help investigation.

    17:47: Six people killed

    Police Scotland have confirmed that six people have been killed in the Glasgow bin lorry crash.

    17:43: At the scene Jamie McIvor BBC Scotland correspondent

    As you can imagine many people working in the blocks around here are absolutely shocked by what they saw earlier on this afternoon.

    Some have been out handing out tea to passers-by and the emergency services and talking about what some of their colleagues saw.

    92 - 95 FM and 810 MW Listen live BBC Radio Scotland

    Coverage of events in George Square continues live on BBC Radio Scotland #Glasgow #georgesquare

    17:35: 'Fighting for their lives'

    Witness Janey Godley told the BBC News Channel that people were "getting CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on the ground" when she arrived in George Square.

    "I think I was there just as the ambulances arrived because there was stuff strewn, debris strewn, all over the street, Christmas shopping all over the street," she said.

    Ms Godley said she saw three people being treated by emergency crews.

    "People were being worked on, people were fighting for their lives on the pavement as shoppers were standing," she added.

    "People just like me had arrived on the most shocking scene they ever wanted to see this Christmas. George Square is a square with a fairground and an ice rink and Santa and the tree and everything."

    17:20: Let family know you are ok

    Labour MP for Glasgow Central, Anas Sarwar, is calling for anybody in the George Square area to contact family:

    5Live post

    Anyone who is concerned that their loves ones might have been caught up in the incident can call the Police Scotland helpline on 01786 289070.

    17:16: Map of crash scene
    map of crash scene
    17:14: Floral tributes at the scene Laura Bicker Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    A number of people have been coming here delivering flowers, because they've just heard the news and felt that they needed to do something.

    17:14: 'Shocked and astounded'

    Ian Davidson, the Labour MP for Glasgow South West, said: "This is a tragic accident at any time. But obviously in the run-up to the Christmas holiday period, people were shocked and astounded by what has happened.

    "My understanding is that the emergency services responded as quickly as possible, very quickly indeed, and that everything possible was done for the injured.

    "So with any luck we will have the number of casualties minimised.

    "My understanding is that there has been a number of deaths and obviously there needs to be a complete investigation into what has happened."

    17:10: Not 'terrorism-related'

    Assistant Chief Constable Wayne Mawson of Police Scotland said: "Investigations continue into the circumstances of the tragic incident in George Square today. While those investigations are continuing, we can however confirm that this is not a terrorism-related incident."

    Anyone in Glasgow city centre today is being urged to let family members and friends know that they are safe. Anyone who is concerned that they know someone who has been involved in the incident should contact the Police Scotland helpline number on 01786 289070.

    17:06: What happened

    Watch here to see Police Superintendent Stewart Carle explain what happened when the bin lorry crashed into people in Queen Street.

    Police Superintendent Stewart Carle
    17:04: Glaswegians 'compassion' and solidarity'

    SNP MSP for Glasgow Humza Yousaf tweets: Glaswegians already showing compassion & solidarity. Glasgow cabbie will take anyone affected home/hospital for free.

    Breaking News

    Six people confirmed to have been killed and a number of others injured after an out-of-control bin lorry crashed into pedestrians in central Glasgow.

    The council vehicle then crashed into the Millennium Hotel, near Queen Street station in George Square, at 14:30.

    Eyewitnesses described emergency services battling to save the lives of injured people on the street.

    Eight people receiving hospital treatment following the crash, police say.

    Police Scotland have declared a major incident but said there appeared to be nothing "sinister" about the crash.

    17:01: Casualties at three hospitals

    Police Scotland say all casualties from the George Square incident have been taken to the Southern General Hospital, Royal Infirmary and Western Infirmary.

    16:59: Latest pictures
    Members of the public comfort each other after the incident in George Square Members of the public comfort each other after the incident in George Square
    16:56: Rennie's reaction

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie tweets: Horrific news from George Square. My thoughts are with families, friends and injured.

    16:54: 'Horrible scene'

    Eyewitness Stephen McNeil said: "I was coming out of a shop and we looked over to the left and we saw this woman screaming and this man on the floor.

    "We looked around the road further and we seen this bin lorry just mounting the kerb going left to right just hitting people where they were standing.

    "Such a horrible scene."

    16:52: Labour party reaction

    Labour leader Ed Miliband and Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy have both tweeted about the incident.

    Ed Milliband tweet screengrab
    Jim Murphy Tweet screengrab
    16:52: Eyewitness accounts

    Angela McManus, a reporter with The Herald, said: "We ran down and went down to the street and at that point as you say there were bodies lying on the road. It was pretty bad.

    "There were hundreds of Christmas shoppers, obviously the school holidays had just finished up on Friday night so there were lots of young families, people everywhere.

    "The ice skating rink and the carnival are at George Square so there were hundreds and hundreds of people.

    "People just looked stunned. There were screams, sirens, no one really knew at first what had happened."

    16:47: Driver in hospital

    Police Superintendent Stewart Carle of Police Scotland has said: "We are currently starting a joint investigation with the criminal investigation department as to what has happened this afternoon.

    "The driver has also been taken to hospital where he is receiving treatment."

    The road is closed off from Ingram Street and Queen Street to George Square.

    16:45: Reporting Scotland at the scene

    There will be an extended edition of Reporting Scotland on BBC One tonight from 18:30 to 19:30, presented by Jackie Bird from the scene.

    Several people have been killed after a bin lorry crashed into pedestrians in George Square in central Glasgow. Several people have been killed after a bin lorry crashed into pedestrians in George Square in central Glasgow.
    16:39: Reevel Alderson Home affairs correspondent, BBC Scotland

    It seems that bulk of the casualties happened in the area between the Gallery of Modern Art and George Square, before the vehicle continued on its way back, this time on the road, before embedding itself in the hotel.

    That's a journey of something like 300 yards - it would have taken a few seconds to travel up, if it was going at any speed.

    16:39: Bin lorry crash latest
    The scene in Glasgow's George Square The scene in Glasgow's George Square
    16:36: Pictures from the scene
    Emergency services attend the scene of the crash in George Square Emergency services attend the scene of the crash in George Square
    16:36: Salmond's prayers

    Former first minister Alex Salmond tweets: Thoughts & prayers with all those caught up with tragic accident in Glasgow.

    16:35: PM 'fully briefed'

    Prime Minister David Cameron tweets:

    Screengrab of David Cameron's tweet
    16:34: Latest pictures
    A member of the public is comforted by emergency services close to the scene in Glasgow"s George Square A member of the public is comforted by emergency services close to the scene in Glasgow"s George Square
    16:33: Eyewitness: Lorry 'flattened bodies' on pavement

    Anjan Luthra witnessed the crash. He told BBC News: "I work in George Square and had nipped out for lunch, and was in the queue in Greggs. All of a sudden I heard this screaming and quite a consistent racket.

    "I ran out of the store and right directly across from me, I was just watching a very very heavy bin lorry just flatten bodies on the pavement. It was driving along the pavement and taking everything along with it, and then it went across the street.

    "Immediately people started calling 999, and started directing traffic.

    "There were two bodies right in the centre of the T-junction who were getting CPR mouth-to-mouth and there were some bodies that were so fatally injured that you couldn't really do anything."

    16:31: 'Terrible tragedy'

    Glasgow City Council leader Gordon Matheson said: "This is a terrible tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected."

    16:28: Police Hotline number

    Police Scotland tweets: If you have any concerns relating to the #GeorgeSquare incident please dial Police Scotland's major incident hotline on 01786 289 070.

    16:23: Number of fatalities

    Police Scotland have confirmed there have been "a number of fatalities".

    A spokesman said: "About 14:30 today, a Glasgow City Council bin lorry was travelling north on Queen Street when it appeared to strike pedestrians outside the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) before continuing to travel towards George Square, when it crashed at the Millennium Hotel on Queen Street at George Square.

    "There have been a number of fatalities and people injured.

    "Emergency services are currently at the scene. Police have declared the scene a major incident.

    "All roads in the surrounding area are closed and people are advised to stay away from George Square and make alternative travel arrangements."

    16:22: Video - Bin lorry crash

    Watch James Cook's report on the bin lorry crash which has caused the deaths of several people in Glasgow.

    16:22: 'At least seven seriously injured'

    The Police Superintendent said he was unable to confirm that number of fatalities because they are over a number of sites.

    He said he understood there to be "at least seven people seriously injured" but said that that number may well rise.

    The injured have been taken to three major hospitals in Glasgow: The Western Infirmary, Glasgow Southern General and the Royal Infirmary.

    He also asked the public not to call the Police on 101 to seek further information, and said that the police number would be issued later this afternoon for those who are worried.

    16:21: First minister's reaction

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: "My thoughts are with everyone involved in the dreadful George Square incident."

    16:21: Eyewitness: 'People fighting for lives on pavement'

    One eyewitness at the scene at George Square said: "People were being worked on, people were fighting for their lives on that pavement as shoppers were standing. People were helping."

    Breaking News

    Several people have been killed after a bin lorry crashed into pedestrians in George Square in central Glasgow.

    Police Scotland said there had been "a number of fatalities and people injured" in the crash, outside Queen Street station at about 14:30.

    The crash is being treated as a road traffic incident and police do not believe there is anything "sinister".

    16:16: Road traffic incident

    The crash is being treated as a road traffic incident and police do not believe there is anything "sinister".

    16:14: 'Just like Clutha'

    Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson was in Glasgow at the time of the accident and paid tribute to the way people reacted.

    Ruth Davidson Interview

    She said: "I was in Argyle Street doing my Christmas shopping.

    "It would appear that the response, just like last year with the Clutha disaster, by passers-by, pedestrians, normal Glaswegians has been magnificent.

    "They came to aid at the very beginning. They stopped traffic as soon as the emergency services got there.

    "They followed all instructions. They did everything that they could."

    16:11: Injured taken to hospital

    At the scene of the accident Police Superintendent Stewart Carle said: "At about 14:30 this afternoon a Glasgow City Council refuse bin lorry was travelling north on Queen Street, when it collided with a pedestrian.

    "The lorry continued up Queen Street towards George Square and there has been a number of other collisions with pedestrians on the pavement. As a consequence there have been a number of fatalities. The bin lorry came to rest at the Millennium Hotel.

    "The seriously injured and injured have been taken to the three Glasgow major incident sites.

    "We are working with our partners to resolve the situation and as quickly as possible identify those that have lost their lives, and to be there to support their families and next of kin."

    16:01: Driver 'slumped over the wheel' Laura Bicker Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    Police spokeswoman confirmed a number of fatalities, that number she would not confirm. There have also been a number of people seriously injured.

    There are a number of fire engines and a number of paramedics still at the scene, where stretchers have been led in.

    What we have heard from eyewitnesses is that the bin lorry appears to have careereed out of control and hit a number of people.

    We've also heard from one witness who described the driver of the bin lorry as "slumped over the wheel".

    16:01: Witnesses help at scene

    Witness Anjan Luthra said staff from a nearby Pizza Express were "helping to cover up bodies".

    "Pedestrians were doing mouth-to-mouth to numerous injured people.

    "It seemed as if the driver had a heart attack."

    15:51: 'Bodies on the road'

    An eyewitness in Glasgow has described seeing several bodies lying on the road after the bin lorry crashed.

    Police have not confirmed how many people are injured but have described the crash, outside Queen Street station, as "very serious".

    Witness Janey Godley said: "There are people on the ground getting CPR and there were bodies still on the road when I approached.

    "And the whole surrounding area of George Square and the streets leading into it are absolutely hammered with the emergency services getting there.

    "It's the busiest time of year and it's also going to be the saddest time of the year for those families."

    15:49: BBC Have Your Say BBC News

    Did you witness the lorry crash in George Square in Glasgow? Please share your stories but do remain safe.

    Email your pictures and eye witness accounts to

    Breaking News

    Several people have been killed after a bin lorry crashed into pedestrians in George Square in central Glasgow.

    Police have not confirmed reports of up to six fatalities but described the crash, outside Queen Street station at about 14:30, as "very serious".

    Eyewitnesses reported the bin lorry moving at speed up Queen Street before hearing a bang as it crashed into the Millennium Hotel.

    Several people were seen lying on the ground following the crash.

    Email: 15:43: Pictures from the scene

    A picture of the corner of Queen Street and St Vincent Street.

    Alasdair McKerrall

    The eyewitness says that the lorry continued up the length of Queen Street before hitting the Millennium Hotel.

    15:39: Emergency plan

    A spokeswoman for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: "Along with all the emergency services, we have an emergency plan that automatically kicks in when there is a major incident."

    15:38: 'It started at Royal Exchange Square'

    Restaurant owner George Smith told BBC Scotland about the scenes at George Square.

    He said: "It [the lorry] started from the bottom of Royal Exchange Square and crashed into the wall at the Millennium Hotel.

    "A customer walked into our restaurant and told us what happened outside. We walked outside and in the first five minutes the first ambulance arrived.

    "The police and ambulance arrived quite fast. I was quite surprised because they were very, very fast."

    Breaking News

    A number of people are believed to have been injured after a bin lorry crashed into pedestrians in George Square in Glasgow city centre.

    15:32: Latest pictures

    Another image of the incident on George Square

    George Square
    15:26: Reports - Five cars involved

    Hannah Rodger, Reporter for the Evening Times, Herald and Sunday Herald, tweets: Serious accident involving a bin lorry at George Square. At least 5 cars damaged, ambulance taken patients to hospital.

    Scene at George Square
    15:21: Rescue operation underway

    A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "Firefighters are in attendance at a serious incident on Queen Street.

    "We received a 999 call at 2.30pm reporting a collision and currently have five appliances at the scene.

    "Our crews are working alongside other emergency responders to conduct a rescue operation".

    15:18: More from the scene The Scotsman

    Emergency services called to the scene after reports of a 'terrible accident'.

    Scenes at George Square
    15:13: Emergency services on the scene James Cook Scotland Correspondent, BBC News

    tweets: Major incident here in Glasgow's George Square

    Scene at George Square
    15:12: George Square latest

    Viewer Eric Smith sent in this picture of the incident in George Square.

    George Square incident
    Lorry crash scene

    The Scottish Sun tweets: BREAKING NEWS: Passers by injured as bin lorry loses control near #georgesquare #glasgow

    bin lorry crash
    Reports - Two dead

    James Matthews, Sky News Scotland Bureau Chief, tweets: Sky sources- at least two people dead after bin lorry collides with pedestrians in Glasgow's George Square & crashes into hotel.

    Breaking News

    A number of people are believed to have been injured after a bin lorry crashed in George Square in Glasgow.

    George Square
    15:02: 'People on the floor'

    BBC Scotland's Gary Robertson was close by when the bin lorry accident happened.

    He said: "I didn't see it but heard a huge bang.

    "I saw several people lying on the floor and many ambulances in attendance.

    "People have told me it must have been going at great speed."

    15:01: Eyewitnesses at the scene

    Photographer Stephen Gibson was at George Square when the incident occurred, and took this picture of the scene.

    Picture from the scene

    He told BBC Scotland: "I heard a loud bang, but I didn't see exactly what happened.

    "The police have closed the whole area off."

    14:54: Daily Record

    tweets: Six people feared dead after bin lorry crashes into pedestrians in Glasgow city centre

    14:52: BBC Scotland Travel Latest

    Glasgow City Centre - George Square closed because of an ongoing police incident. Severe congestion. Please avoid.

    14:48: Breaking News

    Calgacus MacAndrews tweets: Newsflash: Refuse truck crashes into Millennium Hotel in George Square in Glasgow. Will cause traffic probs.

    bin lorry crash
    14:41: Deliveries despite floods

    Royal Mail has set up a contingency collection and delivery hub in Kilmarnock ATC Hall, after floods cut off access to their delivery office in Queens Drive Retail Park.

    Royal Mail delivery van

    The company say they have delivered all special delivery items and parcels to customers in Kilmarnock today and hope to be able to access their delivery office tomorrow if the water subsides.

    They ask that any customers with concerns about mail delivery contact their customer services line on 03457 740740.

    Criminal confusion The Press and Journal

    tweets: Man calls police to report break-in...then finds noise is actually cops coming to arrest him.

    Two police officers at a door

    Read the full story here.

    14:23: On the roads BBC Scotland Travel Latest

    On the A90 heading to Dundee, roadworks at the Swallow roundabout are causing long delays. There is a two-mile tailback going back towards Longforgan.

    14:13: Video - Ayrshire flooding

    Watch Catriona Renton's report as firefighters rescue 42 people who were stranded by floodwater at a supermarket in East Ayrshire.

    Flooding in Ayrshire

    The Asda at Queen's Drive Retail Park, Kilmarnock, was surrounded by water after the River Irvine burst its banks.

  93. 13:55: Your pictures - Get involved

    Gordon Milligan, of Broughty Ferry, sent us this picture of "a perfect winter day's diving at Saint Catherine's".

    St Catherine's

    Email us your pictures and we will use the best.

    13:45: Murder inquiry launched

    A murder inquiry has been launched after the death of a man in Clydebank.

    John McCallum

    John McCallum, 49, was discovered with serious injuries at his home in Meldrum Street, Whitecrook, at about 21:30 on Thursday, 18 December.

    He was taken by ambulance to the Western Infirmary in Glasgow where he died on Saturday.

    A post mortem examination has taken place and police are treating his death as murder.

    13:36: River path body identified

    Police have identified a woman whose body was found on a path near the River Nith in Dumfries and Galloway after a search operation.

    River Nith

    Jane Brann, 56, of New Abbey, had been reported missing on Friday.

    A search of the surrounding area was carried out by police and a Royal Navy helicopter was also involved.

    Her body was found on a river path at Kingholm Quay at 08:00 on Saturday. Police said there were no suspicious circumstances.

    13:32: Leisure jobs plan approved

    Up to 300 jobs could be created after plans for a new restaurant and cinema development in the heart of Aberdeen were approved.

    Bon Accord & St Nicholas shopping centres in Aberdeen

    The multi-million pound plans are to expand the Bon Accord and St Nicholas shopping centres.

    They include a 28,000 sq ft cinema complex featuring seven screens, with the capacity to seat 800 people.

    The approval by Aberdeen City Council also paves the way for seven new restaurants.

    Walter Smith to Rangers? Kheredine Idessane BBC Scotland

    Former Scotland manager Craig Brown on #Rangers: Board should 'get down on hands and knees' and get Walter Smith to come back as manager

    13:18: On the roads BBC Scotland Travel Latest

    In Dumfries and Galloway, the A74 (M) remains closed northbound for accident investigation work between J20 Eaglesfield and 19 Ecclefechan.

    For drivers in Kilmarnock, the A76 is closed between Bellfield Interchange and the Crossroads roundabout.

    B852 through Caldercruix is also closed because of flooding.

    Five year caution for working on sick days The Press and Journal

    tweets: An Aberdeen occupational therapist who moonlighted for another health provider on her sick days from NHS Grampian has been given a five year caution.

    Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

    Read the full story here.

    12:57: Missing boy appeal

    Police in Edinburgh say they are increasingly concerned about a teenage boy who has been missing for more than a week.

    Jye Slater, 13, left his home in the south of the city on 13 December.

    He has since been seen in the Muirhouse and Drylaw areas but has not been traced.

    Officers say it is unusual for him to go missing for such a long time and are keen to hear from anyone who may know where he is.



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