Scottish independence: Salmond adviser's apology rejected

Clare Lally Clare Lally spoke at a Better Together event on Monday

A woman has refused to accept an apology from a special adviser to Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond who made false claims about her.

Mother-of-two Clare Lally spoke at an event organised by pro-Union campaign Better Together on Monday.

Adviser Campbell Gunn contacted the Daily Telegraph newspaper to complain about her description as an "ordinary mum".

Mr Gunn issued an unreserved apology for any offence caused to Ms Lally.

The adviser, a former journalist who was previously political editor of The Sunday Post, was ordered to say sorry by Mr Salmond.

Campbell Gunn is a former political editor (with the Sunday Post) of very long standing.

The most charitable interpretation is that he forgot for a moment that his relationship with the Holyrood press is now on a completely different footing from the days when he was a senior member of the pack.

However, that is emphatically not the interpretation placed upon the matter by the three opposition party leaders at Holyrood.

They say that Mr Gunn is responsible for stirring up abuse and should quit.

Indeed, they suggest further that such abuse may have been orchestrated.

That is resolutely denied by both Mr Gunn and the first minister.

Mr Gunn had wrongly claimed in an email to a Telegraph journalist that Ms Lally was the daughter-in-law of Pat Lally, a former Labour Lord Provost of Glasgow.

"Nothing in the email I sent was intended in any way to be a personal slight on Ms Lally or question her absolute right to express her views, and I apologise unreservedly for the upset and offence that has been caused to her and her family," said Mr Gunn.

Ms Lally told BBC Scotland she had been subjected to "disgraceful, shocking and disgusting" abuse by what she described as "keyboard warriors" on Twitter after a suggestion that she was linked to the former provost appeared on a pro-independence website Wings Over Scotland.

She added: "The comments were really bad, things about me being a mum, about me being a carer, about the work I do, the campaigning I'm involved in. Just really nasty, nasty things, very personal and very upsetting.

"People think this is ok behaviour, that if we don't agree with one side then we have to be shot down, we have to be publicly ridiculed, we have to be belittled, we have to be discredited for anything that we do.

Start Quote

Are they trying to silence people? Are they trying to put them off speaking out?”

End Quote Clare Lally

"What is abnormal about wanting to speak out and be a part of the campaign that everybody wants to be a part of? It is one of the biggest decisions that is going to happen. Why am I not a nice person simply because of my beliefs?

Ms Lally said she would like Mr Gunn to define what he believed an "ordinary mum" was, and said she did not accept his apology.

However, she said it was not for her to say whether or not Mr Gunn should lose his job.

Campbell Gunn was a political journalist before becoming a special adviser to First Minister Alex Salmond

BBC Scotland has found several tweets attacking Ms Lally over her links to the Labour Party as well as some more abusive examples, including one accusing her of using her daughter's health conditions to scaremonger about the NHS.

In response to the Tweets directed at Ms Lally, Mr Gunn said: "I deplore online abuse directed against Ms Lally or anyone else - from whichever side in the referendum debate - and the assertion by the 'No' campaign that I had any involvement in the co-ordination of such activity is completely untrue.

"I sent one email to one journalist which in no way was intended to form the basis of a story. I am genuinely sorry I did so, and the first minister had no knowledge of it.

"The first minister has previously met Ms Lally, as is also reported today, and holds her in the highest possible regard."

The leaders of Scottish Labour, the Liberal Democrats and Conservatives said the first minister must sack Mr Gunn.

Ms Lally, who is from Clydebank, told the Better Together event on Monday: "I'm just a normal person but I want to do something extraordinary. I want to do my bit to help keep people together."

'Estimable person'

She told how she was grateful for the care health workers had given her seven-year-old twin girls, one of whom has cerebral palsy, and wanted to "make sure our NHS remains the best in the world".

Mr Salmond told the BBC he had met Ms Lally several times and she was "perfectly entitled to her view".

He said the claim about Ms Lally was a "mistake", but added that it was not an insult because Pat Lally was an "estimable" person.

The first minister said: "I've instructed the special adviser to apologise for any offence that's been caused by that - but she's not Pat Lally's daughter-in-law, she is an ordinary mother and she's absolutely entitled to express a view, as indeed every other person in Scotland is."

Asked whether the first minister's staff should be briefing against people who express a view on independence, Mr Salmond replied: "It was a misunderstanding.

"Saying that somebody thought somebody was somebody's daughter-in-law is not a grievous insult and shouldn't be taken as such.

"But, just to make sure, an apology will be on its way to underline the point."

The first minister was also asked to respond to claims from Ms Lally that she was targeted by abusive comments on social media.

He said: "I've always condemned anything that's said untoward on social media.

"We're conducting a great debate in Scotland at the present moment - a debate that has to be conducted at the highest level, and I would ask everybody on social media, and any media, to conduct it in that term."

Stuart Campbell, from the Wings Over Scotland, said it had only ever suggested Clare Lally "might" be related to Pat Lally, and that its main point was that she was not an "ordinary mother".

He said: "She is not elected but she is in Scottish Labour's shadow cabinet.

"She's in UK Labour's national policy forum, I believe she is the secretary of a constituency Labour Pary. She's involved in formulating Labour policy. I think that pretty much counts as being a politician."

The referendum on Scottish independence will take place on 18 September.

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    18:00: Thomas McGuigan BBC Sport

    That's all from the BBC Scotland Live team today. We're back tomorrow at 08:00, hope you can join us then.

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    A 14-year-old girl has been injured in an attack as she made her way to school.

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    She was walking along a cycle path near the Maxwellton flats at about 8:30 on Wednesday when the man approached her.

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    He later admitted being concerned in the supply of drugs and was jailed for four-and-a-half years.

    Text 80295 Referendum - Get Involved

    Chris, Bonnyrigg: It's really just simple economics versus nationalism: vote Yes if you're a taker, and Vote No if you're a contributor.

    Richie Boy, Dumbarton: So, John Swinney says Scotland won't pay our share of debt. Surely this will have a huge effect on our credit rating and therefore we will pay a higher loan rate if we are able to borrow at all?. After all, if I defaulted on a debt I know I'd be lucky to get credit! Apologies if I've misunderstood the situation.

    17:33: Video - Protestor interrupts Gordon Brown speech

    A supporter of Scottish independence has interrupted a speech by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown ahead of next month's referendum.

    protester at Gordon Brown speech

    Mr Brown was appearing alongside Alistair Darling, the head of the pro-UK Better Together campaign, at the event in the Caird Hall in Dundee.

    17:23: Prime Minister's speech monitored

    The CBI in Scotland has been warned that a dinner in Glasgow featuring the Prime Minister will be scrutinised in case it breaks the rules on expenditure during the referendum.

    The Electoral Commission has ruled Thursday's dinner does constitute campaigning because the Prime Minister is expected to defend the Union.

    david cameron

    But it has been assured the cost will be less than £10,000, meaning the CBI does not require to register as a formal campaigner.

    The commission, which received a complaint from the pro-independence Business for Scotland group, says it will monitor the event.

    Text 80295 Referendum - Get Involved

    TJ, Glasgow: If Scotland becomes independent there will be an exodus of businesses and families who are able to move south. The Nationalists have already damaged Scotland and its only going to get worse under independence.

    Tom More, Airdrie: I'm completely gobsmacked. I just cannot believe that two Labour politicians, Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, can extol the benefit of the UK welfare state with its bedroom tax and welfare reform. Labour colluding with the Tories!

    17:08: Shetland Oil Boom

    Shetland is on the cusp of a "second oil boom", the deputy first minister has predicted during a visit to the islands.

    Nicola Sturgeon said Shetland had "shown the rest of Scotland the way" by setting up an oil fund in 1976.

    And she claimed Scottish independence would help ensure islanders continued to benefit from its oil industry.

    But former Orkney and Shetland MP Lord Wallace said the UK offered Scottish islands "the best of both worlds".

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    Kyle Letheren

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    16:40: Aberdeen rapist jailed

    A man who raped two women in Aberdeen and attacked a third has been jailed for nine years.

    Gordon Duncan, 31, had denied the attacks but was found guilty after a trial.

    The judge said Duncan had displayed a pattern of behaviour and shown "absolutely no respect" for his victims.

    16:26: Fatal crash

    A motorcyclist has died in a collision with a car on the A713 in Dumfries and Galloway.

    The collision took place at about 13:10 near the village of Dalry. The road was closed to allow investigations to be carried out.

    16:16: Weather update BBC Scotland Weather Latest

    Well, another cracking summer afternoon for most. A reminder that it is still August! Clouding over tonight, with some rain.

    Top temperatures at 3pm - Achnagart (near Skye) 20.3C, Kinlochewe (Wester Ross) 19.6C, Prestwick 19.4C, Threave (near Solway Coast) 19.4C.

    Big cities doing ok too. Glasgow 19C, Edinburgh/Inverness 18C. However, the east coast is cooler. Aberdeen/Dundee - 14C.

    15:48: Edinburgh referendum debate round-up

    Last night, an independence referendum debate in Edinburgh was broadcast on BBC Two Scotland.

    On the panel were John Swinney MSP, Johann Lamont MSP, Charles Kennedy MP, and Joyce McMillan of The Scotsman.

    panel on Edinburgh referendum debate

    Read a review of all of the night's action.

    15:39: Analysis - Celtic's Champions League exit

    BBC Scotland's Tom English explores why Celtic have failed to make the lucrative group stages of the Champions League.

    Celtic defeated in Champions League
    15:31: Celtic sign Wakaso

    Celtic have completed the loan signing of Rubin Kazan winger Wakaso Mubarak on a one-year deal, with the option to buy the Ghana international.

    The deal to bring the 24-year-old to Glasgow had been held up for over a week by visa and work-permit issues.

    Wakaso has signed for Celtic

    However, he could make his debut against Dundee on Sunday.

    Discussions are continuing with Serbia striker Stefan Scepovic over a permanent move from Sporting Gijon, with a fee having already been agreed.

    The 24-year-old winger has 19 caps for his country and played at this summer's World Cup.

    Text 80295 Referendum - Your Views

    Owen, Swansea: I don't think that an issue as important Scottish independence should be decided on a 50% majority. The majority should be at least 60%.

    Billy fae Killie: If I was voting today I would vote Yes because the bosses tell me to vote No.

    15:15: Celtic's date with destiny

    Following last night's defeat in the Champions League, it has emerged Celtic will begin their Europa League group stage campaign on the day of the Scottish independence referendum.

    The opening group games will be staged on Thursday 18 September.

    Celtic Van Dijk in action against Maribor

    The Scottish champions will discover their opponents in Friday's draw.

    14:59: EBT Appeal

    HM Revenue and Customs have received permission to appeal to the Court of Session against the Upper Tier Tribunal ruling on the Murray Group's use of Employee Benefit Trusts.

    Last July, an upper-tier tax tribunal dismissed an HMRC appeal against a first-tier decision on payments made to players and other employees.

    The tax authority argued unsuccessfully that the payments should be taxable.

    The Murray Group, which formerly owned Rangers, argued that the payments were loans.

    14:55: Shell warned over North Sea gas leak

    A gas leak on a North Sea platform has led to Shell being served with a prohibition notice by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

    The incident happened on the Brent Bravo on 9 June. Shell says there was a "low level" gas release from a pipeline valve but immediate action was taken to bring the situation under control.

    Production was shut down and no one was injured. The HSE said not enough was done to prevent the uncontrolled release of gas.

    14:49: Ginger scrimper

    A cheeky Scot claims to have saved £200 over the past four years...thanks to his red hair.

    Richard Macrae, from Aberdeen, uses a home-made 'ginger discount card' to save hundreds of pounds in the high street.

    A pal made the fake card for Richard's birthday.

    He said: "People have always given me stick for my hair colour, but now I'm going out three nights a week and saving a fortune. The joke's on them."

    Read the full story in The Scotsman.

    14:40: What is Plan Bee?

    More than 120,000 bees have taken up residence in Glasgow City Chambers. Two hives have been placed on the council HQ's roof.

    bees on council roof

    It is hoped polish and honey will be produced as well as boosting pollination in city parks...

    Something smells fishy Kevin Keane BBC Scotland reporter

    tweets: Lorry which overturned in Peterhead contained a load of fish. Doesn't look so yummy now.

    14:21: Juror fined after trial is deserted

    A juror who was overheard saying the accused "should plead guilty" has been fined £250.

    George Best, 65, was found in contempt of court for making the remark, which was heard by the accused's mother. She reported it to the court clerk.

    As a result of Best's remark, a High Court trial was deserted.

    The High Court in Glasgow heard Best had a "significant alcohol problem" and committed "an act of crass stupidity".

    Text 80295 Referendum - Your Views

    Owen, Swansea: If John Swinney says "no currency, no debt", then the UK will simply veto Scottish membership of the EU. In fact, the UK will hold the whip hand in any independence negotiations.

    13:59: Brown & Darling join forces

    Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister, has appeared alongside Alistair Darling to urge Scottish voters to reject independence.

    It was rumoured the two men had a stormy relationship when Mr Darling served as chancellor under Mr Brown.

    Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling

    But they united to argue that the welfare state in the UK "offers better protection" for Scots.

    Meanwhile, Scottish Health Secretary Alex Neil said a "Yes" vote was the best way to safeguard Scotland's NHS.

    13:45: Dundee Derby

    The draw for the third round of the League Cup has thrown up a Dundee derby.

    Holders Aberdeen take on Livingston at Pittodrie while Celtic have been drawn at home to face Hearts.

    Full details of the draw here.

    Text 80295 Referendum - Your Views

    Matthew Ross, Prestonpans, East Lothian: I will vote Yes. Like Scotland, Denmark and Finland both have a population of 5 million. Both are prosperous. Scotland can do likewise.

    Anonymous: I'm voting no because I want to have the UK pound not a weakened version under Sterlingisation.

    13:25: New leader of Scotland's doctors

    Scotland's doctors have elected Glasgow-based consultant psychiatrist Dr Peter Bennie as their new chairman.

    He succeeds Dr Brian Keighley as the leader of the British Medical Association (BMA) Scotland.

    Dr Peter Bennie

    Dr Bennie, 51, graduated from Glasgow University Medical School in 1986 and trained in hospitals in the west of Scotland before taking up a consultant post in Glasgow in 1997.

    He moved to work in Paisley in 2007.

    13:00: Man in court following death at supermarket

    A man has appeared in court charged with killing a man who died following an incident at a Glasgow supermarket.

    Miroslaw Bronowicki, 52, died following a disturbance at a Tesco store on Argyle Street on Sunday.

    Asif Moin was charged with culpable homicide when he appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

    The 35-year-old, from Glasgow, made no plea or declaration.

    12:38: Plant alert for animal owners

    Animal owners in Scotland are being warned that the fine summer has caused poisonous plants to flourish.


    Chief Veterinary Officer Sheila Voas said ragwort, yew, foxgloves and sycamore seeds could cause problems for animals like horses and dogs.

    12:29: Parcel fore delivery

    The Royal Mail is to issue a special postmark for the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles. The postmark will be printed on all stamped and franked mail across the UK from 15 to 29 September.

    ryder cup postmark

    Europe's best golfers face the USA at the Perthshire course from 23-28 September.

    12:21: Beattie Show John Beattie BBC Scotland

    "Business intervention today, postal votes are off for some, so, today, if you could vote today "I'd vote...... and why...."

    12:15: No cheer at Celtic

    It is the morning after the night before for Celtic after their Champions League humbling.

    Fan protests, no excuses, a devastated dressing room.

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Balde looks like he is on his way out, while Rangers need to up their game in the League Cup.

    It is time for a slice of Football Gossip.

    11:59: Italian Chapel plaque thefts

    Following a "great response from the public", police investigating the theft of plaques from Orkney's famous Italian Chapel have said they have narrowed down the time the crime was committed.

    Italian Chapel plaques

    Officers said three plaques - marked with the Roman numerals IV, VI and X - were taken between 18:29 on 6 August and 11:00 on 7 August.

    The chapel was built by Italian prisoners of war during World War Two, and has become a tourist attraction.

    11:58: Never Miss A Beatt

    The John Beattie Show is about to get under way on BBC Radio Scotland, listen live here.

    11:54: Play dough warning

    Parents have been warned that home-made play dough can contain enough salt to poison children and pets, reports the BBC's Eleanor Bradford.

    play dough

    The warning comes from the UK's National Poisons Information Service.

    It said that there had been no child fatalities but there were reports of pets being poisoned.

    11:50: Going Swimmingly

    Scotland's Commonwealth Games champion Ross Murdoch has appealed for help in tracking down a young fan who got in touch with the swimmer.

    Murdoch tweets: "RT& help me find 5yo Brian who sent me this amazing letter! I'd love to meet him and show him around where I train :-)"

    Fan's letter to Ross Murdoch
  40. 11:42: Picture House - Your Views

    Graham Hutton got in touch to share his 50-year-old memories of Campbeltown Picture House.

    "As a teenager of 15 on holiday in Machrahanish in 1965, I went to see Zulu and also Battle of the River Plate. Fond memories," he said.

    Michael Caine in the film Zulu

    Have you seen a film there? Share your memories via email, text 80295 or tweet using #ScotlandLive.

    11:32: Video - Watch Deila's reaction to Champions League loss

    It was a bad night for Celtic as Maribor secured a 1-0 victory to knock the Scottish champions out of the Champions League.

    Celtic manager Ronny Deila

    Watch manager Ronny Deila give his post-match reaction to the European loss.

    11:24: Wheelie bin thrown on train track

    A train suffered minor damage and other services were delayed when a wheelie bin was thrown on to the track from a bridge.

    British Transport Police (BTP) said the 20:40 Partick to Lanark service clipped an object on the tracks near Wishaw at about 21:30 on 13 August.

    Officers later found a plastic bin which they believe was thrown from the Dimsdale Road overbridge.

    BTP has launched an investigation.

    11:15: First-time buyers

    The number of first-time buyers in Scotland has reached a seven-year high, according to The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML).

    house buying

    The group said there were 7,500 first-time buyer loans in Scotland in the second quarter of this year.

    That was 29% up on the previous three months, and 23% up on the same period last year.

    11:00: How do you solve a problem like... the High Street?

    It is an issue for communities across the country.

    But how do we stop the decline of the high street in towns and villages across Scotland?

    Bill White, a Galashiels councillor, wants action. He is calling for a task force to be set up to tackle the problem in the Borders town.

    Text 80295 10:51: E-Cigarettes - Your Views

    Scott from Bishopbriggs: I was never a heavy smoker but smoked perhaps 5 a day and perhaps 20 at the weekend. I swapped to an e-cig around 6 weeks ago after much nagging by my wife and have to say that this has been a revelation. I still go outside to use it as I've no idea what damage it could do to others but instead if popping out the pub to smoke every half hour to smoke a ciggie, I perhaps nip out once every hour for a couple if puffs. They should be treated as cigarettes so that we can be weaned off.

    Dee: These e-cigs still leave a smell on people and, as a non-smoker, I find it disgusting and disrespectful to me.

    10:47: Independence referendum - Childcare

    The Scottish independence referendum has raised many questions about issues in our country.


    In advance of the vote on 18 September, the BBC's Lucy Adams investigates what childcare could look like in the future.

    10:33: Murray relieved

    Andy Murray admits he "could easily be on the plane home" after avoiding a shock first-round exit at the US Open.

    The Scot suffered cramp in his four set match against Dutchman Robin Haase at Flushing Meadows.

    Andy Murray

    Murray is not sure what caused the problem, but says he will do "all the right things" to avoid a repeat against German qualifier Matthias Bachinger in the second round on Thursday.

    10:28: Celtic's European ills

    Celtic's defeat by Maribor in their Champions League play-off was "possibly one of the worst European performances at Celtic Park," according to Murdo MacLeod.

    BBC Sportsound pundit MacLeod, who played for the club as well as enjoying a stint as assistant boss, said the board should have spent more on the squad.

    Celtic's Kris Commons reacts to a missed chance in the Champions League play-off defeat by Maribor

    "There was no pace, no energy and I thought the shape was wrong," he said. "The tactics were wrong to start off with, the second half was better when Commons came on.

    "The whole team seemed very flat; we're talking about players who romped the Premier League last year."

    On the issue of the Celtic board bolstering Ronny Deila's squad, MacLeod added: "It would make it easier for the manager if you've got better quality players to deal with.

    "When you leave it so long and don't buy in good quality, then the heads go down."

  49. 10:15: Your Pictures - Get Involved
    Mugdock reservoir

    Alan Barnett captured twilight over Mugdock reservoir on Tuesday night while walking with daughter Erin.

    You can email us your favourite pictures and we'll include the best ones.

    10:00: Weather update Gillian Smart BBC Scotland Weather Presenter

    Dry and bright across the country with plenty of sunshine. Warmest in the West. Top temperatures 20 or 21C. East Coast cooler. Breezier as the day goes on.

    09:43: Curtain Call

    The Picture House in Campbeltown, which opened in 1913 and was one of the first purpose-built cinemas in Scotland, closes its doors today.

    Campbeltown Picture House

    The local business behind it hopes to secure enough funding for a major restoration project and it could re-open in 2016.

    Have you seen a film there? Share your memories via email, text 80295 or tweet using #ScotlandLive.

    Text 80295 09:31: Morning Call - Get Involved

    Mags, Dunfermline: I stopped smoking 30 years ago. I did it cold turkey and sheer determination, never looked back. If you really want to stop you will do it.

    09:23: Bank Fined

    Royal Bank of Scotland has been fined £14.5m by the Financial Conduct Authority for "serious failings" in its mortgage sales business.

    The City watchdog said RBS did not ensure that it gave suitable mortgage advice to customers.

    RBS chief executive Ross McEwan said the failings were "unacceptable and should never have happened".

    Text 80295 09:11: E-Cigarettes - Your Views

    H, Edinburgh: I understand smoking is harmful to health but why keep on about smokers? I hate the smell of alcohol and dislike drunk people but alcohol is advertised and allowed almost everywhere and is just as harmful to health. Let's ban that and cover it up in supermarkets.

    Mike, Carlisle: E-cigs are threatening and undoing everyone's progress in kicking the smoking habit. Stop them now.

    09:05: Travel Update BBC Scotland Travel Latest

    Very slow traffic where one lane is closed by an accident on M74 Northbound between J6 (Hamilton) and J5. The Raith accident cleared on M9 Southbound between J5 A9/A905 (Cadgers Brae) and J4 A801/A803 (Lathallan).

    Text 80295 09:01: E-Cigarettes - Your Views

    Des Swan, Isle of Bute: Stopped smoking about 7 yrs ago thru electrix therapy from a clinic in Manchester called Newways & never tempted to smoke again.

    Carol, Glasgow: While I am all for people having freedom to make lifestyle choices, imposing those choices on others is at best selfish. There is no 'greater good benefit' from smoking anything and, as such, all smoking should be done in private to avoid the inconsiderate imposition on others.

    08:51: Morning Call Louise White Presenter, Morning Call

    We want to know if it's time to take e-cigarettes seriously?

    Plus, would you volunteer to sit on the children's panel?

    The lines are open now. Call 0500 92 95 00 or text 80295.

    You can listen live to the programme here.

    08:50: Scotland Live - Your Views

    Have you decided on how you will vote on the referendum? Is there an issue you feel hasn't been addressed properly?

    Where does Celtic's Champions League failure rate? Why are Scottish clubs struggling in Europe?

    Get in touch via email, text using 80295 or tweet using #ScotlandLive.

    08:42: What The Papers Say

    First Minister Alex Salmond's call for David Cameron to face him in a debate dominates this morning's front pages.

    The Herald's front page

    The Scotsman and The Scottish Sun go on the Prime Minister being urged to defend his support for the United Kingdom in a live broadcast.

    The Herald says Alistair Darling will stick to his "Plan B" argument on currency.

    Read our full papers review here.

    08:31: Par for the course

    Expenses covering the cost of a young aristocrat's golf clubs in 1616 have provided the earliest evidence so far of the sport's popularity in Dornoch.

    Golf was played in Dornoch centuries before an offical course was laid out

    John, the 13th Earl of Sutherland, was sent to the town in Sutherland to be educated.

    His uncle Sir Robert Gordon sponsored his education and provided him with funds for clubs and balls, as well as bows and arrows.

    The reference was uncovered by PhD student Wade Cormack.

    08:20: Firms raise independence concerns

    More than 130 businesses have signed a letter saying the business case for Scottish independence "has not been made".

    The signatories come from a variety of businesses including banking, mining, engineering, food, whisky, and technology.

    But lobby group Business for Scotland said economic "facts and figures" support Scottish independence.

    The letter has been published in The Scotsman newspaper.

    08:16: Morning Call - Get Involved Louise White Presenter, Morning Call

    Coming up on Morning Call from 08:50, the World Health Organisation is calling for a ban of e-cigarettes in public, so is it time to take concerns about e-cigs seriously? Plus, would you volunteer to sit on the children's panel?

    The lines are open now. Call 0500 92 95 00 or text 80295.

    08:09: Celtic suffer Champions League misery

    Celtic failed to secure a place in the Champions League following defeat by Maribor.

    The home side were favourites to progress, having come back from Slovenia with a 1-1 draw last week.

    Celtic's Adam Matthews following the defeat by Maribor

    But they struggled to test goalkeeper Jasmin Handanovic throughout a frustrating evening for the Scottish Premiership champions.

    Ronny Deila, whose side drop into the Europa League, said afterwards: "At the end, there is only one thing to say, we haven't been good enough and we haven't deserved to go to the Champions League.

    "I thought we had a good enough team to go through but we didn't do it."

    08:04: Currency Union

    Finance Secretary John Swinney has confirmed Scotland will not pay its share of the UK debt if it does not get a currency union after independence.

    The Scottish government minister told a BBC referendum debate if the UK seized all the assets of the currency it must also take all the liabilities.

    Scotland's share of UK debt would be in the region of £100bn.

    Former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy said defaulting would hurt an independent Scotland from day one.

    08:01: Weather Update Gillian Smart BBC Scotland Weather Presenter

    Going to be a cracker, folks! Chilly start, but the sunshine will warm things up nicely. 21C at best in West. Cooler E Coast.

    08:00: Here We Go... Thomas McGuigan BBC Sport

    Good morning and a warm welcome from the Scotland Live team and our rolling live text service of news, sport, weather and travel between now and 6pm.



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