Scottish election: John Farquhar Munro backs Salmond

John Farquhar Munro John Farquhar Munro stood down as an MSP at the end of the last parliament

Veteran Liberal Democrat John Farquhar Munro has backed Alex Salmond for another term as first minister.

He told the BBC the SNP leader was "the best man for the job", but insisted he was not endorsing the SNP.

But Mr Munro said he remained a "strong Lib Dem" and would be out campaigning for the party ahead of the 5 May Scottish election.

He decided to step down from parliament after being first elected MSP for Ross, Skye and Inverness West in 1999.

The Liberal Democrats downplayed the remarks, saying that "in the race between Labour leader Iain Gray and Alex Salmond, John Faquhar Munro would choose Alex Salmond."

Mr Munro's comments came after the Scottish Liberal Democrats lost their top candidate in Central Scotland, after he criticised the party.

Tavish Scott, leader of the Scottish Lib Dems, responded to Mr Munro's endorsement of Mr Salmond by saying "these things happen".

He added: "John answered a straight question and gave a straight answer, which is given the choice between Mr Gray and Mr Salmond, he'd rather back Mr Salmond.

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I think he's [Alex Salmond] done an excellent job in the last session of parliament and I'm quite happy to support him for a second term”

End Quote John Farquhar Munro Retired Lib Dem MSP

"John Farquhar has been out campaigning today for the Lib Dems, he said he is going to vote Lib Dem and support Lib Dem candidates across the Highlands and Islands."

The SNP had spent the day of campaigning in the Lib Dems' Highland heartland, where they hope to make gains.

Speaking to BBC Scotland, Mr Munro said of Mr Salmond: "I think he's done an excellent job in the last session of parliament and I'm quite happy to support him for a second term.

"I think he's the most appropriate person we've got in the Scottish Parliament at the present time to undertake that job."

But Mr Munro insisted: "I don't do this because of his politics, I do this because of his personality, his ability and his acumen.

"I'm still a strong supporter of the Lib Dems and always have been - I will continue to be that."


Born on 26th August 1934, free-spirited John Farquhar Munro was seen as a kind-of unofficial father of the Scottish Parliament.

Elected MSP for Ross, Skye and Inverness West in the Lib Dems' Highland heartland in 1999, local boy Mr Munro has become a well-liked politician both inside and outside the Holyrood bubble.

After a decade as a merchant marine in the 50s, Mr Munro - a classic car enthusiast - went on to become self-employed, working in heavy haulage, as a bus operator, quarrying contractor and crofter.

His unusual frontbench role at Holyrood, speaking on Gaelic issues, was not one held by other parties, but was testament to his unwavering support for the language and Highland culture.

The former councillor campaigned for abolition of the Skye Bridge tolls and, in the second parliament, failed in a bid to require people to opt out of organ donation, a move which was backed by the British Medical Association.

Latterly, he fought against funding cuts for Plockton's traditional music school in his constituency.

He was also one of several Lib Dem MSPs to have openly supported an independence referendum, against the position of the party leadership.

Mr Munro said he, "never have and never will" back the SNP, and said of the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader: "Tavish Scott is an excellent leader of the party and I think that's his role in the next session of parliament and I still think that Alex Salmond is the best man for the job."

Asked about what his party colleagues might think, Mr Munro said: "They've considered me a maverick in the past and I suppose nothing has changed."

Mr Munro declared his backing for Mr Salmond a "message of support".

Mr Munro was one of a number of Lib Dems to have openly supported the staging of an independence referendum in the last parliament, against the position of the party leadership.

Mr Salmond said: "John Farquhar Munro is hugely respected and has an outstanding record as a selfless champion of his constituency, the needs of the Highlands and Scotland's interests.

"I greatly value John's opinion. This is a personal endorsement but he speaks for many across the Highlands of Scotland."

The Liberal Democrat election campaign has already suffered a blow after Hugh O'Donnell, the leading candidate in the party's Central Scotland list, quit to stand as an independent.

He claimed the party's founding principles had been "subsumed" by a desire for position and power.

And in another development, the Scottish Lib Dems have been left without a candidate in South Lanarkshire constituency of Clydesdale, after candidate John Paton-Day failed to get his papers in on time.

However, he is a candidate on the regional list.

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