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Aberdeen bride knits her own wool wedding dress

Faye Morrison and Marcus Howard Image copyright Jenni Marchant
Image caption Faye Morrison spent eight months working on her dress

A bride who was "not a traditional dress person" decided to knit her own wedding gown for the big day.

Faye Morrison, 30, spent eight months getting the wool, cotton and silk dress ready.

It was then unveiled when she married Marcus Howard in Aberdeen at the weekend.

She told the BBC Scotland news website: "I did it because I can. Traditional dresses do not excite me. I did not even try one on."

The new Mrs Howard said: "I started making the dress back in October.

"It has lot of individual coloured circles, and it was only in the days before the wedding that it all came together.

"Marcus had only seen parts of it beforehand, he knew it was not all white. Some people thought it would be like jumper from neck to toes."

'Cheaper than buying'

Mrs Howard added: "It was very fine material and I wore it all day.

"A company donated the wool, at retail cost it would have been about £100 to make - much cheaper than buying a wedding dress.

"It was good fun to make."

The wedding was at Marischal College on Saturday, followed by a reception party in Midmar.

The dress is now on display in the window of the Wool for Ewe shop in Aberdeen, where Mrs Howard is the manager.

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