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Audience plea for TV debate programme

Young people
Image caption The programme will examine a range of issues, including university funding

The BBC's Newsnight Scotland programme is appealing for 16 and 17-year-olds to join its audience for a debate on the issues that are important to them.

The programme will explore what young people think about the 2014 Scottish independence referendum and whether the voting age should be lowered for the poll.

It will also discuss other topics including job prospects for school leavers and the future funding for universities and colleges.

The special debate will take place on Monday, 18 March, at BBC Scotland's Glasgow headquarters and participants will need to be available from 17:45 to 20:30.

If you would like to be a member of the audience, fill in the form below.

Guidelines require the BBC to have a representative audience for this event. To help us do this, we will ask all members of the audience whether they are associated with a political party or if they already have a view on the referendum on independence.

1. Name and address

2. Your Contact Details

3. What is your occupation?

4. To help us ensure a broad range of views, we'd like to ask if you've decided how you might vote in next year's independence referendum.

5. If there were a General Election tomorrow, which political party would you be most likely to vote for?

Other (please state)

6. Are you a member of a political party?

If Yes which party

7. The audience for BBC Scotland Debates is totally proactive and we wish to ensure that the opportunity to put forward questions and take part in the debates is given to those people wishing to participate. Would you please confirm that you are keen to get involved and if selected will ask your question.

8. Briefly, what is your view of the monarchy?

9. What two questions would you like to ask?

10. Which of these groups do you consider yourself to belong to?

Other (please specify)

11. Of what nationality do you consider yourself?

Other (please specify)

12. Do you consider yourself to have any disabilities?

13. If you are disabled, do you require wheelchair access?

14. Have you been on a BBC Scotland TV or Radio Debate before?

15. How old are you?

16. The information you provide will be collected by the BBC. Are you happy for your email details to be retained so that we may contact you about appearing in the audience for other BBC programmes?

* Required information

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