As-it-happened: Scottish government draft budget for 2014/15

Key points

  • Finance Secretary John Swinney presented his draft budget for 2014/15 to MSPs at the Scottish Parliament.
  • The minister told MSPs that £20m would be made available to ease the burden of benefit cuts due to new spare bedroom rules.
  • As predicted, Mr Swinney confirmed that the cost of the new Queensferry crossing had been cut by £145m, releasing funds.

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Last updated 11 September 2013


Hello and welcome to our Live Page coverage of Finance Secretary John Swinney delivering his Ministerial Statement: Draft Budget 2014-15. He is due to get to his feet n about about 10 minutes.


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Brian Taylor, Political editor, Scotland

"The UK welfare cuts have caused controversy. The Scottish government will try to "ameliorate" benefits cuts. They are not responsible for welfare and the Scottish government say they are extremely limited in what they can do in this area. They have an extremely tight budget and rules over what they can do."


John Swinney will say it's a budget for independence, Brian Taylor says. The budget will cover plans for the the next two years which will go past the independence vote next year.


@AndrewSouthside Will John Swinney announce in his budget that the £145 saved on the Queensferry Crossing will be used to fund #GARL


An £145m under spend on the Queensferry Crossing, which is being built over the Forth of Firth, will probably be diverted to capital spending, Brian Taylor says.


Commentator Alf Young says he can't understand the number quoted for the new Forth Bridge. He does not no where the £145m has come from, because the bridge has not been built yet. How they can say they have saved the money until the bridge is built, I don't know, he adds.


Alf Young goes on to say they will have less to spend in real terms because inflation is still higher than it should be.


@kathsamsonitv John Swinney about to set out a 'budget for independence' to MSPs at Holyrood. Opponents say he's putting the country 'on pause.'‏


Douglas Fraser, Business and economy editor, Scotland

"The budget for 2014-15 will be set out as normal. But there is an "anomaly" from the Westminster spending review so there will also be plans for an extra year. These will be "indicative" plans for 2015-16."