As-it-happened: Scottish council election results

Key points

  • The fate of more than 1,200 council seats in Scotland was revealed during a Friday results day.
  • Electors went to the polls on Thursday in a Scotland-wide election to decide all 32 of the country's councils.
  • The proportional representation system of STV was used instead of the first-past-the-post system, which is used for other elections.
  • As in England, the Lib Dems had a bad election - losing seats to both the SNP and Labour.
  • The Tories also lost seats in the council contest.
  • Labour did well in Scotland's biggest cities - securing overall control of Glasgow and being the biggest party in Edinburgh.

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Scottish council elections. Counting is under way to decide the outcome of more than 1,200 seats belonging to the country's 32 local authorities.


    Lorraine Davidson said she was looking to see if the SNP could continue its momentum in the cities, especially Glasgow - Labour's heartland. She said the STV (Single Transferable Vote) election system would count against their ability to win overall majorities.


    Ewan Crawford said he would be surprised if there was any council which had any one party in overall control after the election. He said the STV system brought up strange alliances such as Labour and the SNP sharing power in East Renfrewshire. In other parts of Scotland, Labour and the Tories have been sharing power.

    Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    Turnout could be a big issue in these elections.

    Here are some facts....

    • For the 2012 election, there were about four million eligible voters and there were 550,000 postal votes.
    • The last time there were stand-alone elections in Scotland, in 1995, 44.9% of the electorate came out to vote.

    This year, could that figure be as low as 30%?


    The last time electronic counting was used at a Scottish election there were 142,000 spoilt ballot papers. That was in the vote for the Scottish Parliament in 2007. Ewan Crawford said these elections had been "decoupled" from the Scottish Parliament vote as a consequence of that fiasco. He said the returning officers were "pretty confident" it would go well this time.


    Lorraine Davidson said that at the Scottish Parliament elections last year the Liberal Democrats did very badly and a large proportion of their votes went to the SNP.

    Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    Clackmannanshire Council, one of Scotland's smallest local authorities, reckons it will start declaring results from about 10:30


    @BBCRaymondB tweets: Huddling round the adjudication screen at the Glasgow count.#bbcvote2012

    Huddling round the adjudication screen at the Glasgow count Huddling round the adjudication screen at the Glasgow count

    There has a 41% turn out across Highland Council's 22 wards.

    Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    Voter turnout in Argyll and Bute is put at 47.7% - in terms of the Scottish picture, that could be at the higher end of the scale, although its still early days yet.


    In Glasgow, the Liberal Democrats are not confident of making any gains on their five seats at the last election. Their group leader tells the BBC they could fail to win any seats.


    @BBCRaymondB tweets: The adjudication screens at the Glasgow count are fascinating. They throw up votes which the computer wants a pair of human eyes to check.


    The electronic count is beginning in Edinburgh for first three wards.


    There are two hashtags for the local council election results. To contribute to the debate use #bbcvote2012 and #votecouncil12


    On BBC News channel, Glenn Campbell is in Edinburgh. He says there is "revenge in the air" for the Edinburgh tram project. Voters are angry that the centre of the city is still a building site and they will get half the tram line for twice the original cost. The Lib Dems, who have been the lead party in coalition with the SNP in Edinburgh, could suffer a backlash, Glenn says. Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie has also conceded that the coalition with the Tories at Westminster remains an issue. Who will gain if the Lib Dems slump? asks Glenn.


    Andy Sawford tweets: Nicola Sturgeon is now at the Glasgow count. Is that a sign of SNP optimism? #votecouncil12


    Steven Duff in Aberdeen. "This is Alex Salmond''s heartland," he says. Expectation is that the SNP will do very well in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. Turnout 30% to 35%, he adds.


    @BBCRaymondB tweets: In Glasgow, Solidarity are not expecting Gail Sheridan to become Councillor Sheridan.

    Results watch

    The first result for Midlothian Council is expected at 11:30 with the potential completion of its results by 12:30.

    Results watch

    The first result in Glasgow should be soon - candidates for Newlands/Auldburn ward have been summoned to have the result explained to them before it is announced publicly.


    All Highland Council's meeting rooms in Inverness are booked out in preparation for negotiations between independent and political groups.


    Malcolm Harvey tweets: Edinburgh move onto their numerically fourth ward, called Forth, on May the Fourth #bbcvote2012


    From South Ayrshire Council: Based on the ballot paper account provided by each polling station, the election turnout figures in South Ayrshire are:

    • Ward 1: Troon - 48.81%
    • Ward 2: Prestwick - 46.39%
    • Ward 3: Ayr North - 34.33%
    • Ward 4: Ayr East - 44.39%
    • Ward 5: Ayr West - 47.86%
    • Ward 6: Kyle - 41.58%
    • Ward 7: Maybole, North Carrick & Coylton - 39.31%
    • Ward 8: Girvan & South Carrick - 41.91%

    Overall turnout in South Ayrshire was 43.15%.

    Count at Easterbrook Hall, Dumfries The count is under way at Easterbrook Hall in Dumfries
    Ward result 1035:

    GLASGOW COUNCIL: First ward result sees 38% turnout with 2 Labour, 1 SNP councillors elected to the Newlands/Auldburn ward.


    The Highland Council tweets: Successful candidates for Ward 16 #HCvote #votecouncil12


    The first result from Renfrewshire shows the Labour vote up since 2007 more than the SNP vote.

    Council Result 1040:

    ORKNEY ISLANDS COUNCIL: It has declared the results in its six wards, with 21 councillors elected. A fair few independents elected, in an area held by the Liberal Democrats at Holyrood and Westminster.

    Results watch 1044:

    The counting for three wards in Edinburgh (Almond, Pentland Hills, DrumBrae/Gyle) started at 9:30. Results should be out for at least one of them by 11:30. Counting has not been announced for any of the other wards yet - they are counting the ward results three at a time.


    Prof John Curtice says: Dunfermline in Fife also shows the Labour vote up more than the SNP vote since 2007. At the same time the Lib Dem vote is down heavily. It could be that Labour is simply regaining ground it lost in the wake of the 2006 Westminster by-election.


    Orkney Islands Council ward results breakdown: Kirkwall East - Janice Annal (independent); Steven Heddle; Gwenda Shearer (independent); Bill Stout. Kirkwall West and Orphir - Alan Clouston (independent); Jack Moodie; John Richards (independent); David Tullock (independent). Stromness and South Isles - Rob Crichton; Maurice Davidson; James Stockan. West Mainland - Alistair Gordon;Harvey Johnston; Jimmy Moar; Owen Tierney (Independent). East Mainland, South Ronaldsay and Burray - Andrew Drever (independent); Jim Foubister (independent); Russ Madge. North Isles - Stephen Clackson (independent); Stephen Hagan (independent); Graham Sinclair (independent).


    Stirling Greens tweet: Result! @markruskell elected in Dunblane and Bridge of Allan! Stirling's first Green councillor! #scotgp12

    Ward Result 1051:

    Ward Result

    RENFREWSHIRE COUNCIL: Ward 1- Renfrew North result Bill Brown, Scottish Labour Party; Alexander Murrin, Scottish Labour Party; Bill Perrie, Scottish National Party. Full number of valid papers 4,074 with a turnout 42.8%.

    Ward 2 - Renfrew South and Gallowhill: Margaret Devine, Scottish Labour Party; Eddie Grady, Scottish Labour Party; Cathy McEwan, Scottish National Party. Total number of valid papers 4,358 with a turnout 42.1%.

    Ward result

    ABERDEENSHIRE COUNCIL: The first ward to declare in Aberdeenshire, Banff and District, has seen two SNP members and one Tory returned. Voter turnout at the local authority was 38.3%.


    @GlennBBC tweets: Turnout in Edinburgh Pentland Hills 44.43% #BBCVote2012 #sc12

    Ward Result 1045:

    NORTH LANARKSHIRE COUNCIL: The Kilsyth ward has declared. Two Labour and one SNP candidates have been elected, which mirrors the 2007 local election result. Labour's Jean Jones and Heather McVey, and the SNP's Alan Stevenson won the ballot. Turnout was 39.6% in the North Lanarkshire ward.

    Ward Result 1050:

    HIGHLAND AND ISLANDS COUNCIL - Ward 16 - Inverness Ness-side - Alasdair Christie - Scottish Liberal Democrats Focus Team; Norrie Donald, Independent; Fraser Parr, Scottish Labour Party; Jean Nimmo Slater, Scottish National Party (SNP).


    Glasgow's Greater Pollok sees two Labour and two SNP councillors elected, with a 30% turnout.


    It looks like we have another hashtag. Looks as if people using #sc12 - you can also follow on #bbcvote2012 and #votecouncil2012

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "A first result from Aberdeen again shows both Labour and the SNP vote up on 2007 while the Lib Dem vote has collapsed. But here too the Labour vote is up more than the SNP vote. It is beginning to look doubtful that the SNP are going to make significant advances at Labour's expense today."

    Ward Result 1057:

    SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL - Ward 2 - Tweeddale East - Stuart Bell (SNP) Graham Garvie (Scottish Liberal Democrats) Gavin Logan (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

    Ward Result 1054:

    PERTH AND KINROSS: The first ward to be declared sees Carse and Gowrie return two SNP councillors and one Conservative.

    Perth and Kinross count The final result for Perth and Kinross Council is expected early this afternoon

    BBC's James Cook tweets: In Greater Pollok, Glasgow Labour and the SNP take two seats each, a gain for the SNP. No seat for Labour rebels. #BBCVote2012

    Ward Result 1103:

    NORTH LANARKSHIRE COUNCIL: In the Motherwell West ward two Labour candidates - Paul Kelly and Michael Ross - and Annette Valentine for the SNP, have won the vote. Turnout was 37.9% and a total of 74 ballot papers were rejected.

    Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    Former Lib Dem MSP Robert Brown, who lost his seat at the Holyrood election, has risen like a phoenix from the flames to win a seat in South Lanarkshire. It's likely a few ex Holyrood members will be reborn in the world of local government.


    Stephen Noon tweets: First gain for SNP in Glasgow #sc12 - in Johann Lamont's seat I believe

    Ward Result 1104:

    HIGHLANDS AND ISLANDS COUNCIL: Ward 14 - Inverness West - Allan Duffy (SNP) Alex Graham (Scottish Liberal Democrats Focus Team) Graham Ross (Independent).

    Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    The council elections results are coming in a lot faster than expected, so much so that SNP leader Alex Salmond is planning to turn up at the Aberdeen count at 12:00 instead of 15:00. Previous estimates were putting declaration times at lunchtime, although these were cautious because of problems with electronic counting at the 2007 Scottish elections.

    Ward Result 1107:

    GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL: The Liberal Democrats have their first Glasgow councillor, after Margot Clark was elected in the Linn ward. Labour's Malcolm Cunning and Sadie Docherty secured two of the ward's seats and Glenn Elder for the SNP took the fourth. Turnout was 34%.


    In the Dunfermline North ward in Fife the turnout was 37.1%, considerably lower than the last turnout of 52.1%.

    Ward Result 1108:

    HIGHLANDS AND ISLANDS COUNCIL - Ward 15 - Inverness Central - Janet Campbell (Independent); Donnie Kerr (SNP); Richard Laird (SNP); Bet McAllister (Scottish Labour Party).


    Hugh O'Donnell tweets: Glasgow Pollok 2 Lab 2 SNP elected. Lab's Cllr Rashid Hussain also had baby last night. #bbcvote2012 And he's out already!


    The turnout in Edinburgh is also down in the Almond, Pentland Hills and Drumbrae/Gyle wards in Edinburgh. Almond - 44.29% (down from 62.9% last year), Pentland Hills - 44.14%, Drumbrae/Gyle - 44.18%.

    Ward Result 1113:

    SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL: The first declaration from South Ayrshire sees no change in the Kyle ward since the last election, with the same three councillors elected. They are John Allan of the SNP, Scottish Labour's Andy Campbell, and Hywel Davies, from the Scottish Conservatives.

    Gail Sheridan Gail Sheridan, wife of disgraced former MSP Tommy Sheridan, at the Glasgow Council count
    Ward Result 1114:

    ANGUS COUNCIL - Ward 1 - Kirriemuir & Dean - Iain Gaul (SNP); Ronnie Proctor (CON); Jeanette Gaul (SNP)


    Tom Peterkin tweets: At last some good news for David Cameron. Well.....David Cameron (SNP) who has just been elected in Aberdeen #sc12


    Labour group leader on Dundee City Council Kevin Keenan retains seat as Strathmartine ward results are declared.

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "A second Aberdeen result shows only a very small swing from Labour to SNP since 2007. However, a second result in Glasgow shows a notable swing from Labour to the SNP though not on a scale likely to deliver the SNP a majority. Still there are tentative signs that perhaps the SNP advance in Glasgow might prove stronger than elsewhere in Scotland."


    The turnout in the Glenrothes Central and Thornton in Fife is 37.38%.

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "A second result in Fife, this time in Glenrothes, actually shows a decline in SNP support while Labour's support is well up. Glasgow apart, one might even begin to describe the results we've had in so far as remarkably disappointing for the SNP, at least so far as the party's objective was to end up with a bigger lead over Labour than the very narrow outcome that occurred in 2007."


    The turnout in the Glenrothes Central and Thornton in Fife is 37.38%.

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    Third Result in Glasgow - "Again we have both the SNP and Labour vote up and the SNP vote up more than Labour but not on a scale likely to deliver an SNP overall majority. Indeed, on the three results we've had so far it is far from clear that the SNP can be confident of even being the largest party in the city."


    BBC's Raymond Buchanan tweets: Pollokshields includes the solitary Conservative Glasgow councillor @cllrdmeikle - nicknamed "DavetheTory". #bbcvote2012

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    (On turnout in Scotland) - "So far turnout in Scotland is down on average by 13 points. This would suggest that the eventual overall turnout will be around 40% in the country. Although this would be down on the 45% that was recorded last time local elections were held separately from a Holyrood election (in 1995), it is higher than the suggestions that turnout might be as low as 25% that were being made by some of the parties yesterday."

    Ward Result 1126:

    GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL: Ward 6 Pollokshields; result 1 SNP, 1 Con, 1 Lab. Glasgow's one Conservative councillor survives.


    BBC's James Cook tweets: Tory Ruth Davidson, who won her party's leadership, has just arrived and is chatting to Labour's Tom Harris, who didn't. #BBCVote2012

    Ward Result 1129:

    SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL: Tweedale West Ward - Voters return Willie Archibald for the SNP, Catriona Bhatia of the Lib Dems and Nathaniel Buckingham for the Conservatives.


    The turnout for the Dunfermline Central ward in Fife is 38.69%.

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    (On third Aberdeen result) - "Again we have a result that shows substantial increases in Labour and SNP support, while there is very little swing between the two of them. It is beginning to look as though Scotland is going to reject the two UK coalition parties (Tory and Lib Dem) in much the same way as England has evidently also done."


    BBC's Glenn Campbell tweets: It's amazing how many ways Edinburgh voters have found to spoil ballots. Knots n crosses. Multiple Xs. Anti-trams abuse. #bbcvote2012 #sc12

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    (On third Rensfrewshire result) - "The Labour vote is up substantially here and far more than the Nationalist vote. Here the Lib Dem vote has again been heavily squeezed. But it is beginning to look inconceivable that this is day where the Nationlists have inflicted a disastrous defeat on Labour across Scotland as a whole. Rather, the results are much more consistent with a close race between the two parties as to who might emerge ahead in terms of the share of the Scotland-wide first preference vote. Contrary to what was expected before today, it looks as though Labour's performance in Scotland is not going to be wildly divergent from that south of the border."

    Ward Result 1129:

    NORTH LANARKSHIRE COUNCIL: The SNP have gained two councillors in Coatbridge North and Glenboig. There had been three Labour councillors and one independent in the ward. James MacGregor Fulton and Julie McNulty will now represent it for the SNP, while Michael McPake and Bill Shields were elected for Labour. Turnout was 34.6%.

    Ward Result 1133:

    SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL: The SNP have gained one council seat from the Tories in the Ayr East ward. Ian Douglas was re-elected for the Nationalists, while voters also returned the SNP's Corri Wilson. Mary Kilpatrick was elected for the Conservatives, as was Brian McGinley for Scottish Labour. The turnout was 43.8%. This was the ward from which the council's former Conservative Provost, Winifred Sloan, stood down after 20 years service as a councillor.


    @BBCJamesCook tweets Labour take a seat in Glasgow Pollokshields at the expense of the SNP. Conservatives hold their seat. #BBCVote2012

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "A third result from Fife again shows the Labour vote up far more than the SNP vote, and again the Lib Dem more or less disappearing."

    Ward Result 1133:

    HIGHLAND COUNCIL - Three wards declared so far in Inverness. Based on the number of candidates standing in the 22 Wards, no single party can take overall control of the council. Inverness West ward - Elected are Allan Duffy of the SNP, Alex Graham of the Lib Dems and Graham Ross, who is an Independent candidate. Inverness Ness-side ward - Elected are Alasdair Christie and Jean Slater from the SNP, Norrie Donald, who is an Independent candidate and Fraser Parr for Labour. Inverness Central ward - Elected are Donnie Kerr and Richard Laird for the SNP, Independent candidate Janet Campbell and Bet McAllister for Labour.

    Ward Result 1134:

    RENFREWSHIRE COUNCIL - Ward 3 - Paisley East and Ralston - Brian Lawson (SNP); Will Mylet (SNP); Jim Sharkey (Scottish Labour Party); Maureen Sharkey (Scottish Labour Party) Total number of valid papers 5,605. Turnout 44.18%

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "A fourth Aberdeen result shows Labour's vote up, the SNP vote actually down, and a big decline in both the Conservative and Lib Dem vote."


    In Edinburgh the turnout for the Pentland Hills ward was only 44.14%, substantially down from the previous turnout of 62.8% in 2007.


    Husband and wife team Jim and Maureen Sharkey returned for Labour in Paisley East & Ralston ward. Maureen is a first-time councillor.


    BBC's Glenn Campbell tweets: Edinburgh gossip. Lib Dem vote down. Going to SNP some areas. Other parties elsewhere. Greens doing well across city. #bbcvote2012 #sc12


    Glasgow City - Scotland's largest council - is expected to finish counting at 16:00, which is earlier than first thought.

    Ward Result 1138:

    DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY - Nith Ward - Labour's Colin Smyth and John Martin elected along with Jack Groom of the Conservatives and Alastair Witts for the SNP.

    candidates await result of Nith ward Candidates await the result of the Nith ward on Dumfries and Galloway Council

    Corrinne Douglas tweets: Wow. 5 female councillors elected to Stirling Council. Only two last time round. #sc12

    Ward Result 1140:

    MORAY COUNCIL: Elgin City South ward - Candidates elected are Graham Leadbitter for the SNP, John Divers for Labour and James Allan for the Conservatives. Elgin City North ward - Candidates elected are Mike Shand and Patsy Gowans for the SNP and Barry Jarvis for Labour.

    Ward Result 1141:

    PERTH AND KINROSS COUNCIL: Ward 2 - Strathmore - Alan Grant SNP, Dennis Melloy CON, Ian Miller SNP and Lewis Simpson LIB DEM - no change

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    A first ward result from Dundee shows only a small swing from Labour to the SNP. We have now had at least one ward result from each of the six councils whose detailed results we are following today. Only in Glasgow are there so far evident signs that the SNP are advancing more significantly than Labour since 2007.

    Ward Result 1143:

    MORAY COUNCIL - Ward Eight Forres - result: George Alexander (Ind); Lorna Cresswell(Ind) Aaron Mclean (SNP); Anne Skene (Ind);

    1146: Raymond Buchanan BBC Scotland political correspondent

    The wife of former socialist MSP and convicted perjurer Tommy Sheridan has failed in her bid to become a Glasgow councillor. Gail Sheridan stood for her husband's Solidarity party in the Craigton ward. Labour and the SNP secured two seats each.

    Ward Result 1146:

    INVERCLYDE COUNCIL: The Scottish Lib Dems have lost a seat to Labour in the Inverclyde East ward. Stephen McCabe and James McColgan were elected for Labour, alongside the SNP's James MacLeod, and David Wilson of the Tories. Lib Dem John Watson polled the least number of votes in the ward.

    Analysis 1147: John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "A fourth Glasgow result shows a large swing to the SNP of just the kind they would need to win overall control. It is certainly beginning to look as though Glasgow is going to be one of the better stories for the SNP in Scotland today."


    Re-elected councillor Ian Miller (centre), who is no doubt hoping he will be the next leader of Perth and Kinross Council, stands with Finance Secretary John Swinney and the SNP MP for Perth and North Perthshire, Pete Wishart.

    (Left to right) John Swinney, Ian Miller and Pete Wishart Finance Secretary John Swinney with SNP councillor Ian Miller and MP Pete Wishart at Perth count
    Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    While there's no definitive picture in Scotland as yet, there are inital signs that voters have turned away from the two coalition parties, the Tories and Lib Dems, which is what seems to be happening in England. There are also indications the vote has gone to the SNP and Labour, meaning the Nationalists may not have made the dent in the Labour vote across Scotland that they were hoping for. Things could be going well for the SNP in Glasgow, though.

    Ward result 1150:

    BORDERS COUNCIL: Galashiels & District - Sandy Aitchison (Borders Party), Bill Herd (SNP), John Mitchell (SNP) and Bill White (Ind).

    Ward 4 Selkirkshire - Vicky Davidson (Lib Dem), Michelle Ballantyne (Con) and Gordon Edgar (Ind).

    Ward Result 1153:

    SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL: There's been no change in the political make-up of the Ayr West ward. Two sitting Conservative councillors - Bill Grant and Robin Reid - have been re-elected, along with the SNP's Allan Dorrans and Kirst Darwent for Labour.


    Graeme Cook tweets: Jim Leishman elected as councillor for Dunfermline Central. Will his powers extend to immediate SPL expansion to save the #Pars?


    The former manager of Dunfermline FC, Jim Leishman, has been elected as a Labour councillor in Fife, in the Dunfermline central ward.

    Ward result 1153:

    SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL: Ward 5 - Ayr West - Two sitting conservative councillors are safely back in Ayr West. Bill Grant and Robin Reid have been elected along with Allan Dorrans (SNP) and Kirsty Darwent (Labour). No change in the political make-up of this ward.

    Ward Result 1155:

    DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY COUNCIL: North West Dumfries - Two Labour candidates elected, Ronnie Nicholson and David McKie, along with Graham Bell for the Conservatives and Andy Ferguson of the SNP.


    Midlothian Council expects to announce the results of the Penicuik ward in about 10 minutes. Other results from Midlothian Council are expected within the hour.

    Ward Result 1156:

    FIFE COUNCIL: Dunfermline Central - four councillors elected - Jim Leishman (Lab); Bob Young (Lab); Neil Hanvey (SNP); Joe Rosiak (LD)


    The turnout in Edinburgh Inverleith was 47.85%, down from the last turnout of 63.8%

    Ward Result 1159:

    SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL: Leaderdale and Melrose ward - Previous council leader David Parker, who is an Independent candidate, is returned along with Jim Torrance for the SNP and Nicholas Watson of the Borders Party.

    Analysis 1159: John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "First result from Edinburgh shows the SNP up far more than Labour in the wake of a substantial collapse in the Lib Dem vote."


    Kezia Dugdale MSP tweets: Lets be honest - this electronic counting malarkey takes all the fun and drama out of the count #edelect

    1201: Glenn Campbell Political correspondent, BBC Scotland

    "The Liberal Democrats seem to have lost votes to the SNP in the first ward to declare in Edinburgh City Council. The Nationalists got most first preference votes in the Almond ward. But there has been no change to the councillors elected for this area - 1 Conservative, 1 Liberal Democrat, 1 SNP."

    Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    In the Highlands the SNP's former provost of Inverness, Bob Wynd, has lost his seat in the Culloden and Ardersier ward. So far the Lib Dem vote in Inverness appears to have held up, but, in other parts of Scotland, the party's vote is being squeezed.

    Big Debate Brian Taylor Political editor, Scotland

    Join me for my Big Debate on BBC Radio Scotland starting at 12:15 (in two minutes time!). You can also bookmark my blog on all things Scottish politics!


    BBC's Cameron Buttle tweets: Scot Borders: Leaderdale and Melrose - former council leader David Parker holds seat. Borders Party hold, SNP gain 1, Lib lose 1.

    Ward Result 1204:

    INVERCLYDE COUNCIL: Results are in from another two wards in this local authority; Inverclyde North and South. In the North, Jim Clocherty was re-elected for Labour, alongside the party's Martin Brennan. The SNP's Math Campbell-Sturgess took a seat, as did Kenny Shepherd of the Lib Dems. This retains the political make-up of this seat from the 2007 ballot. In Inverclyde South, the SNP had three councillors, that is now down to one - Keith Brooks, who collected 1,004 votes. Joe McIlwee from the Scottish Labour Party got the biggest number of votes, at 1,392. Vaughan Jones, also from Labour, achieved 589 votes.


    Glasgow City Council tweets: Position in Glasgow after 5 of 21 wards: Labour 9, SNP 7, Conservative 1, LibDem 1 #GCCvote #votecouncil12

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "A second ward result in Edinburgh shows no net swing from Labour to the SNP and once again a sharp decline in Lib Dem and Conservative support. It looks as though the results in Scotland's capital will be not that dissimilar to the rest of the country."

    Ward result 1207:

    PERTH AND KINROSS COUNCIL: Blairgowrie and Glens ward - Turnout was 46.2% with same result as last election, meaning Bob Ellis and Liz Grant returned for the SNP and Caroline Shiers for the Conservatives. Highland ward - Turnout was 50.3% with same candidates returned as previous election, namely Kaye Howie and Mike Williamson for the SNP and Ian Campbell for the Conservatives. Strathtay ward - Turnout 45.9% with same result as last election, which sees John Kellas and Grant Laing for the SNP elected along with Barbara Vaughan for the Conservatives.


    Rory Reynolds tweets: Humiliation for Lib Dems in Pentlands as they come behind Independent Professor Pongoo, who got nearly 450 votes #voteedin12

    1212: Giancarlo Rinaldi South Scotland reporter, BBC Scotland news website

    "Early signs are good for Labour with two candidates elected in each of the three Dumfries and Galloway Council wards declared so far. They have secured half of the 12 seats allocated at this stage with the others shared evenly between the Conservatives and SNP."

    Ward Result 1213:

    NORTH LANARKSHIRE: The BBC's Laura Bicker says the Lib Dems have been hammered in Airdrie South, with the former councillor John Love polling only 224 votes. The SNP have gained a seat, with the election of Agnes Coyle and Michael Coyle. Tom Curley and David Fagan were elected for Scottish Labour. Turnout was 38.2%.

    Ward Result 1214:

    MIDLOTHIAN COUNCIL: In the Penicuik ward two SNP councillors have been elected and one Labour councillor has been elected. Derek Rosie and Joe Wallace were were elected for the SNP and Adam Montgomery was elected for Labour. That is an SNP gain of one seat at the expense of the Lib Dems. There was a 44% turnout.

    Ward Result 1214:

    SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL: Mid Berwickshire ward - Donald Moffat (SNP), John Greenwell (Con) and Frances Renton (Lib Dem).

    Ward Result 1215:

    DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY COUNCIL: Mid and Upper Nithsdale Ward - Jim Dempster and John Syme (Lab), Gill Dykes (Con) and Andrew Wood (SNP).

    Ward Result 1216:

    MIDLOTHIAN COUNCIL: Penicuik ward - 3 Councillors elected from 6 candidates: Adam Montgomery - Scottish Labour Party. Derek George Rosie - Scottish National Party (SNP). Joe Wallace - Scottish National Party (SNP).

    Ward Result 1218:

    INVERCLYDE COUNCIL: The SNP have gained a seat from the Lib Dems in the Inverclyde West ward. George White lost his seat to the the SNP's Christopher McEleny. Terry Loughran from the Scottish Labour Party was re-elected with 991 votes, as was Independent councillor Ronald Ahlfeld, with 1,951 votes.

    1219: Giancarlo Rinaldi South Scotland reporter, BBC Scotland news website

    Past halfway in the Scottish Borders Council elections and the SNP leads the way with six councillors. The Lib Dems and the Conservatives have four each with three Independents and two for the Borders Party.

    Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    Earlier, I described new Fife councillor and former Dunfermline FC manager Jim Leishman as being 53-years-old. I think he's actually 58. His youthful looks deceived me.

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "The third Edinburgh result shows another very large drop in Lib Dem support while Labour have advanced somewhat more than the SNP. It certainly looks as though the Lib Dems' association with the trams fiasco has not done them any good but that SNP hopes of becoming the largest party in the city may not be realised."


    The former leader of Aberdeen City Council, Kate Dean, has lost her seat. The Liberal Democrat was in charge of the authority when it was forced to make its first round of cuts in 2008. She'd served as a councillor for 18 years.

    Ward result 1221:

    NORTH LANARKSHIRE COUNCIL: Ward 11: Airdrie South - Percentage poll: 38.2% - Total ballot papers rejected: 116 - Elected - Agnes Coyle (Scottish National Party); Michael Coyle (Scottish National Party); Tom Curley (Scottish Labour Party); David Fagan (Scottish Labour Party).

    1223: Glenn Campbell Political correspondent, BBC Scotland
    Professor Pongoo, an independent penguin Professor Pongoo was an independent penguin

    "Labour has gained a seat from the Liberal Democrats in Edinburgh Drumbrae/Gyle ward. It's the first seat to change hands in the city, where the Liberal Democrats have shared power with the SNP for the past five years. With nine of 58 seats declared it is clear the Lib Dem vote is down. In one ward their candidate got fewer first preference votes than Professor Pongoo, an independent penguin."

    Council Result 1225:

    STIRLING COUNCIL: Full results, SNP 9 (+2); Labour 8 (no change); Conservative 4 Scottish Green 1 (+1); Liberal Democrats 0 (-3)

    Ward Result 1227:

    SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL: The Tories have lost a seat to Independent candidate Alec Clark in Ward 8: Girvan and South Carrick. Two other candidates were re-elected; John McDowall from Labour and the SNP's Alec Oattes. The turnout was 42.88%.

    Ward Result 1228:

    EDINBURGH CITY COUNCIL: Pentland Hills ward - One SNP, one Scottish Labour and one Scottish Conservative councillor have been elected. Bill Henderson SNP, Ricky Henderson Labour and Dominic Heslop Conservative will now represent the ward.


    Director of football at Dunfermline Football Club, Jim Leishman, after he was elected as a Labour councillor in Fife, in the Dunfermline Central ward.

    Jim Leishman with fellow Labour councillor Bob Young. Jim Leishman with fellow Labour councillor Bob Young.
    Ward Result 1232:

    INVERCLYDE COUNCIL: The final result in this local authority has been announced, at Inverclyde South West. The policital make-up of the ward stays the same, with Gerry Dorrian re-elected for Scottish Labour, Ciano Rebecchi retaining the seat for the Lib Dems and Innes Nelson winning for the SNP.

    Ward Result 1232:

    EDINBURGH CITY COUNCIL: Drum Brae/Gyle ward - Karen Keil for the Scottish Labour party, Ron Cairns for the SNP and Robert Aldridge for the Scottish Liberal Democrats have been elected to represent the ward.

    Joan Sturgeon with her daughter Nicola Joan Sturgeon, mum of SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon, has been returned as a Cllr in North Ayrshire
    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "With detailed results from 28 wards that have been collected by the BBC now available the average change in vote for the four main parties is as follows -

    • LABOUR - (+7)
    • SNP - (+5)
    • CON - (-3)
    • LIB DEM - (-9)

    These numbers represent a much smaller increase in SNP support on 2007 than the party achieved in last year's Scottish Parliament elections. Indeed, they could well mean that Labour end up as slightly the larger party across Scotland as a whole. Meanwhile, what is clear is that the results in Scotland for the Lib Dems are just as bad as in the rest of the UK, as well as in Scotland last year, while the Conservatives look as though they are going to suffer yet another rebuff north of the border."

    Ward Result 1234:

    SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL: East Berwickshire ward - Joan Umpherston Campbell (SNP), Michael Cook (Ind) and Jim Fullarton (Con)

    Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    More woe for the Lib Dems, as they've been wiped out in Stirling. Of the three seats they had the last time, two went to the SNP and one to the Greens (pretty sure that's Stirling's first Green councillor). The SNP (which has been running the authority as a minority administration) have become the biggest party, with nine seats, while Labour returned eight members and the Tories got four.

    Ward Result 1236:

    NORTH LANARKSHIRE COUNCIL: Airdrie North - SNP gain at expense of independent. Elected Alan Beveridge (SNP); Sophie Coyle (SNP); Tommy Morgan (Labour); Andrew Spowart (Labour). Motherwell North - No change 3 Lab, 1 SNP - Elected - Shahid Farooq (SNP); Annita McAuley (Labour); Helen McKenna (Labour); Peter Nolan (Labour).


    Patrick Harvie MSP tweets: Sounds like SNP stuck on 1 seat in Govan, with Glasgow First getting a surprise win. #GCCvote


    Counting in East Dunbartonshire has been delayed for the past hour following technical problems with the electronic ballot-counting machines. The returning officer in Bishopbriggs has just announced that the problems have now been resolved and counting is getting under way again. Results from six of the eight wards in the area are still to be announced.


    Tom Harris MP tweets: Official: SNP cannot now win a majority in Glasgow. #gccvote

    1240: Willie Johnston BBC Scotland

    SOUTH AYRSHIRE: "A real bloody nose for the Conservatives in Ward 8 - Girvan and South Carrick - with the defeat of sitting councillor Ian Fittsimmons. The runaway winner of the poll was Independent Alex Clark, standing on a local mandate for people disaffected by their community's perceived poor treatment by the council and, especially, the closure of their flagship swimming pool. Mr Clark was elected on a landslide with John McDowall (Labour) and Alec Oates (SNP) also getting in. No change in Ward 1 - Troon. All four councillors seeking re-election safely back in, including the Leader of the Conservative minority administration for the past five years, Bill McIntosh. Also elected were fellow Tory Peter Convery, Nan McFarlane (SNP) and Phillip Saxton (Labour).


    BBC's Glenn Campbell tweets: Prof Pongoo, penguin candidate who finished ahead of Lib Dems in Edin Pentland Hills, says "party politics have failed"#bbcvote2012 #sc12

    Ward Result 1242:

    NORTH LANARKSHIRE COUNCIL: Ward 17: Motherwell North. Percentage poll: 37.28%. Total ballot papers rejected: 87. Shahid Farooq (SNP); Anita McAuley (Scottish Labour Party); Helen McKenna (Scottish Labour Party); Peter Nolan (Scottish Labour Party).


    Malcolm Harvey tweets: This "SNP fail to win Glasgow" thing is pretty premature. Sure they can't win a majority, but that was unlikely anyway. May still minority.

    Ward Result 1245:

    MORAY COUNCIL: Ward three (Buckie) result: Gordon McDonald (SNP); Joe Mackay (Ind); Anne McKay (Ind)


    Turnout in Dunfermline South in Fife was 36.6%.

    Ward Result 1251:

    EDINBURGH CITY COUNCIL: Corstorphine/Murrayfield Ward: Frank Ross for the SNP, Paul Edie for the Liberal Democrats and Jeremy Ross Balfour for the Conservatives have been elected to represent the ward. That is a loss of one seat for the Lib Dems which went to the SNP.

    Ward Result 1251:

    MORAY COUNCIL: Ward two Keith and Cullen result: Gary Coull(SNP); Stewart Cree (Ind); Ron Shepherd (Ind).


    BBC's Glenn Campbell tweets: Alex Salmond says SNP will do "even better" than in 2007 and "very hopeful" of winning most votes across Scotland #bbcvote2012 #sc12

    1251: Andrew Anderson BBC Scotland News

    The story so far in Dundee: "The SNP on eight, Labour on six, the Lib Dems on one and there is one Independent. Broad smiles from SNP. They hope they can gain majority control in Dundee."

    Council Result 1252:

    Inverclyde Council Full results: Inverclyde East - James MacLeod, SNP; Stephen McCabe, Labour; James McColgan, Labour; David Wilson, Tory. Inverclyde East Central - Jim Grieve, SNP; Michael McCormick, Labour; Robert Moran, Labour. Inverclyde North - Martin Brennan, Labour; Math Campbell-Sturgess, SNP; Jim Clocherty, Labour; Kenny Shepherd, Liberal Democrats. Inverclyde South - Keith Brooks, SNP; Vaughan Jones, Labour; Joe McIlwee, Labour. Inverclyde West - Ronald Ahlfeld, Independent; Terry Loughran, Labour; Christopher McEleny, SNP; Inverclyde South West - Gerry Dorrian, Labour; Innes Nelson, SNP; Ciano Rebecchi, Liberal Democrats.

    Ward Result 1252:

    MORAY COUNCIL: Ward Four Fochabers and Lhanbryde result: Margo Howe (SNP); Douglas Ross(Con); Sean Morton (Lab).


    The BBC's Steven Godden from Fife: The result so far shows Labour on 14, the SNP on 6 and the Lib Dems on 2. It was a SNP/Lib Dem controlled council but Labour hoping to wrestle back control.

    Ward Results 1255:

    DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY COUNCIL: Annandale North ward - Peter Diggle and Gail Macgregor (Con), Ted Brown (Lab) and Stephen Thomson (SNP).

    SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL: Kelso & District ward - Simon Mountford (Con), Alec Nicol (Lib Dem), Tom Weatherston. (Con)

    SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL: Jedburgh & District ward - Jim Brown (SNP), Sandy Scott (Con) & Rory Stewart (Ind).


    Gerry Braiden tweets: GCC leader Gordon Matheson finally arrives @secc. Was he waiting for the Govan result before making an appearance? #gccvote #sc12

    Ward Results 1259:

    PERTH AND KINROSS: WARD 7 STRATHALLAN - Ann Gaunt (Lib Dem), Tom Gray (SNP) and Murray Lyle (Con) - turnout 41% - no change. WARD 8 KINROSSHIRE - Mike Barnacle (IND), Dave Cuthbert (IND), Joe Giacopazzi (SNP) and Wille Robertson (LIB DEM) - turnout 47.8% - Conservative loss - Independents gain. WARD 9 ALMOND AND EARN - Henry Anderson (SNP), Alan Jack (IND) and Alan Livingstone (CON) - turnout 43.7% - Lib dem group leader, George Hayton loses his seat, Conservative gain.

    Ward Result 1209:

    HIGHLANDS COUNCIL: Ward 18 - Culloden Ardersier - Roddy Balfour (ind); John Ford (Lab); Gwynneth Sinclair (SNP); Kate Steven (Lib Dem)

    RESULT - Ward 19 Nairn - Laurie Fraser (ind); Michael Green (ind); Colin Macaulay (SNP); Liz Macdonald (SNP)

    1302: Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    "Labour has emerged as the largest party on Inverclyde Council, with 10 councillors. The SNP came second, with six. The Liberal Democrats have two councillors and the Tories have one member. A single independent was also elected.


    Speaking on the BBC's election programme, First Minister Alex Salmond said: "Our vote was up 6 or 7% on a year which we won control of the Scottish Parliament, in 2007. If our result is six or seven per cent greater than that, then it's an even more spectacular result for the SNP. Right across the country, you've got government parties which are doing badly. In Scotland, on the results we've got so far, and it's only the initial results - the SNP are making further advances, and that must be a good thing."

    Ward Result 1306:

    NORTH LANARKSHIRE COUNCIL: Ward 12: Fortissat. Percentage poll: 38.67% Total ballot papers rejected: 94. Charles Cefferty (Independent); Thomas Cochrane (Scottish National Party); Jim Robertson (Scottish Labour Party).

    1303: Raymond Buchanan BBC Scotland political correspondent
    Glasgow election count Counting in Glasgow is well on its way

    "The current Labour leader of Glasgow City Council has arrived at the counting centre. Gordon Matheson says he is 'confident but taking nothing for granted'. He refused an opportunity to congratulate a rebel Labour councillor elected under the banner, Glasgow First, preferring to concentrate on his Labour team."


    BBC's James Cook tweets: Just said to a senior SNP figure: you haven't won this council, have you? Reply was a shake of the head. #BBCVote2012

    Ward Result 1309:

    NORTH LANARKSHIRE COUNCIL: Close contest in Airdrie Central, SNP lose on STV voting system - 2 Lab, 1 SNP. Elected: Jim Logue (Labour); David Stocks (SNP); Peter Sullivan (Labour). SNP candidate Graham Russell polled 721 first preference votes compared to Peter Sullivan with 630. But under Single Transferable Vote (STV) Sullivan wins seat.

    1308: Glenn Campbell Political correspondent, BBC Scotland

    "The Liberal Democrat's share of the vote in Edinburgh is about half what it was in 2007 when it finished as the largest party. With four of the city's 17 wards declared, the Liberal Democrats have lost two seats - one to the SNP and one to Labour. Professor Pongoo the penguin, who won more first preference votes than the Lib Dems in Pentland Hills, said the party was being punished for its coalition with the Conservatives in the UK government."


    BBC's James Cook tweets: Greens take a seat from the Liberal Democrats in Glasgow's Langside. SNP and Labour hold their seats. #BBCVote2012


    Cromarty Firth - the last ward still to be declared in Highland - has gone to a recount.

    Ward Result 1316:

    GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL: Ward 7 Langside; result: 1 SNP, 1 Lab, 1 Green.

    Council Result 1323:

    SHETLAND ISLANDS COUNCIL: Full council results. Shetland West - Gary Robinson, Theo Smith, Frank Robertson. Shetland South - Allison Duncan, Billy Fox, George Smith. Shetland Central - Mark Burgess, Vaila Wishart, Davie Sandison. Shetland North - Drew Ratter, Andrea Manson, Alastair Cooper. Shetland North Isles - Steven Coutts, Gary Cleaver, Robert Henderson. Lerwick South - Jonathan Wills, Amanda Westlake, Cecil Smith, Peter Campbell. Lerwick North - Malcolm Bell, Michael Stout, Allan Wishart.


    BBC's James Cook tweets: The Greens have ousted Glasgow's Lib Dem leader, Paul Coleshill. SNP had hoped to make that gain themselves. #BBCVote2012


    GLASGOW And here is a re-cap on the picture we know so far on Scotland's biggest council.

    Twenty-eight seats have declared so far; Lab 14, SNP 10, Cons 1, Lib Dem 1, Glasgow First 1, Green 1

    • Ward 7 Langside; 1 SNP, 1 Lab, 1 Green
    • Ward 9 Calton: Yvonne Kucuk (Lab), George Redmond (Lab), Alison Thewliss (SNP)
    • Ward 5 Govan; result 2 Lab, 1 SNP, 1 Glasgow First
    • Ward 4 Craigton result; 2 Lab, 2 SNP
    • Ward 6 Pollokshields; result 1 SNP, 1 Con, 1 Lab
    • Ward 1 Linn; result 1 Lib Dem, 2 Lab, 1 SNP
    • Ward 3 Greater Pollok; Lab 2 SNP 2
    • Ward 2 Newlands/Auldburn result announced 2 Lab 1 SN
    1328: Glenn Campbell Political correspondent, BBC Scotland

    "The Liberal Democrats have lost four seats in Edinburgh, with six of the city's seventeen wards declared. Two to Labour, one to the SNP and one to the Greens."

    Ward Result 1331:

    MIDLOTHIAN COUNCIL: Bonyrigg Ward 2: Ian Baxter has become the first Green councillor on Midlothian Council. He gained his seat at the expense of Scottish Labour who had 2 seats but now have 1. So now Derek Milligan will represent the ward for Labour, Bob Constable will represent Bonyrigg for the SNP and Ian Baxter has made history for the Green party.

    Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    Here's the Scottish national picture so far. Four councils have declared - two of those, Orkney and Shetland, are made up of independent members. In Stirling, the SNP is the biggest party, and the Lib Dems have been wiped out. In Inverclyde, Labour has the most councillors. It looks like the Labour and SNP vote is going up, and the Lib Dems are being squeezed like a lemon.

    Ward Results 1326:

    DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY COUNCIL: Annandale South ward - Richard Brodie (Lib Dem), Ian Carruthers (Con), Sean Marshall and Ronnie Ogilvie (Lab).

    SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL: Hawick and Denholm ward - Alastair Cranston (SNP), Zandra Elliot (Con) and Stuart Marshall (Ind).

    SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL: Hawick and Hermitage ward Davie Paterson (Ind), Ron Smith (Lib Dem) and George Turnbull (Con).


    Kezia Dugdale MSP tweets: Things look bad for Lib Dem Council Leader Jenny Dawe at the moment in Meadows #edelect

    Ward Results 1328: Willie Johnston BBC Scotland

    SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL: "Labour have gained a seat from SNP in Ayr North. Labour won two of the four available seats through Ian Cavana and Rita Millar. Douglas Campbell was re-elected for the SNP but fellow Nationalist Tom Slider lost his seat. The other successful candidate was the Conservative John Hampton. Douglas Campbell, Scottish National Party (SNP); Ian Cavana (Scottish Labour Party); John Hampton (Scottish Conservative); Rita Miller (Scottish Labour Party).

    Ward Result 1334:

    NORTH LANARKSHIRE COUNCIL: Two Labour candidates have been elected in the Cumbernauld North ward. They are Barry McCulloch and Bob Chadna. The SNP's Alan Masterton has taken a seat, as has the Independent Alan O'Brien. The turnout was just over 40%.

    Council Result 1339:

    MORAY COUNCIL: ALL wards have declared. The seats were divided as follows: SNP (10) and Independents (10). Conservative (3) and Labour (3). Coalition negotiations are now expected to take place between the groups over the next few days to try to establish a ruling administration group. Previously, the council was run by an 11-strong Conservative/Independent coalition, with 10 SNP in opposition with two Labour members, non-aligned councillors and one Tory.

    Ward Result 1339:

    DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY COUNCIL: Annandale East and Eskdale - Karen Carruthers and Denis Male (Con), Archie Dryburgh (Lab) and Craig Peacock (Ind).

    1341: Colin Wight BBC Scotland

    ABERDEEN - Labour are ahead. They had eight seats in the previous administration and they are now on 10. The SNP are on nine and the Conservatives on one and the Independents on one. The Liberal Democrats are not doing well.

    1341: Colin Wight BBC Scotland

    ABERDEENSHIRE The SNP are doing very well. They had 21 seats in the last administration and they are up to 26. The Conservatives on 12, Independents on 10, Lib Dems on 10. Labour who have won their first ever seat on Aberdeenshire Council and the Scottish Greens, in the shape of Malcolm Ford, have also got seats.

    Ward Result 1342:

    FALKIRK COUNCIL: Bo'ness and Blackness ward - Ann Ritchie and Sandy Turner for the SNP elected along with Adrian Mahoney for Scottish Labour. Grangemouth ward - Allyson Black and Joan Paterson elected for Scottish Labour along with David Balfour for the SNP and Independent Robert Spears. Denny and Banknock ward - Johnny McNally and Martin Oliver elected for the SNP along with Jim Blackwood for Scottish Labour and Independent Brian McCabe.

    Ward Result

    EDINBURGH CITY COUNCIL: Forth ward: Labour's Cammy Day, Conservative candidate Allan George Jackson, SNP group leader Steve Cardownie and Labour candidate Vicki Redpath have all been elected. So Labour has gained a seat and a bad day for the Lib Dems continues as they lose their seat.


    The BBC's South of Scotland reporter Giancarlo Rinaldi says it's now past the halfway stage in Dumfries and Galloway. Labour are in the lead with 12 seats, the Conservatives have nine, the SNP five with one Lib Dem and one independent so far.

    Ward Result 1348:

    SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL: The political make-up of the Maybole, North Carrick & Coylton ward remains the same as 2007, with an SNP, Labour, Tory and Independent candidate taking the seats. The latter, Brian Connolly, was re-elected, as was Ann Galbraith, for the Tories and Sandra Goldie for Labour. William Grant won the vote for the SNP. Turnout was 38.8%.

    1348: Andrew Anderson BBC Scotland News

    In Dundee we have 22 of the 29 seats declared so far with seven to go. The SNP on 12, Labour on 8, Lib Dems on 1 and one Independent. No Conservatives as yet.

    1349: Andrew Anderson BBC Scotland News

    In Dundee the SNP is now one seat off majority in Dundee with one ward remaining.

    Ward Result

    EDINBURGH CITY COUNCIL: Inverleith ward: Labour's Lesley Hinds, Scottish Green Nigel Bagshaw, SNP candidate Gavin Barrie and Iain Whyte for the Conservatives have all been elected. This means another loss for the Lib Dems with the Greens picking up their seat.

    Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    Over in the "wee county" of Clackmannanshire, which is next door to Stirling, the Lib Dems have also been wiped out, after losing the one member they had the last time. Labour and the SNP both have eight members.


    BBC's Glenn Campbell tweets: A tale of two cities. SNP seem confident of being largest party in Edinburgh if not in Glasgow. #bbcvote2012 #sc12

    Council Result 1350:

    PERTH AND KINROSS COUNCIL: Final result of Perth & Kinross Council election: SNP - 18 seats; Con - 10; Lib Dem - 5; Lab - 4; Ind 4.


    Glasgow is a key battleground, where the SNP is trying to take control from Labour. Our correspondent Raymond Buchanan, who is at the counting centre at the SECC in the city, said the Nationalists' hopes were fading vote by vote. He said: "Those smiling the most have Labour rosettes."

    Council Result 1353: Willie Johnston BBC Scotland

    SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL: "It all came down to the very last councillor to be declared. The Tories are again the largest party. They have 10 seats to the SNP's 9 and Labour's 9. What that means in terms of an administration to run the council is anybody's guess."

    Vote 2012 map

    You can see the results for which councils have finished counting here. Eight out of 32 so far, and and SNP is pulling ahead in terms of overall seats.

    Ward Result 1357:

    NORTH LANARKSHIRE COUNCIL: No change politically in the Cumbernauld South ward, with two Labour and two SNP candidates again winning the vote. William Goldie and Paddy Hogg get the most votes for the SNP, and Allan Graham and Stephanie Muir for Labour. Turnout was 41.3%.

    Ward Result 1357:

    MIDLOTHIAN COUNCIL: Dalkeith ward - elected are Alex Bennett and Margot Russell for Scottish Labour, along with Jim Bryant for the SNP.

    Council Result 1357: Cameron Buttle BBC Scotland

    SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL: The story of the day is the Liberal Democrats down by four seats. The SNP are up three. The Conservatives are down one, but they are still the biggest party.

    Council Result 1401:

    EAST AYRSHIRE COUNCIL: All votes in for East Ayrshire Council. 15 SNP; 14 LAB; 2 CON; 1 IND.


    BBC's James Cook tweets: No change in Glasgow Anderston/City: two Labour including leader Gordon Matheson, one SNP, one Green. #BBCVote2012

    Ward Result 1403:

    SOUTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL: Prestwick ward - elected are Hugh Hunter and Margaret Toner for the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, Ian Cochrane for the SNP and Helen Moonie for Scottish Labour.


    ANGUS COUNCIL: With just one result to go in Angus the results so far are SNP - 13 councillors, IND - 7, CON - 4 and LAB - 1.

    Analysis 1405: John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "With detailed results from 50 wards that have been collected by the BBC now available the average change in vote since 2007 for the four main parties is as follows:

    • LABOUR - (+7)
    • SNP - (+4)
    • CON - (-2)
    • LIB DEM - (-9)

    "These numbers represent a much smaller increase in SNP support on 2007 than the party achieved in last year's Scottish Parliament elections. Indeed, they could well mean that Labour end up as slightly the larger party across Scotland as a whole. Meanwhile, what is clear is that the results in Scotland for the Lib Dems are just as bad as in the rest of the UK, as well as in Scotland last year, while the Cons look as though they are going to suffer yet another rebuff north of the border.

    "The one potential fly in the ointment for Labour is Glasgow where there clearly is a swing from Labour to the SNP of the order of 5%. This is likely to make it difficult for the party to regain control of the council, though it is unlikely to be sufficient to enable the SNP to win control themselves. It may well mean, however, that who emerges with most seats may not be clear for quite a while."

    Ward Result 1406:

    MIDLOTHIAN COUNCIL: Midlothian West ward - elected are Andrew Coventry and Owen Thompson for the SNP, along with Russell Imrie for Scottish Labour.

    Ward Results 1408:

    RENFREWSHIRE COUNCIL: 11 wards have now declared, with Labour gaining the council from no overall control. Party totals are Scottish Labour - 22; SNP - 15; Lib Dem - 1; Independent - 1 and Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party - 1.

    Ward Result 1410:

    DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY COUNCIL: Abbey ward - elected are Tom McAughtrie and Davie Stitt for Labour, Ian Blake for the Conservatives and Rob Davidson for the SNP.

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "The challenge from Glasgow First has so far only caused limited damage for Labour in Glasgow. In Govan, Glasgow First won 14.5% of the vote where they were represented by two former Labour councillors while Labour's vote dropped by 16 points. But in Greater Pollok where there were again two former Labour councillors standing for Glasgow First, they only got 8% and Labour's vote held up. Elsewhere that has declared so far, Glasgow First has only got around 1%-2% of the vote."

    Ward Result 1410:

    FIFE COUNCIL: Dunfermline North: William Campbell (Lab), Helen Law (Lab) and David Mogg(SNP) have all been elected as councillors.

    Ward Result

    FIFE COUNCIL: Glenrothes Central and Thornton: Ian Crichton(Lab), Ian Sloan(Lab) and Ross Vettraino (SNP) have been elected as councillors.


    Rory Reynolds tweets: Meadows-Morningside next. Biggest count of the day. Will council leader Jenny Dawe survive? #voteedin12


    BBC's Glenn Campbell tweets: The Liberal Democrat leader of Edinburgh city council, Jenny Dawe, has lost her seat. #bbcvote2012 #sc12

    Analysis John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    On Perth and Kinross Council: "This is a council that was very much on the SNP's hitlist as a prospect for overall control and they will be disappointed at having failed to acquire overall control." (Final result of Perth & Kinross Council election: SNP - 18 seats; Con - 10; Lib Dem - 5; Lab - 4; Ind 4)

    Ward Result 1414:

    MIDLOTHIAN COUNCIL: Midlothian East ward - elected are Lisa Beattie for the SNP, Peter Boyes for Labour and Independent Peter de Vink.

    Council Result 1418: Colin Wight BBC Scotland
    Martin Ford Martin Ford is now a Scottish Green councillor

    ABERDEENSHIRE The SNP have the most seats with 28, up seven. The Conservatives have 14, up one. The Lib Dems are on 12, down nine. Independents 11. Labour have their first two seats on the council. The Scottish Greens have a seat in the shape of M who at one point prevented Donald Trump from getting on with his golf course development as quickly as he would have liked.

    Council Result 1420: John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    RENFREWSHIRE COUNCIL: "Labour have managed to gain this Renfrewshire Council much against expectation. It was even a council that the SNP might have hoped to have won. Whatever may have happened in Glasgow it appears that Labour have done particularly well in nearby Paisley. Labour have thus already ensured that they have avoided a council wipe-out as some had feared it might suffer. (Party totals: Scottish Labour - 22. SNP - 15. Lib Dem - 1. Independent - 1. Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party - 1.)

    Council Result 1435:

    DUNDEE COUNCIL Scottish National Party (SNP) 16; Scottish Labour Party 10; Scottish Conservative & Unionist 1; Liberal Democrat Focus Team 1; Independent 1.

    Raymond Buchanan BBC Scotland political correspondent

    GLASGOW: The running total after the Partick ward declaration. Labour 21, the SNP 16, Scottish Greens 4, Lib Dems 1, Scottish Conservatives 1, Glasgow First 1.

    Analysis Glenn Campbell Political correspondent, BBC Scotland

    EDINBURGH: The leader of Edinburgh City Council, Jenny Dawe of the Liberal Democrats, has failed to be re-elected. She is one of seven Lib Dems to lose their seats in Scotland's capital. The party's former coalition partners, the SNP, hope to finish as the largest party. A senior SNP source said it is "nip and tuck" with Labour.

    Analysis 1443: John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    ANGUS: Here is some consolation for the SNP. This was a council they controlled before 2007 but lost out after the switch to proportional representation. This wasn't particularly easy for the SNP to gain control, so this at least is something of a feather in their cap and the first council for them to have overall control of since the change of electoral system.


    Ward Result

    FIFE COUNCIL: Kirkcaldy East: Lawrence Brown(Lab), Kay Carrington(Lab) and Arthur Morrison(SNP) are elected as councillors.

    Council Result 1444:

    CLACKMANNANSHIRE COUNCIL: Election result:Conservative 1, Labour 8, SNP 8, Independent 1

    Analysis Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    14 of the 32 Scottish councils have declared, and the SNP is pulling ahead in terms of overall numbers. The SNP has come out on top in two councils, with one for Labour. There's been a hung result in nine authorities, and a further two are under the control of independents.

    Analysis Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    The Tories are losing seats in terms of the overall picture so far, but they're not doing as badly as the Lib Dems. On the flipside, the Greens have returned a couple of councillors and they're winning in new parts of Scotland (like Stirling)

    Council Result 1445:

    SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL: Final result: Conservatives - 10; SNP - 9; Independent - 7; Lib Dem - 6; Borders Party - 2.

    Analysis 1445: John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    DUNDEE: "This was very much a council that was on the SNP's target list and was capable of being won simply by making gains at the expense of the Tories and Lib Dems rather than Labour. This seems to be precisely what has happened."

    Analysis 1446: John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "We are now in a position to compare the local election vote with the Holyrood constituency vote last year in four parts of Scotland. This reveals that on average the SNP vote is as much as 14 points down on the vote that it won last year in these four areas while the Labour vote is up three points. The same exercise shows both the Tories and the Lib Dems less than one point up on their vote last year, suggesting that in both cases the result represents a similar setback to the one they suffered 12 months ago."


    BBC's James Cook tweets: Seven wards still to declare in Glasgow. Labour need 14 more seats for an overall majority. They have 20 candidates left. #BBCVote2012

    Council Result 1449:

    ARGYLL AND BUTE COUNCIL: After final result: Lib Dem 4, SNP 12, Independent 13, Conservative 4. Dunoon election will take place next week Thursday 10 May.

    Council Result 1454:

    EAST LOTHIAN COUNCIL: All results have now been declared. Political standings: Labour 10, SNP 9, Conservative 3, Independent 1.

    Analysis 1458: John Curtice Professor of politics at Strathclyde University

    "With detailed results from 73 wards that have been collected by the BBC now available, the average change in vote since 2007 for the four main parties is as follows:

    • LABOUR - (+6)
    • SNP - (+4)
    • CON - (-2)
    • LIB DEM - (-8)

    "These numbers represent a much smaller increase in SNP support on 2007 than the party achieved in last year's Scottish Parliament elections. Indeed, they could well mean that Labour end up as slightly the larger party across Scotland as a whole. Meanwhile, what is clear is that the results in Scotland for the Lib Dems are just as bad as in the rest of the UK, as well as in Scotland last year, while the Cons look as though they are going to suffer yet another rebuff north of the border."

    Council Result 1458:

    MIDLOTHIAN COUNCIL: All results now declared. Lab 8, SNP 8, Green 1, Independent 1.

    Electronic counting machines The electronic counting machines have been under scrutiny following failures in 2007

    The BBC's James Cook says: "There's a 'technical problem with software' at the Glasgow count. Officials say it won't affect the data. They are rebooting."


    BBC's Glenn Campbell tweets: State of parties in Edinburgh with 37 of 58 seats declared. SNP 13, LAB 9, CON 9, LD 3, GREEN 3. #bbcvote2012 #sc12


    Good news for Labour in St Andrews as they take a seat there for the first time, with the victory of Brian Thomson in the Fife ward.


    BBC Scotland's Steven Godden says Labour has been the big winners in Fife given the drop off of support for the Lib Dems. Labour now has 33 seats. The Lib Dems have only managed seven seats so far. The SNP has 22 seats, which broadly compares with last time.


    The Scottish Youth Parliament says concerns over a record-low low voter turnout have strengthened the case to let 16 and 17-year-olds vote. The parliament's chair, Grant Costello, says: "It's clear from the low voter turnout yesterday that people are becoming more and more disengaged from politics. Yet there are thousands of 16 and 17-Year-old Scots, desperate to vote, who are denied the opportunity."

    1509: Niall O'Gallagher Gaelic reporter

    Edinburgh Council has lost its leader, Lib Dem Jenny Dawe. It has been a tough day for the Lib Dems. The current totals are the SNP on 13, Labour 9, Conservatives 9, Lib Dems 3 and the Scottish Greens 3. That is after 11 of the 17 council wards.

    Council Result 1515:

    ABERDEEN CITY COUNCIL: Labour: 17 seats, up 9; Scottish National Party: 15 seats, no change; Liberal Democrat: 5 seats, down 6; Conservative: 3 seats, up 1; Others: 3 seats, down 4.

    Council Result 1511:

    FALKIRK COUNCIL: No change to the make-up of the council. Labour 14, SNP 13, Con 2 and Independents 3.

    Council Result 1514:

    EAST DUNBARTONSHIRE COUNCIL: Final total - Labour 8 (up 2); SNP 8; Lib Dems 3; Con 2 (down 2); Others 3.

    Council Result 1519:

    NORTH AYRSHIRE COUNCIL: Final totals - SNP 12 (up 4); Labour 11 (down 1); Conservative 1 (down 1); Lib Dems 0 (down 2); others 6.


    The word from BBC reporter Gavin Walker at the now completed Midlothian count is that the most likely deal for running the council will end up being with the SNP in the lead. They have eight SNP councillors, as do Labour and a deal must be struck with either the Green councillor elected or the independent candidate who won.

    Council Result 1527:

    WEST DUNBARTONSHIRE COUNCIL: Labour have won overall control, with 12 of the 22 seats. Labour were up 4 and the SNP were down 3 to 6. The SPP have one seat and others have 3.

    Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    Labour takes overall control in West Dunbartonshire, where previously no party had overall control. Shows the Labour vote is holding up, but SNP still ahead in terms of overall councillors.

    Analysis Brian Taylor Political editor, Scotland

    Who's had a good day and who's had a bad day?

    • A good day for the SNP? Absolutely. They have taken overall control in Dundee and Angus. They are the largest party in Stirling, East Ayrshire and North Ayrshire.
    • A good day for Labour? Absolutely. They have overtaken the SNP in Aberdeen and East Lothian, they have overall control in Renfrewshire.
    • A poor day for the Tories? Yes, losses fairly widespread although not universal.
    • A poor day for the LibDems? They were outpolled in one Edinburgh ward by a guy dressed as a penguin. So where are we with a raft of Scottish results in?

    Read more from my political blog....


    Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont arrives at the Glasgow count, and is mobbed by party supports, say BBC journalists Raymond Buchanan and James Cook.

    Council Result 1539:

    DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY COUNCIL: NO overall control. Labour 15; the Conservatives 14 (down 3); SNP 10; Lib Dems 1 (down 2); Others 5

    Analysis 1539: Cameron Buttle BBC Scotland

    SCOTTISH BORDERS: The main news is that the Lib Dems are down 4 seats and the SNP are up 3. Talks have already started on a coalition. Conservatives were down two seats but they are still the biggest party. The Borders Party remain on two councillors. The Lib Dems are on 6, the SNP on 9 and the Tories on 10. Labour has no seats in the Borders.

    Johann Lamont Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont arrives at the Glasgow count
    Council Result 1540:

    NORTH LANARKSHIRE: Overall control remains with Labour. They have 41 councillors. The SNP have made five gains, with 26 councillors. Independents 3. The only Lib Dem councillor polled 224 votes this time and did not get elected.

    Council Result 1545:

    FIFE COUNCIL: All 23 wards are decided. Labour 35 (up 11), SNP 26 (up 4), Lib Dems 10 (down 11); Conservatives 3 (down 1); others 4. The UKIP councillor was not re-elected. BBC Scotland's Steven Godden says Labour are the big winners, getting a councillor in the North Fife seat of St Andrews for the first time.


    BBC's James Cook tweets: Six wards still to declare in Glasgow. 23 seats remaining. Labour need 11 of those seats for an overall majority. #BBCVote2012


    Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie says the council election results have destroyed the "myth that we were in the coalition for ourselves".

    Council Result 1549:

    ANGUS COUNCIL: The SNP took overall control of Angus, winning 15 of the 29 seats. The SNP were up 3, the Conservatives were down 1 on 4, Labour were down 1 to 1, the Lib Dems were also down 1 to 1. There were 8 independents.


    Gordon Darroch tweets: Lib Dems have won FIVE council seats in the whole of Scotland so far. Greens have 10. #sc12

    Information 1559:

    What's the situation in the regions?

    • In Edinburgh and the East, Edinburgh City Council leader Jenny Dawe lost her seat as the Liberal Democrats suffered several election defeats in the Scottish capital. Mrs Dawe polled just 1,285 votes in Meadows/Morningside, more than 400 behind new SNP councillor Sandy Howat.
    • In the Highlands and Islands, independent councillors continue to dominate local government. They retained their hold on the ruling administration of Western Isles Council - Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and remain dominant on Highlands and Islands Council.
    • In the north east and northern isles region, former Kate Dean has lost her seat, in a big swing to Labour in the city. The Liberal Democrat was in charge of the authority when it was forced to make its first round of cuts in 2008.
    Council Result 1555:

    Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (WESTERN ISLES COUNCIL): There are 21 Independent councillors (down 4). These were picked up by the SNP (up 3 to 7) and Labour (up 1 to 3).


    BBC's Glenn Campbell tweets: Edinburgh state of parties. With two wards (seven seats) to declare. SNP 17, Lab 15, Con 11, Green 5, LD 3. #bbcvote2012 #sc12

    Analysis 1608: Raymond Buchanan BBC Scotland political correspondent

    GLASGOW: The current situation is Labour 29, SNP 20, Scottish Greens 4, Conservatives 1, Lib Dems 1, Glasgow First 1. Senior Labour figures are smiling and predicting it is very likely they will have an overall majority in the city once more. They believe that is a very good result indeed.

    Council Result 1612:

    WEST LOTHIAN COUNCIL: Labour 16; SNP 15; Conservatives 1; Others 1.


    BBC's Glenn Campbell tweets: Labour pip Nats at post in Edinburgh to finish as largest party. #bbcvote2012 #sc12

    Council Result 1629:

    SOUTH LANARKSHIRE COUNCIL: Scottish Labour 33 (up 1); Scottish National Party 28 (up 4); Scottish Conservative 3 (down 4) Independent 2; Scottish Liberal Democrats 1 (down 1).


    Stephen Noon tweets: @theSNP now has more councillors elected than in 2007. Important landmark! just passed #BBCVote2012 #sc12

    Council Result

    CITY OF EDINBURGH COUNCIL: The Lib Dems lost 13 seats reducing their total to three. Labour won the most seats with an increase of five councillors taking them to a total of 20. The SNP also gained five seats taking their total to 18. The Conservatives retained their 11 seats.


    Edinburgh Council tweets: Statistics for #voteedin12 - turnout: 42.6%, votes cast: 141,552, rejected votes: 1,868 #votecouncil12

    Johann Lamont and George Matheson Johann Lamont, Scottish Labour Party leader, is hugged by Councillor Gordon Matheson at the election count in Glasgow, which is soon to end
    Analysis 1635: Glenn Campbell Political correspondent, BBC Scotland

    (On Edinburgh): "No party has overall control in Edinburgh. Labour is the largest party with 20 seats. It finished two seats ahead of the SNP. All parties made gains from the Liberal Democrats. The party, which has led a coalition with the SNP, for the past 5 years has been reduced to a rump of three councillors (down 13). The Liberal Democrat council leader, Jenny Dawe, failed to be re-elected. She said the UK coalition was a bigger factor in Lib Dem losses rather than local factors such as Edinburgh's controversial tram project. The Liberal Democrats got fewer first preference votes in one ward than Professor Pongoo, a penguin candidate. LAB 20. SNP 18. CON 11. GREEN 6. LD 3."

    Ruth Davidson with David Meikle Leader of the Scottish Conservatives Ruth Davidson celebrates with David Meikle who was elected back to Glasgow City Council.... the only Tory in the local authority
    Analysis Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    SNP deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon says the council elections have produced a "very, very strong set of results", even though "some didn't go our way". The some includes Edinburgh, where Labour has won the most seats and it looks like Labour has hung on in there in Glasgow, despite a strong SNP challenge.


    SNP leader Alex Salmond told BBC Scotland his party had just gone past 400 councillors and "we had 363 in 2007". He said: "That's an amazing performance. I think we can definitely say when all the dust is settled the SNP will have more councillors than any other party in Scotland and in that sense we will have won the election."


    BBC's James Cook tweets: Labour are within touching distance of an overall majority in Glasgow now. They need just four seats. They'll surely get them. #BBCVote2012

    1644: Raymond Buchanan BBC Scotland political correspondent

    Labour are now only four seats away from an overall majority in Glasgow City Council. They need 40, they have 36.


    Out of Scotland's 32 councils there are just three which have yet to declare their full results. They are - the country's biggest local authority, Glasgow City Council; East Renfrewshire Council and Highland Council.

    1643: Laura Bicker Politics Show reporter

    (On North Lanarkshire): "The big story was rejected ballots. It was about 2% of the vote. There were more than 2,000 votes rejected. This comes against a backdrop of postal votes being sent out with the wrong instructions. People who were sent postal votes were told to put an X in the box. It should be one, two or three not an X. I am told by a council spokesman that those instructions have made no difference to the current rejected vote. He told me he was confident that those instructions played no part in the rejection rate. He said the problem had been that people had voted for more than one first preference. An investigation is under way."

    1651: Iain MacDonald BBC Scotland news reporter

    HIGHLANDS AND ISLANDS: We know about 76 of the 80 seats. There is a recount in Cromarty Firth. The Independents currently have 33 councillors, the SNP 21, Lib Dems 14 and Labour 8.


    Glasgow City Council tweets: Running totals; Lab 38, SNP 25, Green 5, Con 1, Lib Dem 1, Glasgow First 1 #gccvote


    BBC's James Cook tweets: Labour have won an overall majority on Glasgow City Council. #BBCVote2012

    1655: Raymond Buchanan BBC Scotland political correspondent
    Labour celebrate Just in from the Glasgow count - Johann Lamont and Gordon Matheson celebrate victory

    Labour have secured an overall majority in Glasgow City council. They now have 41 out of 70 seats and they expect up to 3 more.

    1711: Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    Labour's overall majority in Glasgow is a pretty good result for them. The party had run the city for a generation, but was in trouble because of a recent rebellion by de-selected candidates. The SNP put a lot of work into winning Glasgow City Council, which the Nationalists saw as a kind of holy grail in their electoral advance. But, in the end, it wasn't to be

    Analysis 1711: Brian Taylor Political editor, Scotland

    The SNP has had some very good results across Scotland - controlling Dundee and Angus, the largest party in Stirling overtaking Labour. A good result for the SNP in Aberdeenshire where they are gaining strongly. But if you are looking for the big fight, it was the vicious and visceral battle in Glasgow. Well the Labour party have taken that one. they have not just been the largest party, they have retained, or regained, an overall majority.


    GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL: Just before the declaration was made, Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, said it was significant that the party had "pushed back from a terrible result last year". She added: "We said that we would learn the lessons. We recognise that people had lost faith in us and I believe this is an important stage now. People recognise that we're on their side and will put their interests and priorities first."


    Problems with the Giffnock and Thornliebank ward ballot papers has held up the completed results for East Renfrewshire Council. Local authority officials promise things will be wrapped up soon.


    The overall turnout in Glasgow was 32.42%.

    Results watch 1723:

    Glasgow City Council: Labour has won an overall majority on Glasgow City Council, winning a total of 44 seats, the SNP gained 27, the Greens 5, Liberal Democrats 1, Conservatives 1, Glasgow First 1.

    Reaction 1724:

    The UK Labour leader, Ed Miliband, said his party had "beaten back" the SNP challenge in Scotland. After securing an overall majority in Glasgow, a key battleground with the SNP, the Scottish Labour leader, Johann Lamont, gave this reaction: "Right across the United Kingdom, Labour has been supported to stand up for people in these very tough times. It's a fantastic result, we've now got a really important job to do, which is to make sure that government at every level governs in the interests of those who are the most vulnerable, and those who are worried about their jobs and their services. And that's a great day for us, more importantly it is about protecting people, fighting for their priorities too."

    Council Result 1730:

    East Renfrewshire Council: - All the results are now in. Still no overall control. Lab gain 2; SNP gain 1; Conservative lose 1; Lib Dems lose 1 and Independents lose 1. The 2012 council now consists of - Lab 8, Tories 6, SNP 4 and Ind 2.


    East Renfrewshire council tweets: All six East Renfrewshire wards are now declared. Average turnout is 48.6%.


    BBC's Glenn Campbell tweets: Edinburgh Labour leader, Andrew Burns, "ruling nothing out" in forming new admin. Says door open to all other parties. #bbcvote2012 #sc12

    1740: Andrew Black Political reporter, BBC Scotland

    Update: Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has achieved her election target of leapfrogging the Lib Dems into third place, behind the SNP and Labour, and says her party will be playing a "key role" in the running of a number local authorities. However, the Conservatives are 16 seats down, compared with the last election (with Highland still to declare).


    Logica, the company behind the electronic counting system used in the Scottish council election, has hailed the process the "most efficient and transparent on record". It said that by 16:45 all votes for the 352 wards in 32 constituencies had been counted, with the Orkney Islands the first to return its elected members at 10:30. [However, we still await a recounted ward from Highland Council] Local Government Minister Derek Mackay said: "The Scottish government has worked with returning officers, the Electoral Commission and Logica to ensure that these elections are managed effectively and in the interests of the voter."


    Malcolm Fleming tweets: SNP have now won more cllrs than lib dems UK WIDE! 402 v 393.


    HIGHLANDS AND ISLANDS: The conclusion of the Highland Council elections is being delayed by a recount in the four-member Cromarty Firth Ward. It is the last ward in Scotland to declare. The results in the other 21 wards in Highlands and Islands saw the Independents secure 33 seats; Scottish National Party 21, Liberal Democrat 14, and Labour 8.

    Reaction 1749:

    Patrick Harvie, the Scottish Green leader, told the BBC his party was very happy with the result. "To nearly double the number of councillors we have in Scotland - which is mirrored by our sister party south of the border - leaves lots of happy Green faces walking away from the count in Glasgow. It's very hard when everyone in the media are talking about Labour and the SNP, it's hard to make that breakthrough."

    Professor Pongoo (real name Mike Ferrigan) Professor Pongoo (real name Mike Ferrigan) won more votes than his Lib dem rival

    A candidate who stood under the name Professor Pongoo won more first preference votes than the Scottish Liberal Democrat candidate in one of the Edinburgh City Council wards. Climate activist Mike Ferrigan, who visits schools dressed as a penguin, stood against Stuart Bridges in Pentland Hills. Mr Ferrigan said the Lib Dems were being punished for its coalition with the Conservatives in the UK government. See what else he had to say.....

    Reaction 1756:

    Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, said the election has produced "a mixed picture" for her party across the country. She said many had predicted the Scottish Tories would be wiped out north of the border, but she insisted her party would be "pivotal" in councils where there was no overall majority.

    Reaction 1801:

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie says "sorry" to party members who lost out in the elections (they are down almost 80 seats compared with 2007), saying: "These results should dispel any myth that the Liberal Democrats are only in the coalition for ourselves." Mr Rennie adds: "This is a very distressing day."


    Alastair Campbell (@campbellclaret) tweets: Alex Salmond not quite as bumptious as usual. Johann Lamont can get right under his skin now. Labour fightback in Scotland good for the UK


    Iain Anderson tweets: @campbellclaret Not quite a fightback. SNP are a mid-term govt. You /should/ be expecting them to suffer ... and they're not.


    BBC's Glenn Campbell tweets: Edinburgh Conservatives keen to be part of possible multi-party administration led by either Labour or SNP. #bbcvote2012 #sc12


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