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Further E. coli case confirmed in Orkney

A new case of the E.coli O157 infection has been identified in Orkney, bringing the number of confirmed cases to six.

NHS Orkney said there were seven cases under investigation.

The latest confirmed case is a "contact" of a patient who has already been identified with the infection.

One of the original two confirmed cases of E. coli O157 is still receiving treatment in hospital. The other cases in the cluster have either recovered, or are recovering, at home.

Dr Louise Wilson, director of public health at NHS Orkney, said: "We remain vigilant and are continuing to investigate to find links between the cases."

She added: "Hygiene plays a vital role in avoiding a wide range of infections.

"E. coli infections can be food or environment related, but the symptoms are the same.

"People infected with E. coli O157 can have one, some, or all of the following symptoms: diarrhoea - about 50% of people also have blood in their stools − stomach cramps and fever. Some infected people may have mild diarrhoea, or no symptoms at all."

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