Scotland politics

European election: Smaller parties campaign for Scots votes

Smaller parties have been campaigning for votes in Scotland, ahead of the European election.

NO2EU said the European Union was responsible for dismantling the welfare state and called for an end to what it described as anti-immigrant rhetoric.

However, Britain First and the BNP said they opposed mass immigration in favour of more rights for British people.

There are six MEP seats up for grabs in Scotland when voters go to the polls on 22 May.

NO2EU candidate John Foster said the EU had become an obstacle to worker rights, adding: "We're the only party who are putting a left, progressive case against the European Union - and the European Union is a body that represents the forces of big business, essentially."

The BNP said it wanted to take the UK out of Europe, called for British jobs for British workers and support a ban on the Burkha.

Meanwhile, Britain First leader Paul Golding said countries like Japan and China did not have mass immigration and "do very well".

He added: "Mass immigration is being sought deliberately by corrupt, crooked politicians of the establishment to try and transform the nature of our country away from a British country to a multi-cultural and they openly state that. We're opposed to that."