Scottish independence referendum: Experts examine the claims

With the debate on Scotland's future entering "referendum year", the "yes" and "no" sides are intensifying their campaigns.

But what are their messages and how are they being viewed, not only by each other, but by experts, commentators and academics?

Throughout the coming months, the BBC news website will be picking out statements from both sides of the debate and asking a panel of experts to analysis the claims.

Here, we look at some of the key messages in the Scottish Government's White Paper for independence.


Alex Salmond

White Paper says: Transform the childcare system ensuring, by the end of the first parliament of an independent Scotland, all three and four-year-olds and vulnerable two-year-olds are entitled to 1,140 hours of childcare a year.

PRO-INDEPENDENCE - Alex Salmond, Scotland's first minister, says: "Closing the percentage gap between ourselves and Sweden in female participation in the workforce would increase Scotland's economic output by £2.2bn and raise taxation revenues across the range of taxation by £700m."

PRO-UNION - Iain Gray, Scottish Labour's finance spokesman, says: "John Swinney [Scotland's finance secretary] can choose to put Scottish families ahead of independence by bringing forward childcare for 50% of two-year-olds now and not after an independence vote."

EXPERT - Richard House, senior lecturer in Early Childhood Studies, University of Winchester, says: "This toxic 'Dutch auction" between the main political parties on who can make the best universal childcare offer could well be catastrophic for the well-being of many of Scotland's young children. The survey data actually shows that a majority of parents (usually mothers) would far rather spend the first years of their young children's lives at home than be plunged into the stress and anxiety of juggling both a career and the early attachment needs of a young child."


European flag

White Paper says: An independent Scotland would "continue" as an EU member, following discussions with the UK government, member states and EU institutions to agree a "smooth transition". Talks would take part on the basis of "continuity of effect", meaning they would be based on treaty obligations currently applying to the UK, without disruption to Scotland's integrated standing within the framework of the EU.

PRO-INDEPENDENCE - Alex Salmond says: "In the 18-month period between the referendum and Scotland becoming an independent nation in 2016, we will negotiate our position from within the European Union."

PRO-UNION - Ruth Davidson, Scottish Conservative Party leader, says: "An independent Scotland wouldn't call the shots in negotiating entry to the EU, nor would it get any special treatment - it would join the back of the same queue as every other country."

EXPERT - Paul Beaumont, chair in EU and Private International Law, Aberdeen University, says: "The Scottish government believes this should be done from within the EU, as a Treaty amendment under Article 48, rather than as Scotland seeking accession to the EU as a new Member State under Article 49. All the other EU member states must accept the amendments required to make Scotland a member state. The Spanish prime minister is unlikely to allow the negotiations concerning Scottish EU membership to proceed quickly for fear of sending a message to Catalonia that an independence referendum there could lead to continuity of membership of the EU. Furthermore, a number of member states may not accept Scotland's argument for "continuity of effects" and insist on Scotland accepting all or part of the normal conditions for membership of the EU. Hard negotiations on substance would focus on the opt out from the Euro, the opt out from Schengen into the Common Travel Area in the British Isles, and the flexible opt in for justice and home affairs legislation. Therefore, it seems highly unlikely that Scotland's membership would be wrapped up in a treaty revision process in time for all the Member States to ratify the amendments by March 2016. The Scottish government should acknowledge this timescale is incredibly optimistic and be prepared to push back the date of independence if this is necessary to secure continuity of membership of the EU for the people of Scotland."


Scottish soldiers

White Paper says: Remove Trident nuclear weapons from the Clyde by 2020 and establish a Scottish Defence Force consisting of 15,000 full-time personnel and 5,000 reservists and a £2.5bn defence budget.

PRO-INDEPENDENCE - Alex Salmond says: "The great argument in favour of having a Scottish Defence Force is two-fold - one, you wouldn't have to have the biggest concentration of nuclear weapons in Western Europe situated in Scotland, which many people support the removal, and secondly of course, we'd have the right to decide whether or not to participate in international engagements."

PRO-UNION - Philip Hammond, UK defence secretary, says: "At a time when sophisticated military equipment and capabilities are becoming increasingly expensive, smaller, less well-resourced countries often have to make painful trade-offs about which capabilities to retain, and which they can no longer afford to maintain."

EXPERT - Dr Phillips O'Brien, senior lecturer in history, Glasgow University, says: "There is actually more flexibility being shown here by the White Paper and Alex Salmond on the withdrawal of nuclear weapons on the Clyde. The White Paper has no firm deadline for withdrawal, merely expressing a 'view' that they would like them removed by 2020. Philip Hammond's statement is also less decisively critical than might be the case. Nato has already acknowledged the fact that smaller nations cannot be expected to maintain full military services. Certainly an independent Scotland would maintain nothing like as capable a defence force as a full UK, but it would maintain a force that could be integrated into Nato and the alliance would be the main pillar of its security."


BBC Scotland building

White Paper says: Establish a Scottish Broadcasting Service using the resources of BBC Scotland, while creating a formal relationship with the BBC to supply the same level of network programming, including Doctor Who and EastEnders.

PRO-INDEPENDENCE - Fiona Hyslop, Scottish culture secretary, says: "When compared to the expenditure by nations of a comparable size on their primary public service broadcaster, it is clear Scotland's current level of licence fee would be more than sufficient to provide a high-quality service, and as such I would not envisage the Scottish broadcaster carrying advertising."

PRO-UNION - Ruth Davidson: "We pay around £300m towards the licence fee but, by clubbing together with the rest of the UK, we get well more than £3bn worth of programming. Running a new Scottish broadcaster means something has to give - either, it will mean losing programmes or paying more for amazing coverage of things like the Olympics, to great channels like CBeebies and services like the iPlayer.

EXPERT - Philip Schlesinger, professor of cultural policy, Glasgow University, says: "The Scottish government's proposals about a Scottish Broadcasting Service (SBS) should be read as a negotiating position. If funding levels were fully retained in Scotland, it could certainly sustain a broadcaster with some quality production. But it would be a small-scale operation and its indigenously produced content could not match the range of that of the BBC as a whole. It is for that reason that what is being sought is a most-favoured nation trading relationship with the BBC. TV would still be very important in offering a common agenda and experience across the border. But we don't know if a future rUK government would take that view or whether the BBC would finesse its relationship with an SBS and say it's still business as usual, with its global image in mind."


Sterling, notes and coins

White Paper says: Retain the pound in an independent Scotland as part of a "currency union" with the rest of the UK.

PRO-INDEPENDENCE - John Swinney, Scottish finance secretary, says: "It makes eminent economic and practical sense for us to share the same currency - that's the proposition at the heart of the sterling zone idea."

PRO-UNION - Alistair Darling, leader Better Together and former UK chancellor, says: "You don't have to imagine what happens in a currency union - you only have to look at Europe to see exactly how it works. Germany is, in effect, telling the smaller countries what to do."

EXPERT - Angus Armstrong, head of macroeconomics and finance group, National Institute of Economic and Social Research, says: "As the two remarks show, there is a fundamental disagreement on the currency issue. The White Paper makes clear that it is not just about using sterling every day. It is about whether the Bank of England (an institution governed by the UK Parliament) offers a full range of central banking services to an independent country. In order to do so, the UK government would require some fairly intrusive restrictions on Scottish affairs to control its risk exposure. The question becomes whether an agreement can be made binding and agreeable to an independent Scotland."


Calculator and pen

White Paper says: Set out a timescale for reducing corporation tax of up to 3% to stimulate economic activity and to retain and attract new investment, while reducing Air Passenger Duty by 50% and introduce a simpler tax system to cut costs and avoidance.

PRO-INDEPENDENCE - Alex Salmond says: "The one-size-fits-all economic policies of successive Westminster governments have failed and are continuing to fail the people of Scotland - we perform well at the moment but we should be doing so much better."

PRO-UNION - Alistair Darling says: "If we were to leave the UK we would face the prospect of big tax rises, damaging cuts to public services, or a combination of the two - the nationalists have chosen to ignore reality and to offer up a type of fantasy economics that beggars belief."

EXPERT - William Craig, senior law lecturer, Robert Gordon University, says: "The overview and focus of the White paper is very much about having a variety of approaches to tax raising rather than the standard approach currently operated. I think many would see the intention to be flexible with corporation tax rates by 3% as an attractive proposition for inward economic investment and therefore increased jobs in the Scottish economy. The White Paper also states the need to re-industrialise the Scottish economy."


Workers on a rig

White Paper says: Retain a single UK-wide market for electricity and gas and make no changes to the oil and gas fiscal regime without consultation. (The Scottish government says it has no plans to increase the overall tax burden on the oil industry).

PRO-INDEPENDENCE - Alex Salmond says: "Nobody would seriously argue that the UK has handled oil well as a resource over the last 40 years. Nobody would seriously dispute that Norway - the country across the North Sea - has handled that resource much better."

PRO-UNION - Alistair Darling says: "For the last 20 years, Scotland has spent more than it's got in, with the exception of one year, so if you were to set up an oil fund at the moment you'd actually have to borrow money to save it and that just seems complete nonsense."

EXPERT -Tony Mackay, energy economist, says: "The industry was badly affected by tax increases in the 2011 UK Budget and a number of important development projects were cancelled or suspended. The UK government subsequently recognised that it had made mistakes with the tax increases and has recently made concessions, in the form of field allowances, which have enabled some of those projects to go ahead, notably in the waters around Shetland. The basic position is that the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) is now a very mature oil and gas province, having produced for about 40 years. Most - possibly all - of the best prospects have already been developed. The industry is now concentrating on developing the more remote and difficult fields, notably in the West of Shetland area, and these are inevitably expensive to develop. There is, therefore, no case for increasing oil and gas taxes. I believe retaining a single UK-wide market for electricity and gas is also sensible. Scotland is a net exporter of oil and gas, and also electricity from wind farms and other renewable sources. There would therefore be problems if exports to England were reduced, although that might in any case be against EU market rules."


Pensioners on a protest

White Paper says: Increase state pensions by inflation, earnings or 2.5%, whichever is higher, and raise the state pension entitlement age to 66 in 2020 (in line with the rest of the UK) with an independent commission advising on changes thereafter.

PRO-INDEPENDENCE - John Swinney, Scotland's Finance Secretary, says: "In an independent Scotland we would make decisions for Scotland based on the needs of the people of Scotland. People's pension rights will be fully protected in an independent Scotland and payment of the benefits they have built up in their existing workplace pensions would not be affected by the move to independence.

PRO-UNION - Gregg McClymont, shadow pensions minister, says: "Leaving the United Kingdom would be costly and risky for pensions - barely a day now goes by without the nationalists making promises without any plan to pay for them."

EXPERT - Christine Scott, assistant director of pensions at ICAS, says: "The challenge for the Scottish government is to demonstrate that an independent Scotland can deliver a pensions system which meets the needs of Scottish citizens while ensuring that citizens would at least be no worse off in retirement. The Scottish Government's proposals on pensions in an independent Scotland seek to achieve this through replicating the status quo and adopting reforms which are currently planned, such as the implementation of the single-tier state pension. Any proposed differentiation is at the margins such as the proposal to establish an independent commission to examine the timetable for increasing the state pension age to 67. David Cameron's announcement that a future Conservative Government would maintain the triple lock further reduces any obvious policy differences. Replicating existing arrangements in an independent Scotland would not be without its challenges. ICAS has already highlighted that without changes to EU rules on the funding of defined benefit pension schemes, employers would need to make good any deficits held by new cross-border schemes."

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    Commonwealth travel 16:56: BBC Scotland Travel Latest

    Commonwealth Games shooting is on at Carnoustie and there is heavier than normal traffic throughout the Dundee/Broughty Ferry.

    In Glasgow, athletics at Hampden starts again at 6.30pm, so all the main train stations around Hampden will be extra busy with queues at Glasgow Central too, and all roads heading to Mount Florida will experience delays.

    Try using the extra shuttle buses from the city centre, but crowds walking to the event will slow down traffic too.

    Shuttle buses from Cathkin Braes back to the city centre are starting to return and will reduce traffic speeds.

    And other events through the city this evening at the SECC, Scotstoun and Tollcross - you may want to use Anderston train station which should be less busy than the Exhibition Centre.

    Park and Ride car parks at Bridge St and Shields Road have a couple of spaces left, but Kelvinbridge is now full.

    Travel update 16:52: BBC Scotland Travel Latest

    There's a high-wind warning on the A9 Dornoch Bridge.

    In Perth on the M90 there are northbound delays heading up to the Broxden roundabout from junction 10 Craigend.

    In Edinburgh, roadworks on Drum Brae South between Templeland Road and the A8 St John's Road are causing delays of around 15 minutes.

    On the Edinburgh City bypass traffic is still slow on the westbound approach to Sheriffhall roundabout following an accident earlier.

    Women's team gymnastics 16:50:

    Scotland's team receive a huge cheer as they take to the mat first. Watch the women's artistic here.

    Close shooting 16:39:

    Scotland narrowly miss out on another Commonwealth Games medal as shooters Neil Stirson and John Hammond finish fourth and fifth in the 50m rifle three position final at the Barry Buddon shooting centre.

    Video clip 16:36:

    Watch Scotland's history-makers as they win a first team gymnastics medal (UK users only).

    Danny dares 16:34: John Beattie BBC Scotland

    With @danny_macaskill, he's amazing

    jiohn beattie and danny mcaskill

    Danny and his team have been putting on a mind-boggling display of tricks as part of BBC At the Quay.

    Golden boys 16:27:

    How many golds have you got? Cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy meets sprint superstar Usain Bolt during a visit to the Commonwealth Games village in Glasgow

    usain bolt and chris hoy
    16:24: Via Twitter
    Tigers catch Robertson 16:22:

    Hull City have confirmed the signing of Dundee United's Andrew Robertson for a fee of £2.85m.

    The 20 year-old Scotland left-back has signed a three-year deal at the English Premiership side.

    Andrew Robertson Dundee United

    Robertson only became a professional footballer last year after joining Dundee United from Scottish League Two amateur side Queen's Park. He quickly became a mainstay in the Tannadice side and was voted the PFA Scotland Young Player of the Year award in April.

    Hot shot 16:15: Heather Dewar BBC Scotland

    Scotland's Jon Hammond is in bronze position now in the 50m Rifle Three Position event in the shooting.

    His last five shots weren't great, but he started off in fine style.

    The wind is having an effect on proceedings at Barry Buddon shooting centre, which will affect the standing position and make it potentially difficult for competitors.

    Hammond is now on 301.7 points.

    One to watch 16:11:

    SWIMMING: Scotland's Danny Wallace looks "strong enough for another gold" according to former Commonwealth champion and BBC pundit Adrian Moorhouse.

    dan wallace

    Wallace qualified second fastest in the men's 200m individual medley, with Englishmen Roberto Pavoni and Joe Roebuck also in the final alongside Wales' Leuan Lloyd. They race at 19:47.

    The Scot has won gold in the 400m medley.

    Weather update 16:07: Judith Ralston BBC Weather presenter

    There will be further outbreaks of showery rain across the northwest this afternoon and tonight with heavier rainfall in the northwest. Elsewhere it will be dry with clear spells.

    Breezes across the country will help keep temperatures down to around 10C to 13C in central parts.

    Mountain biking 16:00:

    New Zealand won gold and silver at the men's mountain bike race at Cathkin Braes. Anton Cooper won gold and Samuel Gaze took the silver ahead of Australia's Daniel McConnell.

    Grant Ferguson was the fastest Scot, finishing 5th, 3 mins and 9 secs behind the winner.

    Other Scots results: Kenta Gallagher 10th and Gareth Montgomerie 11th, 5 mins 19 and 8 mins 02 behind respectively.

    Packing a punch 15:55:

    Reece McFadden is guaranteed a medal in the flyweight boxing after winning his quarter final.

    reece mcfadden
    15:45: Via Twitter

    Usain Bolt on Twitter: Meeting with Royals #RoyalFamily

    Usain bolt with royals
    Prince Puncher 15:34:

    Is he getting in training for the next Commonwealth Games? Prince Harry tries his hand at boxing on a visit to a Coach Core project at Gorbals Leisure Centre in Glasgow.

    Prince Harry tries his hand at boxing as he and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, visit a Coach Core project at Gorbals Leisure Centre in Glasgow, Scotland
    Final support 15:34:

    Michael Jamieson tweets: Huge thanks for all the well wishes in the past week, it's been amazing! I didn't get the results I wanted but as a team, we've had a great week! Time to relax & enjoy the rest of the Games! Excited to watch the finals tonight at the pool, get behind the team!

    michael jamieson
    15:25: Via Twitter Lisa Summers Commonwealth Games reporter, BBC Scotland

    What a top man David Wilkie is. Our great @Team_Scotland breaststrokers have him to thank #Glasgow2014

    david wilkie with lisa summers
    Mountain biking 15:18: Keir Murray BBC Sport Scotland

    Men's cross country final going at full pelt on Cathkin Braes.

    Scotland's Grant Ferguson in 5th place, 1 min 28 secs behind leading group of four. Gareth Montgomerie 6th. Just three laps to go.

    mountain bike
    Sporting royalty 15:15: Kevin Keane BBC Scotland reporter

    Prince William and Kate, along with Prince Harry, are currently talking to Usain Bolt at the Athletes' village for Glasgow 2014.

    Best fest 15:08:
    Science centre, Glasgow

    More than 100,000 people have visited the BBC at the Quay entertainment festival according to a spokesman.

    Acts such as Wet, Wet, Wet, Simple Minds and The Radiophonic Workshop have performed so far during the the 16-day event which coincides with the Commonwealth Games.

    Drop past the BBC HQ on the Clyde at Pacific Quay if you're going to - or from - a Commonwealth Games event - there's plenty still on.

    Chemical incident 15:07:

    Edinburgh's Palmerston Place has reopened after a suspected toxic chemical, used in the jewellery trade, was found at a house.

    Emergency services were called after a jar thought to contain potassium cyanide was found just before noon.

    A woman was clearing out the home of her father, who was a jeweller, when she came across the toxic chemical.

    palmerston place

    The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said it was normal procedure to close off the street until the chemical had been disposed of, and there was no danger to the public.

    Crowd surfing 14:55:

    Watch Greg Rutherford dodging a steward to meet fans at Hampden Park during the athletics at Glasgow2014

    English long jumper Greg Rutherford poses with fans

    After qualifying for Wednesday night's men's long jump final Rutherford spends time meeting fans and continues to dodge the steward to keep signing autographs.

    Speaking afterwards Rutherford praises the Glasgow crowd, and on interacting with fans says "it's lovely to try and give back a little bit".

    Easy rider 14:51: Keir Murray BBC Sport Scotland

    Peebles rider Grant Ferguson is 5th after two laps of the Cathkin Braes Mountain Bike course. About 20 secs or behind the Australian leader.

    Medal record 14:41:

    Scotland's silver medal in the male gymnastics team event broke the country's medal record for a Commonwealth Games.

    The host nation now have 34 medals in total, surpassing the previous benchmark set at Edinburgh 1986.

    England won gold while Canada were third in the men's gymnastics.

    frankie baines
    Grand Central Station 14:37:

    More than 1.5 million people have passed through Glasgow Central Station since the Commonwealth Games opened on Wednesday.

    Network Rail said Monday had seen record numbers of visitors to the station, which is already Scotland's busiest, with more than 350,000 people passing through - compared with an average daily footfall of 110,000.

    Best ever Games 14:30:

    Louise Martin, chair of Sportscotland, said: "It has been an incredible effort by everyone involved with Team Scotland to have set a new record for Games medals by only the sixth day of competition.

    "Our men gymnasts will go down in history as the athletes who delivered the record-breaking medal, but it has been a real team effort over many years.

    "There is no substitute for hard work and meticulous preparation."

    Games update 14:26:

    Following the historic silver medal for the gymnasts, results are flying in for other Scots.

    In the boxing ring, Reece McFadden beats Botswana's Oteng Oteng and goes into the semi-final of the Men's Fly (52kg) which takes place on Friday. He will fight Andrew Maloney of Australia.

    In the women's cross-country cycling, Lee Craigie finished 7th. Jessie Roberts was 11th while Kerry MacPhee finished 13th.

    In the lawn bowls, Scotland beat Northern Ireland 19-11 in the Women's Triples.

    Here they are 14:22: Jane Lewis BBC Scotland

    And here they are - Silver medal in the Mens gymnastic team event for Scotland.

    men's gynnastics scotland team

    The Scotland team was Dan Keatings, Dan Purvis, Frank Baines, Adam Cox and Liam Davie. They created history by winning their nation's first ever team gymnastics medal at the Commonwealth Games with a score of 257.603.

    History boys 14:20: Kheredine Idessane BBC Scotland

    First ever team medal for Scotland in gymnastics, a silver! History in the making. Also creates a new Scots record Games tally of 34 medals

    Half-time 14:11: Via Twitter

    @Glasgow2014 tweets: Halfway through the sporting action but there is still plenty more to come! Read Day 6 preview:

    Scotland break Games record 14:03:

    Team Scotland's gymnasts have won a silver medal, the 34th medal overall at these Games.

    Their success means Glasgow 2014 is the most successful Games ever for the Scots.

    MacAskill at the Quay 13:57:

    Scottish stunt bike rider Danny MacAskill and his team are putting on a mind-boggling display of tricks as part of BBC At the Quay.

    danny macaskill

    They have been performing bunny hops, exercise ball front flips and drops from massive heights outside the BBC at Pacific Quay in Glasgow.

    They'll be on again at 3pm.

    Victory followed friend's death 13:49:

    The mother of Scotland's judo gold medallist Sarah Adlington tells BBC Radio Shropshire her daughter had to cope with the death of a close friend the day before she beat England's Jodie Myers in the +78kg category to become Commonwealth champion.

    sarah adlington
    Ticket sales 13:43:

    Glasgow 2014 have said more than 1.2 million tickets have been sold for the Commonwealth Games, with about 700,000 people visiting the city at the weekend.

    Glasgow 2014 fans at Ibrox
    'Great Games experience' 13:41: Via Twitter

    The Legacy 2014 team tweets: Get down to #Festival2014Live Sites for a great @Glasgow2014 Games time experience with fun for all! #Culture2014

    Weightlifter suspended 13:30:

    Nigerian weightlifting gold medallist Chika Amalaha has been provisionally suspended from the Commonwealth Games for failing a drugs test.

    The 16-year-old took the Commonwealth Games title in the women's 53kg category after lifting 196kg.

    Let me take a selfie 13:28:

    Jane Lewis, one of the BBC's Commonwealth Games reporters, managed to catch Mikail Huggins for a selfie.

    Mikail Huggins with Jane Lewis

    Mikail is the guide for Libby Clegg. The pair won the T12 100m at Hampden Park last night, Scotland's 13th gold medal at Glasgow 2014.

    Disappointment for wrestling twins 13:22: John Barnes BBC Scotland

    There was disappointment for the 45-year-old Robertson twins Donna and Fiona in the 48kg Wrestling, with defeats at the quarter final stage. However Fiona still has the chance of a bronze medal.

    Donna lost to Rebecca Muambo of Cameroon 11-0 in the quarters.

    Fiona lost 4-0 to Yana Rattigan of England at the same stage.

    With Rattigan beating Muambo in the semi-final it means, via the repechage route, Fiona Robertson will take on Muambo for the bronze medal this evening.

    She will be hoping she can perform better than her sister did against the Cameroon wrestler this morning.

    Behind the headlines 13:15:

    BBC Scotland's Louise Andrew has been out in the east end of Glasgow discovering some of the untold stories of the Games.

    Real McCoy pub

    She met the manager of pub where athletes have been popping in for a pint, and a hairdresser who has been cutting their hair.

    Eilidh on track for medal 13:09:

    Glasgow 2014 poster girl Eilidh Child won her 400m hurdles heat emphatically, with a time of 55.56.

    Eilidh Child

    Eilidh, who won silver at the Delhi games and hopes to go one better on home soil, is through to Thursday night's final.

    Most inspiring moment? 12:47: Marianne Taylor BBC Scotland news

    What do you think has been the most inspiring moment of Glasgow 2014 so far?

    It's almost impossible to pick just one, but if I had to it'd be 13-year-old Shetland swimmer Erraid Davies's amazing bronze medal-winning performance at Tollcross on Sunday night.

    Away from the sporting arenas, watching four-year-old twins Ollie and Caleb and their wee sister Phoebe, aged two, recreate each Games event at their home in Aberdeen, filmed lovingly by mum Aly and dad Dave, melted my heart too.

    Caleb, Ollie and Phoebe Brown recreate the Commonwealth Games in their garden

    We want to hear about your inspirational moments - either on or off the field. Tweet us using #ScotlandLive, email us or text 80295.

    If you go out in the woods today 12:38: Via Twitter

    Radio 5 Live sport presenter Jonathan Overend seems to be enjoying himself at the mountain biking competition at Cathkin Braes.

    He tweets: Out in the woods. Lost. Brilliant atmos. #Glasgow2014@bbc5live

    Cathkin Braes
    Refunds for Games fans 12:24:

    People who missed Commonwealth Games events due to transport problems in and around Glasgow at the weekend have been told they can apply for refunds.

    Crowds around Hampden for Glasgow 2014

    Organiser Glasgow 2014 said spectators affected should keep their tickets and apply via email, with requests being considered on a case-by-case basis.

    Update from the Games 12:13:

    In the lawn bowls, Scotland's Open Triples team make it two wins out of two matches following their victory over Wales. Their next match is against England between 15:45 and 18:00 BST.

    At the Barry Buddon Shooting Centre, Scotland's Jon Hammond and Neil Stirton have both qualified for the final of the 50m rifle 3 position. The final starts at 15:30 BST.

    In the wrestling, Brian Harper was defeated by Shane Parker in the round of 16.

    Daniel Wallace

    Daniel Wallace won his 200m individual medley heat and has gone through to tonight's final at 19:47 BST. Scotland's women finished third in their 4x100m medley relay heat and qualified for the final tonight, which will take place around 21:00 BST.

    Gillian Edwards lost 4-2 to Guernsey's Alice Loveridge in her women's singles table tennis, while Meggan Dawson-Farrell finished fourth in her T54 1500m heat and will have to wait and see if she qualifies for the final.

    Wallace monumental 12:01: Via Twitter BBC Sport Scotland

    tweets: #2014swimming - @danwallace_ wins his 200m individual medley heat.

    Wallace wins race at Glasgow 2014
    Badminton mishap 11:56:

    Badminton can be a dangerous game, it seems.

    Watch as official Jim Gauld is hit in the face by a shuttlecock following a miss-hit shot by Kenya's Joseph Matheri Githitu.

    Jim Gauld hit in face with shuttlecock

    Thankfully Gauld saw the funny side.

    On today's show 11:50: John Beattie BBC Scotland

    Today, we will be discussing tourism and the Commonwealth Games. Is Glasgow 2014 the best tourism advert for Scotland ever?

    We've also been to Kiwi House to find out how they've liked the city and how they've claimed a bit of Scotland as their own.

    We will also be live at Cathkin Braes for the mountain biking. Join us from noon on BBC Radio Scotland or listen online.

    House price rise 11:30:

    Average house prices in Scotland have risen by 5.9%, according to the latest figures from Registers of Scotland.

    It said the average cost of a home, in the three months to June, now stood at just over £162,000.

    Nigerian athlete fails drugs test 11:21: Via Twitter Chris McLaughlin Commonwealth Games reporter, BBC Sport

    tweets: Nigerian weightlifter Chika Amalaha becomes the first athlete to fail a drugs test during #Glasgow2014 Games.

    Harry photobomb 11:07:

    Following the Queen's unexpected photobomb of the Aussie team last week, it seems Prince Harry wants a piece of the action too.

    Prince Harry photobomb

    The prince gave a cheeky thumbs up to Glasgow 2014 after finding his way in to this Commonwealth Games Federation picture.

    Have you been photobombed by a royal? Or an athlete? Tweet us your pics using #ScotlandLive, or email them here.

    Highlights from day five 10:48:

    BBC Scotland's Andy Burke rounds up yesterday's Commonwealth Games highlights for the host nation.

    Libby Clegg

    His video features Libby Clegg, Laura Muir, Ross Murdoch, Joe Ham, lawn bowls, shooting and gymnastics.

    The germ-spreading handshake - your views 10:43: Via SMS

    Norrie: If folk would just wash their hands there would be no problems. What next? Ban kissing and rubbing noses!!

    Helen in Cumbernauld: Get a life, what about our exposure and handling of coins, money, keyboards, mobile phones and chopping boards in our kitchens? They probably contain more bacteria. Good hand washing and building immunity would b better.

    Jim Robb: This is getting silly. Wash your hands at the appropriate time and live a little!

    Wrestling action 10:33: Via Twitter BBC Sport Scotland

    tweets: Watch live wrestling featuring Scots Ross McFarlane, Brian Harper, and Donna and Fiona Robertson.

    Spectacular stunts 10:22:

    Stunt rider Danny MacAskill will perform some spectacular tricks as part of the BBC at the Quay entertainment festival from 11.00.

    Danny MacAskill

    If you're a classical music lover, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra will be playing scores from Hollywood movies such as ET, Superman and Jurassic Park at Glasgow Green between 14:00 and 15:00.

    There will also be a Prom concert featuring folk singer Rachel Sermanni from 18:30.

    Stop and search - your views 10:08: Via SMS

    H in Edinburgh: Just let police do their job. We can't do without them. If you have nothing to hide then nothing to fear.

    Al in Edinburgh: The new police state Police Scotland imposing Strathclyde policies on a one-fits-all basis is alienating the public.

    Mags: I have no problems with stop and search. It's just like CCTV, if you have nothing to hide then what's the problem? Some people talk about CCTV being an infringement on our rights but how many criminals, sex attackers etc have been caught on camera?

    Murder charge 09:55:

    Police Scotland say the attack on Edinburgh pensioner Eleanor Whitelaw in her Morningside home is now being treated as murder.

    Robert Buczek, 23, was initially charged with attempted murder and assault to severe injury and danger of life when he appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Monday.

    Mrs Whitelaw, 85, was taken to hospital two weeks ago, but it was announced earlier this morning that she had died.

    A lasting legacy? 09:41:

    Last week we asked you to help us track down pupils from Glasgow's St Mungo's Academy in Bridgeton, who spoke to the BBC in 2007, just minutes before the city found out its bid to host the Commonwealth Games had been successful.

    With your help we found them.

    Sean Bell and Hayley Mitchell

    They were the east end's new generation, who could be in line to benefit from promises of jobs, homes and new opportunities - if the Games came to Glasgow.

    So, did the Games deliver? Find out here.

    Pensioner found injured dies 09:30:

    An 85-year-old woman who was found seriously injured in her Edinburgh home has died.

    Eleanor Whitelaw was taken to hospital two weeks ago after being found in her Morningside home.

    The morningside home of Eleanor Whitelaw

    Robert Buczek, 23, was charged with attempted murder and assault to severe injury and danger of life when he appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Monday.

    He made no plea or declaration and was remanded in custody.

    Legia Warsaw 'step up' 09:25:

    Celtic's assistant manager John Collins has told BBC Scotland Legia Warsaw will be a "step up" from KR Reykjavik.

    Speaking at Glasgow Airport as the team flew out to Poland for tomorrow night's Champions League qualifier, Collins said: "There's no doubt it's going to be a tough match.

    John Collins

    "We watched them last week in Dublin. Good team - they scored four goals so at this stage of the tournament you're not going to play against any mugs. There's no doubt it's a step up in quality from Reykjavik.

    "It's better to play them away from home first then get them back to Murrayfield. But we're going to have to play well - they're organised, they're quite quick and they score goals."

    Celtic's match tomorrow kicks off at 19:45, with the return leg in Edinburgh on 6 August.

    Morning Call 09:18: Louise White Presenter, Morning Call

    This morning we're taking your views on stop and search - does the system affect your trust in the police?

    We're also going to talking about curbing the spread of germs - is it time to end the handshake?

    Lines are open now. Call 0500 92 95 00, text 80295 or email

    You can listen live to the debate here.

    Newspaper review 09:14:

    Scotland's record-equalling haul of medals at Glasgow 2014 dominates the front pages on most of the country's newspapers this morning.

    Front pages 29 July
    Footie gossip 09:01:

    Away from the Games, Celtic look to add to the signing of Inge Berget with a Haitian midfielder, while Rangers fans are angry at an apparent secret plan to sell Murray Park.

    Murray Park

    Read all your Scottish football gossip here.

    More medal hopes 08:46:

    Shooting, athletics, swimming, cycling and gymnastics... could Scotland win one more medal to make it our best ever Commonwealth Games?

    Daniel Purvis in action at Glasgow 2014

    Find out what's on when today for Scots athletes.

    Gary and Libby 08:39:

    Scots gold medal winner Libby Clegg is currently chatting with Good Morning Scotland's Gary Robertson.

    Gary Robertson and Libby Clegg

    Listen live here.

    Golden moments 08:35:

    It has been a memorable week for Scotland with medals galore at the Commonwealth Games.

    Kimberley and Louise Renicks

    Re-live some of those special moments in our picture gallery.

    Cathkin Braes travel 08:24: Via Twitter Games Travel 2014

    tweets: Shuttles buses for #Cathkin Braes ticket holders will run from Cowcaddens Rd behind Buchanan Bus Station from 08:00.

    Driver killed in crash 08:24:

    A driver has been killed in a two-car road crash on the A87 at Druim nan Cleochd on the Isle of Skye.

    The collision took place at about 16:20 on Monday.

    Travel round-up 08:11:

    If you are coming to Glasgow by train, Central, Argyle Street, Queen Street, Exhibition Centre and Mount Florida stations are all going to be extremely busy.

    And don't forget it takes about 15 minutes - probably longer given the crowds - to walk to Hampden from the Battlefield area where the railway station is.

    You can also get to the athletics at Hampden by shuttle bus from Shield Road subway station and Buchanan Bus Station, or take the scheduled services 4, 5, 6 or 7.

    Cathkin Braes Country Park is hosting the mountain biking competition from this afternoon, with shuttle buses dropping off and picking up on the south-bound Carmunnock Road where one lane will be closed. Factor in about 40 minutes or so to get to the spectator plaza.

    Drivers on the M8, M77 and M74 should also expect very busy morning and afternoon peaks with J15 and J19 on the M8, the M8/M74 interchange and M74 at J1A expected to be particularly busy.

    08:06: Via Twitter BBC Breakfast

    tweets: Lord Smith of Kelvin tells us #glasgow2014 will arrange compensation for people who missed CWG events due to travel problems. Apply online.

    Anything you can do, I can do better 08:00:

    Yesterday on Scotland Live, we enjoyed a 41-shot rally in the table tennis tournament at Glasgow 2014 between Nigeria's Segun Toriola and Singapore's Ning Gao.

    The badminton stars went one better - well, 18 better in fact.

    Mixed team final between Malaysia and England in badminton at Glasgow 2014

    Enjoy this 59-shot rally at the mixed team final between Malaysia and England.

    Royal seal of approval 07:47:

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry were among the spectators enjoying the action in Glasgow yesterday.

    Prince Harry, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

    The Royal trio were spotted at various venues in the city including the Hydro, Tollcross Pool and the National Hockey Centre at Glasgow Green.

    Bring it on 07:37: Via Twitter Team Scotland

    tweets: 13 Gold. 8 Silver. 12 Bronze. Bring on Day 6! #GoScotland

    Medal table 07:32:

    Scotland are still in third place in the Commonwealth Games medal table following yesterday's successes.

    Australia lead the way, with England in second.

    Medal table, July 28

    Wales are now in 8th, with Northern Ireland (16th) and Isle of Man (17th) also tasting success.

    Last night at the Games 07:22: Graham Fraser BBC Scotland

    Last night, Libby Clegg experienced the Hampden roar with a gold medal in the T12 100m final.

    Her success meant Scotland has equalled its best total medal haul at any Commonwealth Games ever, with 33 medals.

    Libby Clegg wins gold at Glasgow 2014

    Earlier, Team Scotland set a new national record for Commonwealth gold medals following lawn bowls success for Alex Marshall and Paul Foster. That win in the men's pairs event took them to the 12-gold mark, surpassing the tally at Melbourne in 2006.

    So today could be a very special day for Team Scotland. Any more medal success, of any colour, for the men and women in blue and white will make Glasgow 2014 that extra bit special for everyone in the team.

    Coming up... 07:17: BBC Radio Scotland

    Following a fantastic night of athletics at Hampden, Scotland's gold-winning para sprinter Libby Clegg will be chatting with Gary Robertson on Good Morning Scotland just after 08:00.

    Libby, who is visually impaired, took the gold with guide runner Mikail Huggins in the T11/12 100m in 12.20 seconds.

    You can listen live here.

    Weather outlook 07:00: Christopher Blanchett BBC Weather presenter

    It'll be a cloudy start for most, with any early sunshine confined to the east coast. Through the morning this brighter weather fades as cloud rolls in from the west. There'll be some very light outbreaks of rain or drizzle initially for the spine of Scotland and further west - but most will have a dry and cloudy morning.

    Through the day it improves, brightening up with sunny spells developing across central and eastern Scotland, though always staying that bit more cloudy for western parts with showers on the west coast and through the Hebrides.

    A brisk westerly breeze adding to a fresher feel compared with yesterday. Highs of 18C in the west and 21C in the east under sunnier skies.

    For a full forecast go to the BBC Weather website.

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    Welcome 06:52: Marianne Taylor BBC Scotland news

    Good morning and welcome to BBC Scotland Live, your minute-by-minute guide to all the latest action and atmosphere from day six of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

    We will, of course, also be bringing you the latest news, sport, weather and travel from across the country.

    Keep in touch with all your comments and pictures throughout the the day - you can tweet us using #ScotlandLive, email us here or text using 80295.



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