As-it-happened: Scottish budget 2013/14

Key points

  • Finance Secretary John Swinney outlined his spending plans for 2013/14 before MSPs at the Scottish Parliament.
  • The SNP Cabinet minister said ahead of his address that his plan was for a "relentless pursuit of economic growth".
  • Mr Swinney signalled an end to the public sector pay freeze for about 28,000 staff in Scotland who will receive a 1% rise.

Live text


  • Sandy Murray 
  • Deirdre Kelly 
  • Martin Conaghan 

Last updated 20 September 2012


Hello and welcome to our live page text and video coverage of John Swinney delivering his 2013/14 budget plans. The SNP minister is due to get to his feet at about 14:30.


@LBFedSec Hoping John Swinney will demonstrate a commitment to protecting Scottish policing in his budget speech this afternoon.

STANDARD Information

Douglas Fraser and Brian Taylor Douglas Fraser and Brian Taylor will give analysis

For analysis on both the politics and economics of the draft budget speech, follow this page for the views of the BBC's Business and Economy Editor Douglas Fraser and Political Editor Brian Taylor.


Post your Tweets on the Scottish Government 2013/14 budget using the hashtag #scotbudget and we'll post the best ones here on the live page text throughout the afternoon.


Finance Secretary John Swinney says he will work with other parties to "win consensus".


Mr Swinney sets out context. Says spending restraints imposed on the Scottish government will reduce available spend.

STANDARD Information

Alex Salmond met with Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday and following that summit he said: "I have again urged the chancellor to perform another budget u-turn by announcing an extra £5bn in capital investment, which would allow us to provide an additional stimulus of more than £400m to support employment in Scotland now."


Outlines economic data indicating decline in activity - highlights construction industry. Mr Swinney says "shovel-ready" projects identified by the Scottish government would help boost construction.


@BBCDouglsFraser John Swinney quickly into talk of 'shovel-ready' projects, calling for Westminster to ease up budget cuts.


Money is being switched from current spending to capital spending, says Mr Swinney. Spending on housing, for example, should generate £3bn of economic activity. Also draws attention to spending on colleges.