How well do you know your local area?

Ahead of May's election for Scotland's 32 councils, BBC Scotland has put together a quiz to test your knowledge on how well you know local authority politics.

See if you can answer these 10 teasers.


Scotland's 32 local authorities will take part in council elections on 3 May. They look after the elderly, educate the country's children and empty the bins. But how much do you know about your local authority area? Try out this quiz.

Montage of council services

1.) Multiple Choice Question

By population, which is Scotland's smallest mainland council?

People in shawdow
  1. Stirling
  2. Scottish Borders
  3. Clackmannanshire
  4. Angus

2.) Multiple Choice Question

At the end of last year, which council chose the motto "Steadfast as the rock" to go with its coat of arms?

  1. Stirling
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Aberdeen
  4. Highland

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Which council appointed one of the UK's youngest council leaders?

inside council chamber
  1. Dundee City Council
  2. Edinburgh City Council
  3. Glasgow City Council
  4. Aberdeen City Council

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Which council has a third of Scotland's land mass?

map of Scotland
  1. Aberdeen
  2. Highland
  3. Scottish Borders
  4. Fife

5.) Multiple Choice Question

To which council area is the BBC One school drama, Waterloo Road, relocating?

cast of Waterloo Road
  1. Inverclyde
  2. North Ayrshire
  3. South Ayrshire
  4. Glasgow

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Which council area was judged to be the best in the UK to raise a family?

Children playing
  1. East Renfrewshire
  2. Stirling
  3. Edinburgh
  4. East Dunbartonshire

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Over the next 25 years, which council area will see the highest population growth of people of pensionable age?

Old person
  1. South Ayrshire
  2. Dumfries and Galloway
  3. West Lothian

8.) Multiple Choice Question

Which council has the lowest council tax in mainland Scotland?

council tax bill
  1. Scottish Borders
  2. Dundee City
  3. Dumfries and Galloway
  4. Perth and Kinross

9.) Multiple Choice Question

Which council area has some of the country's best performing state secondary schools?

  1. Argyll and Bute
  2. Edinburgh
  3. East Renfrewshire
  4. East Dunbartonshire

10.) Multiple Choice Question

Which two councils have decided to share education and children's services?

children in school yard
  1. Midlothian and East Lothian
  2. South Ayrshire and North Ayrshire
  3. Fife and Edinburgh


  1. The local authority of Clackmannanshire is know as the Wee County and on population figures is the country's smallest mainland council.
  2. Stirling Council launched a campaign to find a phrase that "sums up" the area and its people to adorn the county's coat of arms - which feature a goshawk and a wolf. Residents chose "Steadfast as the rock" - a reference to the city of Stirling's famous castle, which is built on top of a rock.
  3. In the summer of last year Aberdeen City Council appointed the SNP's Callum McCaig who took on the post, at the age of 26.
  4. The Highland Council area, including all islands at low water, is 26,484 square kilometres. That represents 33% of Scotland and 11.4% of Great Britain.
  5. BBC One's award winning school drama series Waterloo Road is to re-locate from its current Rochdale base to Greenock, in Inverclyde. The move will see the former Greenock secondary become the new on-screen Waterloo Road school from next year.
  6. In a 2007 a Reader's Digest poll saw East Dunbartonshire voted the best place in the UK to raise a family. The report's authors said "safe streets, strong schools and thriving towns", backed by a strong community, were reasons given for the area's top spot.
  7. West Lothian's older population is growing much faster than the average for Scotland, but from a low base. Figures from National Records of Scotland suggest that out of all 32 Scottish councils, population growth in people of pensionable age will be highest in West Lothian, coming in at a 52% rise.
  8. Dumfries and Galloway Council boasts that it has the lowest council tax in mainland Scotland, with the typical Band D rate coming in at £1,049.
  9. Three East Renfrewshire Council schools - St Ninian's; Mearns Castle and Williamwood - were among the top five state secondaries in the country, based on Highers results passed by the end of fifth year.
  10. Midlothian and East Lothian Councils agreed last year to look at sharing education and children's services on a phased basis.

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