Scottish independence: One million Scots urged to sign 'yes' declaration


Supporters launch the 'Yes' campaign for Scottish independence

The "yes" campaign for independence wants one million Scots to sign a declaration of support by the time of the referendum in the autumn of 2014.

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond said independence would happen if that milestone was achieved.

The pledge was made at the launch of the Yes Scotland campaign in Edinburgh.

However, pro-union supporters believe independence remains largely unpopular among the Scottish electorate and will not happen.

The Scottish National Party played a leading role in the campaign, which was launched at Cineworld in Edinburgh and included other parties, celebrities and businesses.

What does the Yes Declaration say?

"I believe that it is fundamentally better for us all if decisions about Scotland's future are taken by the people who care most about Scotland, that is, by the people of Scotland.

"Being independent means Scotland's future will be in Scotland's hands.

"There is no doubt that Scotland has great potential. We are blessed with talent, resources and creativity. We have the opportunity to make our nation a better place to live, for this and future generations. We can build a greener, fairer and more prosperous society that is stronger and more successful than it is today.

"I want a Scotland that speaks with her own voice and makes her own unique contribution to the world - a Scotland that stands alongside the other nations on these isles, as an independent nation."

A pro-union campaign is expected to launch later this year.

Mr Salmond said: "We unite behind a declaration of self-evident truth.

"The people who live in Scotland are best placed to make the decisions that affect Scotland.

"We want a Scotland that's greener, that's fairer and more prosperous.

"We realise that the power of an independent Scotland is necessary to achieve these great ends."

Some of the people who pledged their public support for the campaign did so for the first time.

Actor Alan Cumming, who has been based largely in the US, tweeted after the launch that he would "becoming a resident of Scotland again in order to vote in 2014".

Other "yes" backers included:

  • actor Sir Sean Connery
  • former BBC Scotland head of news Blair Jenkins
  • poet Liz Lochead
  • musician Pat Kane
  • actor Brian Cox.

Mr Salmond told the gathered media: "I want Scotland to be independent not because I think we are better than any other country, but because I know we're as good as any other country.

Start Quote

It was left to Liz Lochhead, Scotland's Makar, to recall from one of her finest plays that the Scots national pastime is frequently "nostalgia"”

End Quote

"Like these other nations, our future, our resources, our success should be in our own hands."

The campaign will be built "brick by brick" across communities, he said.

Mr Salmond said that the case would be taken to the people by community activism and "online wizardry".

He added: "By the time we enter the referendum campaign in autumn 2014, our intention is to have one million Scots who have signed the independence for Scotland declaration.

"Friends, if we achieve that, then we shall win an independent Scotland."

Mr Salmond was supported at the launch, which was hosted by Greenock actor Martin Compston, by Scottish Green Party co-leader Patrick Harvie.

He told the 500-strong gathering: "Greens are not nationalists. In fact, we are probably more comfortable than most parties in acknowledging the range of views that exist in our membership and our voters about the question of independence.

"But I believe, as most of us do, that the range of powers currently still held at Westminster simply make no sense from a Green perspective.

What's known at the moment

SNP position Unionist position

Wants the referendum in the autumn of 2014

Wants the referendum "sooner rather than later"

Backs a "yes/no" ballot but is open minded on including a second "devo max" question

Wants a one question "yes/no" ballot

Wants 16 and 17-year-olds to be able to vote in the referendum

Backs the status quo with 18 and over able to vote

Has agreed to the Electoral Commission overseeing the vote

Wanted the Electoral Commission to oversee the vote

"I certainly look forward to helping develop a clear and compelling case for Scotland to take a bold and radical step and vote Yes to independence in 2014."

SNP ministers, who want to hold a referendum in autumn 2014, have been holding talks with the UK government over the arrangements.

Yes Scotland, which has also won the support of the Scottish Socialist Party, is being billed as the biggest community based campaign in Scotland's history, designed to build a groundswell of support for an independent Scotland.

Meanwhile, former chancellor Alistair Darling, a Scottish Labour MP, pointed to a poll he had commissioned which suggested that 33% of those surveyed agreed that Scotland should become independent with 57% opposed and 10% undecided. The poll by YouGov took the views of 1,000 voters.

After the Yes Scotland launch, Mr Darling told the BBC: "The real problem that the nationalists have got is that their momentum has stalled and we can see from the poll that only one person in three has actually bought their message.

"I believe that people will come to see that we are better and stronger with the UK."

"I think that there are an awful lot of risks in simply walking away from the UK."

Mr Darling has been involved in meetings with Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to take forward the plans for a pro-union campaign which is expected to launch later this year.


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    Comment number 1699.

    I think the following points need to be made:

    1. The referendum question should be independently devised, not by people who are either for or against independence.
    2. Salmond often seems to imply that those Scots who are against Independence are somehow less Scottish than he is. Nonsense
    3. There is no need for 2 years to make the argument for Independence, this is ridiculous.

    Alba gu bràth!

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    Comment number 1698.

    When Scotland becomes Independant, where will Trident go after it sails out the Clyde? Nuclear Non Proliferation Law states you can only maintain the facilities you have not build new ones. How will England with a landmass only slightly larger than Scotland (but massively overpopulated and polluted) meet it's energy requirements or even it's renewable targets it has signed up to (it cannot) Oil?

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    Comment number 1697.

    "I was denied free Uni education because I was an "English" student; I'm British."

    You were denied free education as your home address would have been outwith Scotland. Anyone who lives outside Scotland has to pay, same as Scottish students going to uni in other countries have to is not about your nationality it's about where you live!!!

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    Comment number 1696.

    #1673 Derek said -

    A vote for independence is NOT A VOTE FOR THE SNP.

    It is to have the ability to elect a government accountable to Scotland, voted for by people living in Scotland, and not being elected by the residents of the other country in the Union.

    Kind of fundamental to democracy, don't you think?

    There will be a general election in Scotland soon after a successful yes vote in 2014

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    Comment number 1695.

    For goodness sake! Why oh why are people of the opinion that Scotland will have to re-apply for membership of the EU. If Scotland does become an independent country then surely the UK membership as was no longer applies? Then we will be in a position of Scotland and the remaining counties which compromise the UK as is, would need to apply? More scare mongering by the unionist state at present.

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    Comment number 1694.

    I don't see how the economic argument is won? SNPs Policy clearly states should they win independence they would take a portion of the national debt (This will be atleast £300bn given Debt levels) then they wont afford the people currently employed in UK forces for Scotland so thats more money plus setting up new public buildings/departments then take away the extra £3bn the UK treasury gives.

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    Comment number 1693.

    I did not realise how patriotic must be deep down till the SNP lot began to drag Scotland into the mud for their own self-glorification.

    Scoltland, the majority will defend you!

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    Comment number 1692.

    # The Realist... or unrealist? I would like to know if you have any evidence, and or legal backing for assuming such circumstances. I would sincerely doubt that even the SNP would be persuing independence under those circumstances... Nonsense and scaremongering to suggest that. Oh and btw the legal stand point is scotland can keep the pound given that it has a right to. It is scotlands currency

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    Comment number 1691.

    1672hippoellie "Scotland doesn't have any gold or other precious metals it cannot issue promisory notes- and it has no right to a share of the stuff in the BoE"

    I'm fairly sure you have no understanding of how Central banks work!More scaremongering I think

    The Bank of Scotland founded 17 July 1695 was the first bank in Europe to successfully issue paper currency redeemable for cash on demand

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    Comment number 1690.

    In response to:

    "1540. smilereg
    If the Scots want to go their separate ways and there is 51% of all eligible voters,not 51% of those that bother to vote,in favour then let them do so".

    No, over 50% of the poll. That's the way things are normally done.Or are you hoping for another nasty undemocratic carve-up like in 1979?

    "Let them do so"? Gosh, awfully kind of you to grant your permission.

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    Comment number 1689.

    1661 In the same petty vein , the first problem Salmond would inherit is where to find employement for all the redundant people who currently work at Faslane, Rosyth and which support the local economies,etc. Sure some will be looking after the small selection of military ships retained but nowhere near the current level.

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    Comment number 1688.

    Scotland will become a socialist hell hole and anyone with the ability to do so will move away. If I were English I would certainly be hoping for a Yes vote.

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    Comment number 1687., when do the English get to vote for (or against) dissolution of the Union?

    Or is "separatism" only for the Scots, Welsh and Ulster Catholics? (oh, and maybe Cornwall!)

    FREEDOM for the English! Hoorah!

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    Comment number 1686.

    So if the Scots vote "yes" they get no democratic vote over the monetary policy of their government (that still takes place in London and is voted for by ONLY non-Scots).


    The tories will win every election in England.

    So what happens is that the Tories make the Scots suffer endlessly (monetarily) and the Scots can't even vote to stop them.

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    Comment number 1685.

    No EU money
    As a 'net contributor' won't be a problem

    No UN protection
    Historically the only nation that attacked us was England. And we have Trident!

    No Commonwealth benefits

    England will be defenceless and bankrupt without Scotland

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    Comment number 1684.

    It's understandable that Scots want to be free of the right wing politics that has held sway in England for a long time. Many in Wales feel similarly - they don't vote Tory in any numbers yet they have to put up with Tory policies designed to favour the South East of England.
    Scots and Welsh Govts battle against Tory cuts to make life more fair.
    Independence can't be worse than Tory rule.

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    Comment number 1683.

    Tory and Labour Scottish MPs will not be able to stand for Parliament in London, this is the real reason why so many MPs oppose an independent Scotland. With all of this money being spent ( wasted ) on a YES or NO vote why not just ask News International and Rupert Murdoch what he thinks. Thats what several MPs have done so far so why change a winning formula.

  • Comment number 1682.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    Comment number 1681.

    @1615 Davser

    Come on, you're just making stuff up now.

    Fred Goodwin and his cronies in Embra forced through the purchase of a rotten bank (ABN Amro), against the advice of his due diligence team AND his treasury department because he wanted to show what a big player he was.

    That broke RBS. End of story. You can't start fabricating fairytales because it suits your point of view.

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    Comment number 1680.

    1670 hafpipe
    Or do you want frankfurt to dictate your budget? Mr Salmond was kean on joining the euro at one point and they could be dictating to you more than Westminster does
    1675 yrksvillan
    Scotland will have to offer free uni to english/welsh if they split and join the EU.


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    @thecourieruk tweets: Dundee mum committed benefit fraud worth over £7,000

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    Numbers of harbour seals in Scotland have continued fall, according to a report.

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    Scottish shop sales fell last month despite a strong rise in the number of shoppers hitting the high streets, retailers have reported.

    Shop figures fall in July

    In July total sales were down 1.8% year-on-year, with food sales showing the deepest decline since March.

    Earlier this week, figures released by research agency Springboard suggested footfall in Scottish shops rose by 4.4% in July - the highest year-on-year increase seen in any area of the UK.

    Your views 10:15:

    BBC Scotland's Morning Call programme asked: Should grandparents be given more recognition?

    Fiona Mackay: I would have been a wreck if my mum and sister had not helped me with my two toddlers. I had two girls within two years and both in nappies at once. I was working full time and suffering sleep deprivation. I think grandparents should be paid the nursery grant if parents choose not to use nursery. Grandparents are the silent props of the economy and should be recognised for this.

    Jai texts: I am sick to the back teeth hearing about parents abdicating their duties about their children. Look after your child or don't have it.

    Muriel in Dumbarton: A wee medal for folk who not only mind their grandweans but are also saddled with their OWN parents who need help with household chores & shopping!

    Ness Islands body find 10:07:

    The family of a woman whose body was found at Inverness' Ness Islands on Sunday have paid tribute to her.

    Charlotte Hornby

    Charlotte Hornby's body was discovered in a burn at the Ness Islands near Island Bank Road at about 17:20 on Sunday.

    Her parents Patricia and Harry Hornby and her brother Edward paid tribute to her in a statement released by Police Scotland.

    Officers are treating the death as "unexplained" and have launched an appeal for information.

    Snodgrass Scotland Blow 10:01:

    Scotland midfielder Robert Snodgrass could be out for up to six months with a dislocated knee cap.

    The 26-year-old sustained the injury during his debut for Hull City against QPR at the weekend.

    Scotland and Hull City's Robert Snodgrass

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    Three plaques stolen from famous Orkney Italian Chapel are set to be replaced.

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    It's Snow Joke... 09:46: John Beattie BBC Scotland

    "Just interviewed David Monteith from Mountaineering Council of Scotland who says there's been some settling snow on Ben Nevis and it's cold."

    Your views 09:38:

    Is travelling by train still value for money?

    Sandy in Aberdeen: I travelled from Inverurie to Thurso return, and my wife went single journey - total cost £45. Great value and service with friendly helpful staff.

    Jim from Greenock: I recently travelled 400 miles across Portugal, 1st class, £27. It's shocking here.

    Beatrice in Dumfries: I would like to know how on earth the trains get away with NOT providing everyone with a seat. You wouldn't be allowed to stand on a bus, or in a car. Heck you'd even get prosecuted for not wearing the belt let alone standing!!

    Get involved: Text 80295 or tweet @BBCScotlandNews using #ScotlandLive

    Exams report 09:31: Jamie McIvor BBC Scotland education correspondent

    Students studying for the qualifications that replaced Standard Grades faced too much assessment, according to an official report published today.


    The report says more work needs to be done to help the new National 4 and 5 qualifications bed in.

    Education Secretary Mike Russell said much had been achieved over the past year and it was important to continue to learn while the largest teachers' union the EIS said there was much to welcome in the report but expressed some reservations.

    No Mubarak for Celtic clash 09:23:

    Wakaso Mubarak will not feature in Celtic's Champions League qualifier with Maribor.

    The Monday night signing deadline for the third-round qualifier passed without Celtic announcing the completion of a proposed loan deal for the Ghana winger from Rubin Kazan.

    Mubarak in action

    Celtic had agreed terms with the Russian top-flight club over a one-year deal for the 24-year-old.

    Wakaso, who was undergoing a medical in Moscow, has 19 caps for his country and appeared as a substitute in Ghana's 2-2 draw with Germany during this summer's World Cup finals in Brazil.

    He has been with Rubin Kazan in Russia's top flight since summer 2013, having previously played for Espanyol in Spain.

    Your views 09:17:

    Is travelling by train still value for money?

    Willie in Wick texts: Train journeys in this part of the far north are still good value, but I have to admit from Inverness South it's the Gold Bus for me and my wife Glynis. Great comfort, practically non-stop three hours and twenty minutes to Buchanan Street Glasgow with refreshments on board and concessions, you can't beat it.

    Steve from Bathgate: In Berlin, I can travel from Schonefeld airport to the city centre (about 45 mins) for 2.50 euros. For the Bathgate to Edinburgh Haymarket trip (25 mins) it's £5. No, it's not value for money.

    Dennis in Aberdeen texts: If you are over 60 in Scotland you get free travel throughout, even including the luxury Gold express service, including tea coffee and scones taking you city centre to city centre entirely free. Its a great way to travel and see Scotland's cities on a minimum budget.

    Get involved: Text 80295 or tweet us @BBCScotlandNews

    Education and independence 09:12: Jamie McIvor BBC Scotland education correspondent

    Here's the daily #indyref question - how does education and childcare fit into the debate? Read my answer here.

    Million 'have inadequate housing' 09:04:

    Nearly one million Scots cannot afford adequate housing according to the largest study of poverty ever conducted in the UK.


    Researchers from universities across Britain, including Heriot-Watt and Glasgow, found that in Scotland more than 400,000 adults go without essential clothing while more than 200,000 children live in homes that are damp.

    Travel update 08:56: BBC Scotland Travel Latest

    In Midlothian, roadworks mean the A6106 Millerhill Road is closed from The Wisp to the City Bypass.

    The A736 Lochlibo Road is closed between Barrhead and Shillford with traffic being diverted through Neilston.

    Elsewhere, Wellmeadow Street in Paisley is closed following a building fire at the weekend. This is also causing congestion on Castle Street and Well Street.

    Broadcasting's future 08:48:

    What happens to the BBC and broadcasting in general if there is an independence Yes vote?

    Blair Jenkins, chief executive of the Yes campaign and a former head of news at BBC Scotland, told Good Morning Scotland: "What we would have for the first time is what every other normal European country has, which is a national television channel, or perhaps more than one, showing programme that are relevant to people here.

    "There would be the full range of programmes. There would be certainly scope to commission drama and co-produce drama. I think there would be a lot of news and current affairs, journalism is very important, but also entertainment and everything else.

    He added: "There is no credible scenario in which we will not be watching BBC programmes and services that we currently enjoy. The bonus is that like other normal European countries we'll have our own domestic production base, which means more Scottish content and definitely more jobs."

    08:44: The Evening Times

    Police reduce number of away fans at Ibrox.

    You can read the full story here.

    Murray seeded for US Open 08:36:

    Andy Murray has been seeded eighth for next week's US Open.

    The 27-year-old, who won the tournament in 2012, has not won an ATP ranking event since Wimbledon in 2013.

    Andy Murray seeded

    British players Daniel Cox and Naomi Broady will not be joining Murray in the main draw after losing their first-round qualifiers in straight sets.

    The seedings for the women's tournament will be announced on Wednesday, with the draw taking place the following day.

    Broadcasting's future 08:31:

    What happens to the BBC and broadcasting in general if there is an independence Yes vote?

    Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, Margaret Curran, told Good Morning Scotland: "The proposals are to take Scotland out of the BBC and replace it with a new state broadcaster.

    "I think that would be bad for viewers and I think that would be very bad for the industry in Scotland because ultimately it would lead to a higher licence fee or lower quality.

    "Currently we put £300m in through our licence fee and we get £3bn back. I think the idea of a completely new separate state broadcaster wouldn't have support in Scotland."

    Travel update 08:27: BBC Scotland Travel Latest

    Traffic is slow on the A90 Dundee Road with gas works causing congestion in both directions at Longforgan.

    There are also delays on the M90 at Perth and Kinross with a lane closed at Junction 9 near Balmanno Hill.

    In Edinburgh, a broken down car on A720 Edinburgh City Bypass is causing queues eastbound back to Hermiston Gait.

    The B1936 through Glenlivet remains closed along with School Road in Hopeman following last week's heavy flooding.

    Paper review 08:20:

    The Scotsman has a front page picture of Shelley Kerr, the first female manager in Scottish senior football, but its main story is about the referendum.


    It picks up on comments from Alex Salmond that he "would retire from politics tomorrow" if it would guarantee a Yes vote in the independence referendum.

    Elsewhere, the Herald and the Scottish edition of The Times have have similar headlines, declaring the English are seeking a "heavy price" for the referendum.

    And the Scottish Daily Mail carries a warning from former BBC director general Lord Birt that Scottish independence would result in cuts to BBC programmes and services.

    See the front pages here in our paper review.

    Morning Call 08:14: BBC Radio Scotland

    On today's Morning Call we want to know your views on Scotrail's decision to raise peak-time fares by 2.5% next year. The increase is based on the Retail Price Inflation (RPI) figure for July, at which level the Scottish government had said it would cap increases.

    Louise White asks: Is travelling by train still value for money?

    In a speech earlier this week, the Prime Minister highlighted that grandparents are getting a "raw deal" after stepping in to look after children whose parents have died or are unable to provide adequate care themselves. He signalled that thousands could be given parental rights to paid leave and greater financial support.

    Louise asks: Should grandparents be given more recognition?

    Tell us what you think by calling 0500 92 95 00, texting 80295 or emailing. The lines are open now.

    You can listen live to the debate here.

    Today's weather 08:09: BBC Scotland Weather Latest

    It will be a cold start to the day but it will soon break to see some bright weather and only a few showers in the north. The rain will gradually spread into the northwest and the west Highlands.

    Temperatures will range from 14C in the far north to 17C in parts of the south and east.

    You can watch a full forecast here.


    Traffic Scotland tweets: A9 both ways at Gleneagles Station Jct - Lane 1 on both carriageways will be closed *continuously* from 20th Aug to 10th Sept.

    08:00: Steven Brocklehurst BBC Scotland news website

    Good morning. News, sport, weather and travel from across Scotland coming up between now and 6pm.



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