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Elgin platform gas leak: Fish test clear of contamination

Elgin platform
Image caption The platform was evacuated after gas started leaking on 25 March

Fish samples taken from near the leaking Elgin gas platform in the North Sea have been given the all-clear.

Chemical analysis of fish collected near Total's platform has concluded that there has been no hydrocarbon contamination.

The Scottish government said the test results were reassuring, but that environmental monitoring would continue.

Efforts are continuing to tackle the leak, which started on 25 March.

Scottish Environment Secretary Richard Lochhead said: "All of the chemical and sensory testing work carried out by Marine Scotland on the effects on the marine environment of the leak has now concluded that there is no direct impact.

"Chemical testing of fish samples have found no evidence of contamination, which is of course reassuring.

"It's also encouraging that Total has confirmed that the gas leak has significantly slowed."

Mr Lochhead said monitoring work would continue from within the two-mile exclusion zone and at the sites previously sampled.

Total has commenced drilling on a relief well, which forms part of the operation to stop the gas leak.

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